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Chapter 1
Heres Naruto

It was morning and the sun was just rising, as two figures were walking through the forest that lead to Konoha. One was a tall man with spiky blonde hair, and he wore a green flak jacket, a headband with a metal plate that bore the symbol for Konoha, and a white coat with short sleeves, decorated with flames near the bottom, and it read fourth on the back. The other a young boy with equally spiky blonde hair, and wore an orange jacket with equally orange pants, and green goggles on his forehead. He also had three marks on each cheek that resembled whiskers. They both had large backpacks that looked to be quite heavy, but both walked as if unburdened.

"Hey dad, how munch further 'til we're back home?" the boy asked the man.

"Not too far, but it'll be an hour or two before we get there. Can't wait to get home, huh?" his father answered and chuckled.

"Well we haven't been back since we left when I was seven. I'm just glad the old pervert isn't with us anymore."

"Well you have to admit, some of our training went as well as it did thanks to him."

"Yeah, but we wouldn't have our little 'problem' if it wasn't for him bringing us to that stupid place. Besides, you know him, hes probably gone off to do some of his stupid 'research.'"

The man sighed, unable to defend his old sensei this time and said "Can't argue with you about that."

"Which makes me wonder, how do you plan on keeping it secret?"

"Still thinking about that myself. We might at least tell your mom, sister and a few others."

"I'd prefer if we told no one."

"Well anyway, later on today I have a surprise for you."

"Well I hope its better than that surprise trip of that stupid pervert's."

The two continued to walk until they came to a large wall with a gate. The man called out "Hey! Open the gate!"

Someone looked from the top of the gate. "Who are you, and what business do you have here?" the guard called out.

"I'm Minato Namikaze, the Hokage of this village, and with me is my son, Naruto!"

The guard looked and, was surprised. "The Fourth Hokage has returned from his journey! Go inform Lord Third!" the gaurd said to another. The gates opened and the guard said "Sorry for the delay Lord Hokage, of course you can enter!"

The two entered and headed for the Hokage building, people looking at Minato, and whispering excitedly as they walked by. They reached the building, and went into the Hokage's office. Inside the room was an old man, Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage of the village. "Its good to see you again Minato. How was you and your sons training journey?"

"It went well." Minato said.

"Until that stupid pervert joined us." Naruto mumbled.

Hiruzen somehow knew he was talking about his old student. "What did Jiraiya do?"

"I'd rather not go into detail about what sensei did. Anyway how were things while I was gone?" Minato asked.

Hiruzen hesitated. "There was one problems in your absence, but I'll inform you of it later. So, just how strong has Naruto become in these four years?"

"He's quite strong. I've personally made sure his skills are at least chunin level, and his physical strength is quite high, but I'll still have him attend the academy for a year." Minato said, and Naruto said a complaint under his breath.

"Well its good that you're back, and I can go back into retirement." Hiruzen chuckled.

"Well I won't take over the position again until tomorrow. I just got back, and I'd like to relax at home for a night." Minato said as he glanced at the stack of paperwork on the desk, dreading tomorrow.

"Thats reasonable. I guess I can handle one more day. I'll see you tomorrow."

Minato and Naruto exited building, and headed for the house where they lived, talking about ways to tell about their 'problem.' They eventually reached their home, and entered, and were greeted by a woman with long red hair, and a girl naruto's age with blonde hair in two long pigtails. The girl, like Naruto, had three whisker-like markings on each cheek, and wore an orange shirt with area around her neck and its short sleeves blue and a blue dress the went an inch past her knees. The woman hugged the two of them and said "I heard the two of you were back today. Its good to see the two of you after how long its been."

"Its good to see you again too Kushina." Minato said.

She looked at Naruto. "I'm especially glad to see how my son has grown while hes been training. You look strong Naruto."

"I'm glad to see you too mom. And if you think I look strong, wait 'til you see just how strong I am."

"I'll look forward to it."

The girl stepped forward and gave Minato a hug as well. "I'm glad you're back dad!"

"I'm glad to be back, Naruko." Minato said, returning his daughter's hug. "You've gotten a lot bigger since we left." he said as he put his hand on her head.

