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Chapter 10
Crazy Days of School. Its Just One Incident After Another.

Naruto and Naruko sat on the porch of the Tendo's house. They had come earlier to hang out with their friends, but now found themselves amused by the sight before them.

"Ranma! Get back here!"

A currently female and half-naked Ranma ran past the two. Following right behind her was Nabiki, who was holding a few articles of clothing that were clearly meant for a girl. And chasing right behind her was her sister Akane, who was holding a wooden sword, ready to hit Ranma for some reason the Namikaze twins weren't aware of.

"How did we use to spend our weekends before this?" Naruko asked, sipping from a cup of tea that Kasumi had brought them.

"I dunno." Naruto replied with a shrug.

"Hey! Can't you two lend me a hand!" Ranma yelled at the two as she ran past, followed by Nabiki and Akane.

"But this is too funny." Naruko told him, and Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, well how would you like it if someone tried to force you to wear girl's clothes, Naruto?" Ranma asked as she ran past again.

"Dunno. But they're not, so you better run faster!" Naruto taunted.

"Whats going on here?" Sakura asked as she walked in.

"Sakura! Glad you showed up! Now have a seat and enjoy the show!" Naruko greeted her.

In another part of the Fire Country, the boy with the bandana continued to wander, wondering when he would finally reach his destination. Walking along through the forest, he came to a sign that pointing down the path he was walking down. The sign said that Konoha was this way, and to go straight down the path.

"I'm getting close..." he said as he continued walking.

The path then veered to the right, and the boy continued walking straight, and off of the path itself.

"Soon, I'll be in Konoha..." he said, not realizing he was supposed to have stayed on the path.

"Ranma! You stay away from me with that!" Naruto, who was now a she, warned. She ran down the hall of the Tendo's home, currently only in her boxers and shirt, her jacket and pants having been removed by her pursuer.

"This is revenge!" Ranma said as she chased after Naruto, laughing like a maniac. She was currently dressed in some of Akane's clothes, and held one of her dresses in her hands as she chased after Naruto. "Lets see how you like it!"

"Ranma! Get back here!" Akane yelled as she swung her wooden sword at her fiance. She wasn't too pleased about Ranma having to wear some of her clothes, and was even angrier about what she was currently planning to do with one of her favorite dresses.

"Naruko! Help me!" Naruto yelled as she passed by her sister, Sakura, and Nabiki.

"Sorry, bro. I'm just an unbiased third party. It wouldn't be fair if I helped you out after leaving Ranma to fend for himself before." she said with a smirk.


"Wow, this is more entertaining from the other side." Nabiki remarked.

It was the next day, and the group made their way to the accademy as usual. Naruto and Ranma still weren't speaking after yesterday's events, though Naruko said that they'd get over it soon enough. Sakura, Ino, Akane, and Nabiki walked through the gate to the grounds, and Naruko looked around. "Huh. Still getting used to the fact that there won't be anymore fighting in the morning." she commented.

"Yeah well, I won't miss it." Akane said.

"Saotome, I attack!" Kuno yelled as he rushed at Ranma as he walked through the gate.

"Naruto Namikaze, I challenge you!" Lee yelled out from accross the field as Naruto walked through the gate after him.

"Huh." Naruko let out. Ranma avoided Kuno's sword by stepping, while Naruto leaped over Lee's kick. "Looks like theres still gonna be fighting in the morning. Guess its true what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same."

"Let them do whatever they want." Akane said as she continued inside. "As long as it doesn't involve me, I don't care."

"The heck is going on here?" Sasuke asked as he walked through the gate, and watched Naruto and Ranma deal with their respective opponents.

"Hm? Oh, hey Sasuke." Naruko greeted. "Well, lets see... Kuno hates Ranma because hes Akane's fiance, and Lee challenged Naruto because he is in love with Sakura. Not really much difference here." Naruko said.

"Whatever." he said.

"Naruko! Who is your handsome friend?" Ino asked seductively as she approached the two, having just noticed Sasuke's arrival.

