A/N: Closing chapter. It's a bit different from the others, but bear with me.

Salty sweat ran down his forehead into his eyes from exertion. He had to move! Dean clenched the hilt of the dagger so tightly that he thought he was going to snap the weapon in half. Where the Hell was Cas when he need backup? Why had he let go at the last minute? For a moment, amidst the desperation, he worried about Castiel. He had sacrificed so many of his morals and values as an Angel by helping him in the first place. Was this the breaking point? The point of no return? It was for Dean, but it didn't have to be for an eternal holy being. What had he done?

"Dammit!" Dean screamed against Sam's voice repeating for Dean to make whatever ailing him stop, "DAMMIT, NO!"

"Dean, please. . ." Sam's deafening repetition grew to a sob, "Please, make him stop. . ."

"I don't know how," Dean whispered, "Tell me what to do. . .tell me what to do and I'll do it."

Sam didn't answer, but was instead exuded an earsplitting shriek and fell to his knees. Dean's hand began to shake as a force overwhelmed it, finally wrenching the dagger out of it. The knife fell to the stone floor in front of Sam and the younger brother gazed up at Dean in surprise. The older Winchester briefly closed his eyes as he recognized what was going to happen. It had to happen that way.

Dean dove to the floor once his eyes were open once more and Sam reached for the dagger. Simultaneously, the Winchesters grasped the dagger's hilt and the next moment the knife was buried into it's target. Sam made a choking noise as the blade dug itself through his throat and out through the other side of his neck. Tears fell from Dean's eyes as Sam's eyes melted from bloody crimson to black to glazed-over blue-green. Sam's hands fell away from Dean's where it had been covering his older brother's hands. Dean released the hilt and turned away on his knees from his brother's lifeless body falling to the side on the floor. His hands pressed to his eyes, he wiped the tears away and stood. Dean didn't look at Sam, he couldn't anymore.

As soon as he was to his feet and the final shreds of life faded from Sam Winchester, the ground began to shake. Dean fought to keep his balance as the stone floor cracked and split all around him. Then the ceiling began to collapse at the force of the tremors. Thinking quickly on his feet, Dean wrenched Ruby's dagger out of Sam and dragged his baby brother after him as he made his escape. There was no way that he could carry his much larger sibling, especially that he was dead weight now. There was also no way that he could move any faster out of the building with Sam in tow.

He had to leave Sam behind.

Dean let go of Sam and set him back down on the stone floor in the corridor outside the chamber they had been in. He gave his brother one last glance before beginning to run. Dean ran for his life, faster than he had ever ran in his entire life. Each bound was one step closer to freedom. Each stride took him closer to well-deserved peace. Dean sprinted down the stone passageways of the building that he knew nothing of. How was he going to get out of there? He didn't even know where he was in the first place!

Without any hesitation, however, Dean continued to sprint for his life down the corridors and finally saw a door. He raced for it, pulled open the heavy wooden door, and was blinded by the light and life of day. The wind whipped around him as he made a break from the building. What was happening? All he had done was kill Sam. Had Sammy been the key? Was Lucifer to fall without his prized general at his side? Had Sam become connected to Lucifer somehow?

Dean wasn't sticking around to find out, that was for sure.

Dean Winchester, son of Jonathan and Mary Winchester and brother of Samuel Winchester, laid in the grass staring up at the sky. The ground was cracked to his left, but Dean didn't care. He was too transfixed by the sight above him. He sighed and fingered the pendant at his neck that Sam had given him so many years ago. It seemed like a lifetime that they were two unnatural kids trying to get by in cheap motels while their father hunted supernatural creatures and they went to high school. So much had happened since then. So many betrayals, heartbreak, tears shed, blood lost. . .how he was supposed to live with those memories, Dean was still trying to figure out. All he had ever loved was gone. His mother, his father, Sammy, Bobby, Jo, Ellen, and other friends he had met along his journey. He had cared so much about them, worked so hard for their acceptance and trust. He had the trust ripped from him in Sam several times that he had thought that it would break them, but it hadn't. In the end, the brothers had found each other again. Words hadn't been said, but Dean knew that Sam had been sorry and loved him. That's all he needed to know.

Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out a box and set it on his chest as he studied the sky above him. He smirked a little at his next thought. He was definitely nine kinds of crazy as Bobby would have said. He walked along deserted highways with a dagger that can kill any being and the ashes of a little blond girl in his pocket, seeking the devil to exact his vengeance on the fallen Angel.

Pulling Dean out of his reverie was what he had been waiting for. Out from the clouds came the sun that hadn't shone for many months. With a grin, Dean felt the hot rays beat down on him and his skin beginning to warm. Lucifer was so close to being vanquished. In the months since Sam's death, everything had gone downhill with the demonic war effort. Castiel had been right, Sam had been the key to the master plan after all. Sam's body had been entombed in the stone rubble of the building that had brought upon the end of the apocalypse. Dean had returned to the site days after what had went down. He had sat atop the pile of rubble for the longest time from dawn to dusk, contemplating what must be done and mourning the death of his brother.

Since then, Dean had been tracking Lucifer that was on the run. The dark lord was barred from Hell somehow and trapped in their dimension which Dean found endlessly hilarious. Served him right, in Dean's opinion.

Now, Dean rolled over on the grass, Jo's box in hand, and got to his feet. The smile couldn't leave his face as he reflected on just how close he was to his destiny. After Lucifer was vanquished, there was nothing left to do. He could have his peace then.

But it wasn't over yet, there was more to come for the life of Dean Winchester and the eternity of his redemption.



This fic has indeed fulfilled it's purpose which was to redeem Dean because he had failed to kill Sam in the past. Thanks for sticking it out with this piece, I greatly appreciate it from all of y'all readers! Tell me what you think of this chapter and the story as a whole, I'd love to know and hear from you. *hugs*