Naruko then turned to her brother. "So how was the training? Dad teach you any of his awesome jutsu like the Rasengan?" she asked

"No, he wouldn't show me how to do it. He said I wasn't ready to learn it yet and that I had to wait. He did teach me a few ninjutsu, but none of the stuff he created." Naruto answered. He left out the fact that the reason he wasn't ready was because he had poor chakra control. 'She doesn't need to know that.' he thought.

While their children were talking, Kushina turned to Minato. "Did you tell him yet?" she asked.

"Not yet. I was waiting until we could introduce them." he said.

"Then why don't we head over there right now? Naruko and I were going to join them for lunch today anyway."

"Sounds good."

Naruto had a confused look on his face. "What are you guys talking about?" he asked.

"We'll explain soon." Minato said.

Naruto gave his sister a questioning look to see if she knew, but she shrugged her shoulders since she was in the dark about it as well. The four of them left the house and went to another that was a few streets away. When they got there, Kushina knocked on the door, and a woman with blonde hair answered the door. "Kushina, Naruko its good to see you. And I see Minato and Naruto are back." the woman said.

"Its good to see you too, Mebuki." Kushina said.

"Come in you four. Sakura, come down and welcome our guests!" Mebuki called out.

"Okay mom!" a girl's voice from upstairs called back.

"So since you two are back, do we tell them today?" Mebuki whispered.

"Thats the plan. We'll tell them after lunch." Minato answered.

Shortly after a girl with pink hair came down the steps, who Naruto assumed was Sakura. 'Shes pretty' he thought as he looked at her.

"Hello, Mrs Namikaze. Hey Naruko." she said.

"Hello Sakura." she said back.

Sakura looked at Minato and Naruto. "This is Kushina's husband, Minato," Mebuki said.

"Its good to meet you, lord Hokage." Sakura said, bowing.

"Please Sakura, you don't have to act formal around me. You don't have to bow, or call me lord Hokage." Minato said. "I've know your family a long time. Just Minato is fine."


"And this their son, Naruto." Mebuki said.

Naruko put her arm around her brother's neck, and put her head right next to his. "We're twins. Even though we're only fraternal ones, check out the resemblance." she said.

"Hey, when are we gonna eat? I haven't eaten anything all day!" Naruto asked.

"Don't be so rude!" Sakura said, instantly annoyed by the boy's attitude.

"Its okay Sakura. Anyway, I'll get started on lunch right now. Anything special you want?" Mebuki said.

"A few bowls of ramen. Any flavor is fine." Naruto said.

"Okay. Sakura, why don't you wait, and get to know our guests, while me and Kushina prepare lunch."

"Alright." Sakura said. She lead Minato and Naruto into the dining room, while Mebuki and Kushina went into the kitchen. They sat down at the table, Naruto sat on the right of Minato, Naruko sat on her fathers left, and across from them sat Sakura.

"Ah, its been a while. Can't wait to have some of your homecooking again, Kushina." Minato commented. He then turned to Sakura. "So Sakura, are you training to be a ninja?"

"Yes, I'm attending the academy right now, and Naruko is my class. My mother has also been teaching me medical ninjutsu, but I only know the basics right now. My mom said she was taught by the Sannin, Tsunade."

"I see. You might know that I've been training Naruto for the past few years."

"Yes, Miss Kushina mentioned that to me once."

"Well even though hes already had enough training, I'm having him attend the academy for a year. He'll probably be in your class."

"I still don't get why I have to go to the academy. I already know everything they'll teach me. Besides, I'm already stronger than all the students there." Naruto complained. "How long does it take your mom to make lunch anyway?"

"Thats a pretty rude way to ask aquestion. And it'll be ready when they're done." Sakura said.

"Well I'm really hungry. I haven't eaten since yesterday, and it wasn't very filling."

"That doesn't mean you can be rude, and ask the question that way."

"I don't get why it matters how I ask a question."

Sakura looked at Minato. "Didn't you teach him any manners?"

He thought for a moment. "I guess I forgot." he said. "Hes my only son, so I may have been a bit too layed back and let him get away with things more often than I should have."

