Idea from: Yoshi's Kun, she also gave me the idea for the song parody! So, this is from the single line "Pika, Pikachu, where are you?" in your review! :)

Donde Estas, Pikachu? (Parody of Scooby Doo theme song)

Pika, Pikachu, where are you?
The story's almost finished!
Is it only me, or does it seem
The rat's roll has diminished?

Pika, Pikachu, I'm so blue,
And not just about your gender.
I know not only me, could be seeing,
Their personalities in the blender.

I know it's hard to show, but you simply gotta know
That he's/she's there!
Don't you care?
I mean, the thing is really cute and yet you're giving him/her the boot!
Stick to the facts!
Bring him/her back!

Despite all the ships, one thing clicks,
Our little buddy's missing.
And while he's/she's being killed, the readers are thrilled
Because their couple's kissing.

Moral of the Story: Pikachu exists. Really. If Pikachu is missing, give a good excuse or at the very least mention it, but Ash is never without his little buddy. If I see the word "Ash" the word "Pikachu" or "mouse" or "rat" must also appear in said story.