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Inner self



(Flash back of last chapter)

"Oi Chiaki, did something happen outside with Kana and Fujioka??"

"Why are you asking me?"Chiaki said lazily.

"Because when he came inside he was blushing and talking o himself and the Kana was all come outside."Touma said while picking up some manga...

"Well something did happen."Chiaki jumped onto her bed.

"Ehh nani?" she said looking up from her Manga.


(end of flashback)

"Well?"Touma said while starting to sit up straight

"Well umm Fujioka kissed Kana and now she doesn't know what to do cause she has problems."Chiaki said while blushing.


(In the living rooooom!!)

Fujioka's POV

"H-Hai kana-chan..."I said while sitting closer to her.

"What to do after we kiss? Cause Haruka said people normally GO OUT and I don't know how you do that." Kana said while looking at the sweets on the table

"Umm well you normally have to like the person back."I said while looking at her.

"Like back? How do you know when you like someone?" she said looking at me.

"Well it's like when you see the person you like your heart starts beating really fast and you want to be next to them all the time and stuff."I said while blushing.

"Ahhhh so ka, so that means that we are going out now huh?"She said and blushed.

(Inside of me)

Ehhhhhhh!!! Whhhhaaat!! Fujioki did you hear that!!!!

Oi Fujioka aren't u being too loud?

But but!!!

I know iight she just said dat u two is goin out ok! Jeez...

Ohh, ok then.

(Outside of my head)

"A-Ano K-Kana-chan d-did you j-j-just say that?" I said while going as red as Hinata to the face.

"Hai."She said and picked up a sweet and stuffed it down her mouth, got up and disappeared into her room.

Oh my lord!! I love u! Thank you! OH LORDY!!! I said while eating a sweet that looked like a flower.

Now all I have to do is help Hosaka-san... This is going to be weird.

(Touma and Chiaki POV)

"Oi Chiaki... you just said that didn't you?" Touma said in slow motion.

"Yes I did, do you want to go see what they are talking about?"Chiaki said as she smirked.

"Oh yeah!"Touma said while jumping odd the bed and going super spy mode.

(20 seconds later)

"SHHHH don't make a sound ok Bakayaro!"


"So that means we are going out now huh?"

"A-Ano K-Kana-chan d-did you j-j-just say that?"


"EHHH!! Chiaki did you hear that!"Touma said while jumping like a penguin.

"Yeah but we have to leave now!"Chiaki said while pulling Touma into the room in a split second.

"Ehhh why?"Touma said trying to go back outside.?

"Because Kana almost caught us! Konoyaroo!" Chiaki said while sitting on the bed.

"Almost catch you trying to do what?"Haruka said walking in"


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