The four of them continued to converse, and Naruto would continue to make comments Sakura deemed rude. After a while, Mebuki and Kushina came out with lunch, and set it down on the table. Before anything could be said, Naruto grabbed a bowl of ramen, and slurped its contents, and moved on to the next one, and one after that, until he had eaten all three bowls. After he had finished the ramen, he grabbed more food and devoured it with great speed until he had finished eating. He then let out a large belch. Naruto looked at Sakura who wasstaring at him. "What?" he asked.

"How can you eat like that?" she asked.

"Like what?"

"Like a complete slob! You just stuffed all that food in your mouth, and swallowed it. You probably didn't even taste it!"

"It tasted fine."

"Thats not the point! You're suppose to sit down and enjoy a meal, not eat the way you do!"

"Why does it matter?"

"So Mebuki, where is Kizashi?" Minato asked, ignoring the argument going on.

"Hes away on a mission. Its just a simple diplomatic mission, so its nothing he can't handle." Mebuki replied.

"Thats a shame. I was looking forward to seeing him again."

"I'm sure he feels the same."

"And another thing-" Sakura began.

"Okay, settle down you two. Naruto, What do you think of Sakura?" Minato asked.

"Shes pretty I guess, but its annoying how she keeps calling me rude." he said.

Sakura blushed slightly, but it wasn't noticeable. No boys her age really called her pretty. They were more interested in her friend Akane. But the compiment didn't change the fact that he was rude.

"And Sakura, what do you think of Naruto?" Mebuki asked.

"Hes pretty rude." she said simply.

"Well I'm sure you two will warm up to eachother eventually. Especially considering your situation." Minato said.

"What situation?" Naruto asked.

Their parents looked at one another before Minato spoke again. "The two of you have been engaged to eachother since birth, and will be married when you get older."

"What!" the two shouted simultaneously.

"You can't just engage me to him!" Sakura said.

"I know I said she was pretty, but that doesn't mean I like her! I hardly know her!" Naruto said.

"They're engaged? Then if Sakura marries my brother, that'll make us sisters!" Naruko stated excitedly.

"You're not helping!" Naruto and Sakura yelled at her in unison.

"The decision was made a long time ago by me and your parents." A new voice said. They all looked to the window to see a man with long spiky white hair, and lines on his face going down from his eyes, sticking his head in.

"You!" Naruto said as he lunged at him but was restrained by Minato holding him by his jacket collar.

"What brings you here sensei?" Minato asked casually despite Naruto constantly trying to get Jiraiya.

"I stopped at your house, and when the four of you weren't there, I figured you were here telling the two of them about their engagement." Jiraiya said.

"You're responsible for this too? Why is it everything that happens to me is your fault?" Naruto said.

"Look that was an accident. I honestly didn't know that would happen to you."

Sakura, Naruko, Kushina, and Mebuki looked at the three questioningly. "What happened between you two?" Sakura asked.

Naruto stopped trying to attack Jiraiya. Minato let him go and sighed. "I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you. Can someone bring me four cups of water, two cold and two hot?" he said. Mebuki left the room and after a few minutes came in with the water. "Alright, now don't be too shocked." he said then poured a cup of cold water on Naruto. His hair had turned from blonde to red, and his face had become more feminine, resembling Naruko's even more closely. He then opened his jacket to reveal a pair of small breasts. The four people stared at Naruto with shock until Minato poured the hot water on him. He then picked up the second glass of cold water on himself. Where he once stood, was now a blonde colored bear. The three were even more shocked then before. Naruto then poured the hot water on the bear, and Minato stood there once more. They stared until Sakura asked how they did that transformation jutsu without hand seals. "Its not a transformation jutsu; Its a curse."

"And its all his fault!" Naruto pointed at Jiraiya.

"How did this happen?" Kushina asked.

Naruto and Minato looked at each other. Minato began the story "It happened about eight months ago..."


Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya were walking along a path through the mountains. "So how much further?" Naruto asked.

"Don't rush things Naruto. Jusenkyo won't be going anywhere." Jiraiya said.

"So this Jusenkyo place is some legendary training ground, right?"

"Thats what I hear. And if its as legendary as they say, you'll be thanking me for bringing you."

"You only brought us here 'cause its in Hot Spring country, and you'll get an opportunity to do your 'research' when we're done."