"This is Sasuke. Hes, uh, sorta friends with Naruto and me, though they rarely ever get along." Narko answered. "The three of us grew up together."

"So, do you have a girlfriend?" Ino asked hopefully as she got close to the

"I'm not interested in one." he said as he started to make his way towards the building, but stopped as he ducked in time to avoid a Kunai that had been thrown at him. "Who the hell threw that?" he demanded as he turned around.

"Well, well. If it isn't Mr. Sexist." Tenten remarked as she stepped forward, glaring at Sasuke. She tossed a Kunai up, and caught it expertly as it fell back, and repeated the action.

"You!" Sasuke said, anger could be heard in his voice.

"Haven't seen you since you fell into that spring a while back. Course, you looked a bit different on that occasion."

Sasuke seethed at that comment. He absolutely hated this girl for what she had done to him. He had taken it easy on her when they had fought at Jusenkyo, and look what it had caused him. It was her fault that he was cursed to turn into a girl. "Well, I gotta say I'm surprised to run into you again here. But I guess this does give me another chance to take care of you since you flew off pretty quickly last time."

Tenten frowned. Sure, being able to fly was a cool perk, but she wasn't too fond of her own curse. It was too small, and she couldn't fight in that form. Tossing her Kunai into the air once more, this time with a little extra force, giving it extra height, and the second it left her hand, she threw three shuriken with her free hand that she kept in a pouch on her belt. Sasuke easily dodged them, then charged at Tenten. The Uchiha was upon her in seconds, and she dropped a fourth shuriken on the ground where it embedded into it. She dodged a kick aimed at her midsection, and reached towards her pouch, but another kick aimed at the area caused her to pull her hand back.

"You only fight with weapons. I remembered that much from our last encounter." Sasuke said, intent on keeping her from reaching into the pouch to pull out any throwing weapons or scrolls.

Tenten frowned briefly but that quickly changed into a smirk as the kunai she had thrown into the air landed in her hand and it was quickly held to Sasuke's neck. "You underestimated me again. Just like last time." she said. "Surely it isn't because I'm a girl right? Because I thought you would understand that after our last fight." she said, the meaning in her words clear to him.

Sasuke seethed, but knew she was right about one thing. He underestimated her, and now she had the upper hand. If this fight had been to the death, he would have lost his life already. "Tch. This is a waste of time anyway." he said as he backed away and she let him. He then walked off towards the building.

"Woah, nice job Tenten!" Naruto said as he jogged up next to her.

"You sure showed him." Ranma added as he joined the two. Elsewhere in the yard, both Kuno and Lee lay on the ground defeated.

"Thanks, but its his own fault." she said. "Hes so sexist that he thought he was better than me because I'm a girl, so he was way too cocky and got careless. Sorta poetic justice considering what spring I coincidentally knocked him into. Didn't know anything about those stupid springs, and I got lucky and knocked him into the one he deserved."

"Hate to break up the fun, but you huys better hurry up!" Naruko cried out to the from the entrance of the building. "You guys are gonna be late!"

"Coming!" the three said in unison as they ran towards the entrance.

The boy with the bandana trudged through a forest, wondering why he hadn't reach Konoha yet. "Don't tell me I got lost again. But the sign said to keep going straight!" he complained.

As he continued, it began to drizzle, and turn into full rain. Lucky for him, he brought an umbrella with him that he pulled out quickly after he felt the first drop. The forest also appeared to become less thick as he progressed, and he began to see less and less trees until he was no longer in a forest. He continued forward, and after a while, he came to a sign that said he was approachng the border of the Fire and Rain Countries. Staring at the sign for a minute he sighed, hung his head, and turned back the way he had come.

"Damn you Ranma... While I'm out here suffering, you're probably having the time of your life..." he growled.

