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The fire inside, burning bright, through and through, day and night.

The bonfire stretched toward the heavens. The heat from the fire scorched his clothes, leaving him starting to turn crispy.

Dean couldn't bring himself to turn away from the house that was ablaze. The smoke stung his eyes and he heard the splintering and cracking of the roof and the second floor. The house was falling collapsing in on itself.

Dean was standing in the middle of the yard on the walkway up to the porch. The spectacle he was witnessing was agonizing. That was the home he had lived in as a child. At least before That Day.

Gazing sadly at the roof that was about to demolish the second floor when it fell, Dean noticed something in front of him on the porch. Actually, to his surprise, it was a someone.

She gave him a small, sad smile and looked up above her head at the house.

"I'm sorry," Dean whispered to her. Even though the roar of the fire was deafening, he knew she could hear him. Almost imperceptibly, she nodded to him.

Mary knew and she understood.