I do not own InuYasha or its characters, just Miyu and the plot


-silver hair

-golden eyes

-inu hanyou

-In a band called Killers

-plays guitar




-loves heavy metal and screamo

-lives in Tokyo

-dating Kagome

-older brother named Sheshomaru

-brother and he do not get along at all

-both parents are dead, so he moved in with Kagome


-long, wavy black hair with electric blue streaks

-brown eyes

-very powerful miko

-in Killers

-lead vocalist




-loves heavy metal and screamo

-lives in Tokyo

-dating Inuyasha

-twin sister, Kikyo, and younger brother, Souta

-doesn't like sis very well, but absolutely adores brother

-father's dead, but lives with mother and Inuyasha


-short, black hair

-brown eyes

-no powers, yet



-5th grade

-likes same music as Kagome

-2 older sisters, Kagome and Kikyo

-likes Kagome, but not Kikyo

-lives with Kagome, Inuyasha, and mother


-Straight, dyed blond hair

-brown eyes

-a very UN-powerful miko

-wishes she was in Inuyasha's band, but isn't

-tries to sing, even though she sounds like a dying elephant




-favorite song: Barbie Girl (enough said)

-lives in Tokyo with her bf, Miyu

-has twin, Kagome, and younger bro, Souta

-hates Kagome, and not fond of Souta

Well, I hope that you got the idea. Let the story begin.