A furious Iruka looked down at the students that stood before him. "Naruto Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, Ranma Saotome, Kiba Inuzuka, Naruko Namikaze, Sakura Haruno, Akane Tendo, Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara. I step out for less than five minutes, and I find the rest of the class outside while all of you have torn the room apart in a fight." As their teacher had said, the room was a wreck. Chairs had been thrown about, the glass of one of the windows had been shattered, and Iruka's desk was in shambles. And that was only a fifth of the damage done to the room.

Shikamaru groaned.

"Oh, except Shikamaru, who slept through the whole thing. But I've told you how many times not be sleeping in class?" their teacher added. "What do you all have to say for yourselves?"

"Its Sasuke's fault." Naruto said.

"Its the idiots fault." Sasuke said.

"I didn't do anything." Ranma said.

"Ino is crazy." Kiba said.

"Naruto deserves whatever punishment he gets." Sakura said

"Ranma is an ass." Akane said.

"Kiba and that mutt of his should be put down."

"I am NOT a fatass!" Chouji said.

All of this was said at pretty much the same time, and Iruka sighed and put his palm to his face.

"This is unfair! I'm the only one in here besides Shikamaru who didn't do anything! I'm completely innocent! I demand a lawyer! I demand my father come here!" Naruko complained, and continued on a tirade that everyone else started to ignore.

"All of you are going to clean this room up right NOW!"

"Ugh, I can't believe we had to fix all of that..." Naruto groaned as he slumped over. He and the rest of the group was just exitting the building after having to stay late and clean up at Iruka's insistance.

"Maybe you shouldn't thrown a chair through the window, then." Ranma said.

"Hey I threw that chair at Sasuke. Its not my fault that he dodged it and it went out the window. You're the one who shouldn't have destroyed his desk!" the blonde retorted.

"I didn't break it! Akane hit me into it!"

"Thats because you're jerk who can't keep your mouth shut!" Akane protested.

"Shut up, all of you!" Naruko shouted at them in frustration. "I didn't do anything! I just sat back at my desk and watched the show as you all tried to dismember each other, and I got dragged into the punishment because I stayed behind, unlike the rest of the class!"

"Maybe you should have done something more productive during that whole scuffle." Kiba said. "Oh, and I wouldn't call egging everyone on as 'doing nothing.' You were trying to instigate things so that it got even more out of control!"

"Can all of you just stop complaining and forget about the whole thing and move on. All of this complaining is just troublesome." Shikamaru groaned.

At the gate of the school grounds, Tenten sat atop the gate, and leaped to the ground as they approached. "Hey guys! So, was the fight that went on during your class as crazy as everyone has been saying?" she asked.

"It was even crazier! And I got in trouble despite doing nothing!" Naruko complained once again.

"Stop playing innocent! You're just as guilty as Naruto and Sasuke for starting the whole thing!" Kiba barked at her. "Its your fault Ino started attacking me in the first place! You and your sick and twisted sense of amusement!"

"Wow, sounds like you guys have had it rough." Tenten said with a laugh. "Why don't we all get something to eat you guys? Dinner should help everyone forget about todays troubles. My treat."

"Sounds great to me!" Naruto said, instantly cheering up.

"I'm in too!" Chouji said as he raised his hand.

"Tenten saves the day!" Naruko joined in.

"I'm not one to turn down free food." Ranma jooined in.

"I guess it couldn't hurt." Sakura said, and most of the others agreed.

"I'm out of here." Sasuke said as he started to walk away.

"Whats wrong? Too sore about earlier to accept my hospitality?" Tenten called out to him.

"C'mon Sasuke! Don't be afraid that Tenten will kick your ass again." Naruto called out, then mouthed the words 'That will get him." to the others.

Sure enough Sasuke quickly stomped towards them. "Who says I'm afraid? Fine then! If she wants to treat, than I'll accept! But since its her, I'll just make sure its expensive on her." he said, annoyance at the insinuation that he was afraid being thrown out.

'So predictable.' Naruto mouthed to the others.

