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Chapter 1 My Spike. Although, only in my dreams

Feeling a presence as I'm in my room alone in the dark. I know he's out there.

I'd like to think I could sense him just as well as Buffy can.
It's not hard to tell him apart from the rest of them. I want to look out my window to see him which window he is looking at. Is it mine? Or Buffy's? It could never be mine.

I couldn't…

"Miss Summers?" Dawn snapped out of her daydream, sitting up and removing her hand from under her chin.

"What?" She was in the here and now again, feeling disoriented because obviously she didn't know what had been happening around her. She heard giggles coming from the classroom.

"Would you like to take your stand here now and discuss why the cultural museum should be rebuild in Sunnydale. You defend the rebuild. Mr Parkway who you'll be debating with, will be against the rebuild," Dawn felt her cheeks turning red.

"S-sure," she stammered and rose from her seat. She took her stand and addressed to the classroom: "The museum should totally be… rebuild because kids will be culturally educated," she stated.

"Well, why should the museum be rebuild for that? If you want to be educated just go to the library," Shane Parkway replied. there came an assent mumbling from the class.

"Yes, but you won't live up to the atmosphere," Dawn bit back.

"Very good, Dawn." Mr yung commended Dawn as he pointed out his finger to her. "You may take your seats again.

That was a short debate, Dawn noticed. Maybe he just wanted me to pay attention again. She knew her society teacher could sometimes test people that way.

In her seat she tried to pay attention the rest of the class. It would be her last class of the day. After that she would have to go to the magic box and do her homework.

When the bell rang, she stood up with dislike and started to pack her bag. She knew Buffy would be there and probably most of the time she would tell Dawn off for being there. Telling her to sit still and touch nothing except her homework.

Slowly she made her way out of school, making it a sport to be as slow as possible. She stopped in front of a shoe shop, spotting a nice pair of blue sneakers.

She hesitated. Stealing shoes would be a new challenge. She would have to reconsider how to exactly do it before doing it. Finally Dawn decided to walk along.

I have to get back to my boring life sometime, Dawn thought. She started to dream away as she finally entered the magic shop.

His hair is like snow to me. His eyes. I just feel my knees getting weak whenever he peers his eyes into mine. Will he ever look at me in the way he looks at Buffy?

His hands are so sexy. Is it crazy to like somebody's hands that much?

"I wonder what he could do with them."

"Who could do what with who or what?" She heard a questioning male voice. She felt her cheeks turning red. Didn't realize she had said it out loud. Then she turned around quickly. And his voice… sigh.

"Spike," she said innocently.

"You upto something, love?"

Dawn shrugged and tried to look as nonchalant as possible while her heart started beating so quickly and loudly that she was sure Spike could hear it with his vampire-ears. Spike eyed down to the place of her heart and frowned for a bit.

"Where's everybody?" Dawn tried to change the subject.

"Out. Big sis told me to watch you."

"I can perfectly take care of myself," she answered placing her hands on her hips.

"Sure you can pet." Dawn threw her bag on the big round table and sat down.

She started to rummage through her bag pretending to look for something.

Eventually she took out her diary.

"What's that?" Spike pointed to the notebook.

"It's private," Dawn snapped. Spike smirked. "I find private things interesting." He joined her at the table. He was like a great big elephant in the middle of a room. You simply couldn't ignore him even though you wanted it that bad.

Realizing in what kind of danger her diary about Spike could be she put it in her bag.

"So, tell me about school then," Spike said.
"It was ok." Dawn admitted. Silence.

"Dawn… are you in love?" Spike asked out of the blue. She looked up shocked at him. His blue eyes were locked into hers for a while. The vampire smirked his: haha-caught-ya! at her. "You are I can see!"

"So, who's the lucky bloke?" She knew he was just being interested in her, but she wanted to ignore him so badly. All that Dawn wanted was block him out and forget about him. He wouldn't see her.
"You probably don't know him," she answered avoiding his question. Then she raised an eyebrow. "And you still chasing after Buffy?" Spike's face dropped. But actually she didn't want to hear the answer. So, she crossed her arms over her chest tightly to close herself up and thought about something else.

For once it worked. She let the answer enter her ear and then let it leave immediately again. Dawn would do this whenever she wanted to protect herself from something.

So, what if she didn't really receive it?

Who would notice anyway?

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