When Dawn woke up, the morning sun teased her awake.
She looked around no more Spike.
Even though she was sure he had been there the night before. He had been waiting by her bed.
Maybe he had been waiting for her to talk to him. She did noticed something on her pillow though.
It was the small gift box that Buffy had handed over to her.
He wanted her to open it. That was for sure. She felt nervous, looked around her to make sure Spike wasn't hiding out somewhere.

Then she took of the red ribbon of the white small box and opened it. In between a piece of clothing she found a little green gem.
She held it between two fingers and studied it closely. "That's kind of pretty" she said to herself. Then she heard a knock on her door and quickly put it back in the box.

Buffy entered.

"Breakfast Dawnie. I made your favourite" She smiled.

"Gee, thanks" Dawn mumbled to herself sarcastically. Usually Buffy wasn't this bright and nice in the morning.
Usually she was still a little bit moody. At least to Dawn.

"I'll be downstairs in a minute" Dawn informed her sister. Buffy nodded and closed the door, still smiling. Dawn opened the white box again and held the gem in her hand.
"Why would Spike give me this?" She asked herself.

"So, I made you heart shaped pancakes" Buffy said as Dawn came down the stairs. "Would you like any marmalade with that?"

Dawn shrugged and sat down. Anya, Xander, and Willow had also joined them for the breakfast.

"Did you and Spike work things out yet?" Willow asked Dawn. Dawn started to feel uncomfortable.
"No, Willow"

"Come on Dawnie, why don't you just give Spike a big kiss and then find a bunch of exciting places to make out. I find I can really recommend the bathroom" Anya nodded.

This time Dawn felt her cheeks turn red.

"Yes, because Spike and you really make a great couple. You know I'll always support you now, don't you?" Buffy came upto Dawn and held her in a tight embrace. Dawn's eyes almost popped out of their place.

"Is this all a big joke?" Dawn called out finally. "Some sort of agreed intervention that should make me see that dating Spike is a ridiculous idea?"

"Oh no Dawnie, we are all one hundred percent behind you. In fact we booked you and Spike a hotel room tonight, so you can both enjoy your new found love" Xander this time said.

Dawn's mouth dropped open.

"Have you all gone robotic? What's going on here?" Dawn looked around. They were all smiling.

Something was really off. Dawn finally rose from her chair, not really sure if she should touch her food and pulled Willow to the hallway.

"Willow, what spell did you use this time?"

Willow shrugged. "I didn't do anything, Dawnie"

"Putting a spell on Buffy is one thing, but you're pushing this too far"

"No way, Dawn. I just want you to be happy. I didn't do anything else to anyone. I swear"

"There has to be something wrong" Dawn murmured.

"You're gonna want to eat your pancakes. They are delicious!" Willow pleaded.

"Ehm.. no thanks. Not hungry. Gotta eh go…" Dawn ran upstairs to her room. She grabbed the white box and a backpack.

"Gotta find Giles" She said to herself. He usually knew what to do in awkward situations.