Edward POV

The blur of trees I ran past quickly became a very tall wall of green. I snorted, disappointed with myself. I'd been following her scent for days now. How could I not find her? Could Victoria really be that hard to find? Well, for one thing, I'm a terrible tracker. I'm surprised I hadn't earned an award! And for another, I was completely and terribly clueless as to where I was. I had to keep going. I couldn't let such a creature as Victoria live. Bella's life might be in jeopardy. I leaned against a tree, still frustrated.

Bella, I thought. She had been the only person I had thought about since the moment I left her side. How could I do that to her? I wondered full of guilt and shame. I was a monster. I stayed there, against the tree, thinking of Bella, my Bella. My life was utterly pointless without her. I had nothing to do at nights, nor the days. She was my life and still was. Why?! I asked my self. Why! Did you leave her?! She was most definitely still my life. It was very, very, difficult to survive without her. I was surprised I was still alive, even though I was still, in fact, a vampire.

Suddenly, an image came to my mind, a very clear image. What was this? This seemed to be coming from the back of my mind. Not a forgotten scene, but something happening…as I stood here, possibly? It couldn't be. Could this be another talent? What was this of? It was so blurry. I finally focused in on someone I had been daydreaming of lately. This could only be one person and one person only—Bella. I expected this vision to be a happy one. I thought I would see Bella happy, living a wonderful life without me, in safety. I had it all wrong.

This image was of Bella, completely miserable. What had I done to her?! She was walking with Jessica toward the McDonald's near by. Her skin was pale and her pace was slow. She didn't have the same shine to her as she used to. She gazed across the street to a bar—One Eyed Pete's, and suddenly froze in place. What was she doing?

"I think I know them…," Bella muttered.

The faces did not ring a bell. They were a strange group of men leaning against the side of the bar—clearly drunk. Oh no! I thought. These men probably reminded her of the men that had threatened the night I had swept her away. I focused back in one the image. The next thing I saw was Bella heading toward those, those, scoundrels, toward the middle of the busy street. I couldn't let her do this. I didn't want her risking her life like this. I had to do something, and quick. So, I did the only thing I could do—talk her out of it.

"Bella, stop this right now!" I shouted out her. I wasn't sure if she could hear me, but it was worth a shot. Sure enough, she froze. I was glad this was working.

"Go back to Jessica," I ordered, where you're safe! I considered adding. It was the truth. "You promised—nothing stupid." I struggled to make my voice demanding, but failed. My voice came out more sweet than orderly than I wanted. The sight of her face left me heartbroken. She had promised me nothing stupid—right before I had left her.

I expected her to move back, toward Jessica, like I had ordered. But, being as stubborn as ever, shook her head and continued toward the strange, drunken men. Of course I thought. Just like something Bella would do. It was good to see that she was still herself.

"Keep your promise," I ordered. And with that, I pushed the scene out of view, frightened of what would happen next. I knew she would be smart enough to turn around and obey me, though. Bella wasn't stupid, no of course she wasn't. She was smart—most of the time.

I was amazed with myself. I could watch over Bella now! I had an unexpected and an utterly delayed gift. I stood up straight and began running once more. I needed to find Victoria. I kept the sound of her voice and the sight of her face in the front of my mind. This wasn't something I could forget. Remember Bella. I thought to myself. But, of course I would. Bella's my life. Remember? I know I told her that she wouldn't even notice I was gone. Heck! I even promised myself that! I had hidden all evidence of me that remained at her house underneath her floorboards. I decided she did deserve to have evidence of me. She could handle my voice too.