Jiraiya was about to say something, when Minato spoke up to stop the arguement before it began. "So whats this training ground like sensei?"

"Dunno. All I heard about it was that the place was legendary." Jiraiya said.

"So how do we know this place is such a great place to train?" Naruto asked.

"We'll find out when we get there. Even if its not such a great place, we can still get some training done there." Minato said being optimistic. After a while, they reached a valley littered with pools of water, and bamboo poles that jutted out of the springs. "This the place sensei?"

"I think so." Jiraiya said.

"Doesn't look like much." Naruto said.

They walked down to the springs and looked around and saw a house nearby. Jiraiya took off his backpack, and set it on the ground, and the other two did the same. They each slipped of their sandals and Jiraiya jumped onto one of the bamboo poles. "Alright, get up here and we'll start." he said. They nodded and jumped up to join him. He drew two kunai. "Why don't you both fight me? You'll have a better chance if team up." he said, then threw one kunai at each of them.

"Alright, but don't blame it on numbers when you lose!" Naruto said as he leaped to another pole to avoid the kunai.

They fought for ten minutes until they heard someone call out to them. "Hey, what are you doing here? It very dangerous if you fall into the spings!" Minato looked to see a man dressed in brown calling out to them. Jiraiya, seeing his former student distacted, leaped at him and knocked him into one of the springs. After a few minutes, instead of Minato, a blonde colored bear emerged. "Too bad, you fall into 'spring of drowned bear.' Very tragic story of bear who drown here two thousand year ago. The legend say anyone who falls into spring take the body of a bear."

"Wha-?" Naruto started. He had been in the air when the bear that was his father emerged. He was distracted, and when he came to pole he had been aiming to land on, he missed and fell into the spring below. He was underwater, so he didn't here most of what the man said, but when he emerged he caught the words "take the body of a girl." He got out of the water and stood there for a few moments. He looked at his now feminine hands, then opened his jacket and felt his new breasts, then felt his face, then finally his new feminine figure. He then pointed at Jiraiya and shouted "This is all your fault!" He pulled out several Kunai and threw them at Jiraiya, and leapt onto the poles once more.

Jiraiya easily avoided the kunai and began running away from Naruto. Not because he was afraid, but because he didn't want to knock anyone into anymore springs. Naruto, furious, chased after him, with Minato following, not to join his son in revenge, but to protect his sensei from his son angered son.

-end flashback-

"...And Naruto chased sensei for about a week until the guide caught up and told us how to change back." Minato finished.

"And the whole thing is his fault!" Naruto shouted, and pointed at Jiraiya.

"Hey, you fell into the spring on your own. Don't blame me for that." Jiraiya said.

"But you brought us there in the first place! We wouldn't have gone there if we weren't with you!"

"And you also would have been cured if it wasn't for what you did!"

"I told you not to bring that up!"

"What happened?" Sakura asked

"Nothing happened!" Naruto shouted.

"Okay, forget I asked."

"Anyway, the curse isn't so bad. Even though cold water changes us, at least hot water changes us back." Minato said. Naruto openned up his mouth to say something about his comment, when he was cut off. "At least your curse is human." Naruto closed his mouth. After everything Jiraiya had done for him, Minato didn't stay mad at him for long, and he never truly blamed his sensei for what happened.

"Well I think its time we get going." Kushina said. She turned to Jiraiya. "You're welcome to stay the night at our house."

"Thats alright. I wasn't staying in the village long, just dropping by." he said.

"See you around sensei." Minato said, as Jiraiya exited through the window. The Namikazes left shortly after. "You start at the academy in the morning. And I'll make sure you're in Sakura's class, so the two of you can get to know each other." Minato said to Naruto.

"I'm not going along with this engagement of yours." Naruto said.

"I'm sure you'll thank us for this after a while. You should feels lucky, you even said she was pretty."

"And Sakura is a nice girl. I think if the two of you spend a little time together, you might learn to like each other." Kushina said.

"Yeah. You should take her on a date and get to know her better. I could tell you where she likes to eat. Just don't get carried away afterwards." Naruko said mischievously.

"Hey, shut up, Naruko!" Naruto complained.

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