In another location of Konoha, Minato sat in the living room of the home of the remaining Uchiha along with Kushina. There were two others in the room, with one being a woman with long black hair, and the other was a man with short brown hair framing his face. "Its nice to see you finally back from your mission, Fugaku." Minato said to the other man. "I was a bit disappointed you weren't here to greet me when Naruto and I got back to the village."

"Hmph. When I'm given a mission, I take it. Not everyone has the luxury of abandoning our duties and doing as we please." the other man, Fugaku Uchiha said. "Most of us can't take off on a training journey with our son for a few years. My job comes first, and waiting for a dead-beat Hokage to come back is the last of my priorities."

"Oh, don't be so proud, Fugaku." his wife, Mikoto Uchiha said. "You know Minato, when he was planning to leave with Sasuke on a training journey, he was hoping to run into you and Naruto on the road."

"M-mikoto!" Fugaku protested, not liking his wife letting Minato know such information. "Yes, well, its true I had hoped to see you and your boy on the road. But only so that Sasuke could show Naruto who was better among them." he said, convinced the others in the room bought his excuse. None of them would let him know that they didn't. "But as you know, Sasuke took off the night before we would leave and went on his own."

Mikoto looked downcast as she thought about the reason why her son had. "Sasuke is deadset on finding Itachi on his own..." she said, recalling her other son.

"Yes, Kushina told me of the incident." Minato said, looking somber as well. "One night, most of the Uchiha clan was wiped out, and there are now just four survivors. Fugaku who was out on a mission. Mikoto who was visting Kushina and Naruko for dinner, Sasuke who was training late on his own that night-"

"And Itachi Uchiha, the one who massacred the clan himself." Fugaku said, anger and disdain towards his eldest son could be heard in his voice.

"I'm really sorry about what happened, Fugaku." Minato said.

"Don't be. You had nothing to do with the incident; you weren't even in the village when it happened, so theres nothing you could have done to stop it. If anyone should be ashame, its me." Fugaku said as he clenched his fists. "He was my son, so the burden should be mine to bear."

Eager to change the subject to something a little more light hearted, Kushina spoke up. "So how are you two handling Sasuke's curse? I know you always wanted a daughter, Mikoto."

Fugaku looked uncomfortable at the mention of the current topic. "Well, I'm handling it well. Boy or girl, Sasuke is still my child." Mikoto explained. "Fugaku on the other hand, isn't as opened minded."

"Thats only because of how you're handling the situation!" he accused his wife. "You keep trying to get him into one of your old dresses to see how cute our he looks in it!"

"I'm just a little curious is all." Mikoto said with a giggle.

It was one week later after the incident in the classroom, and there hadn't been anything major going on since then. A few minor scuffles here and there, but other than those, it had been uneventful. Currently, Naruto and Naruko were getting ready to head to get ramen. Sakura was talking with Ino. Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji were hanging out. Sasuke was getting reay to head off on his own. Tenten was reading a book for her homework as she walked off. And Ranma had once again insulted Akane, who was chasing him across the courtyard. All in all, it was a pretty averge day for them thus far. "Ranma! Get back here, you jerk!" Akane called out to him angrily.

"Come and get me!" he taunted as he leaped into the air. Then suddenly in midair, his insticts went off and warned him of danger. At different poibt of the courtyard, Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, and Tenten alled turned their attention to him and saw a boy with a bandana above him, coming down with what appeared to be an umbrella.

"Ranma! Prepare to die!" the boy yelled out. Maneuvering his body to avoid the attack, he landed on the ground on his hand, and leaped away as a larged crater former around the where the boy at struck the ground. "Heh, I've finally found you, Ranma Saotome." the boy said, a hint of satisfation in his voice. And why shouldn't he be satisfied, since he had finally reached his destination.

"Who is that guy?" Naruto asked as he and Naruko walked up to the comotion.

"Beats me." Naruko said as she shrugged.

"Thats some strength that guys got, though." Tenten remarked as she closed her text book, and walked with the twins. It wasn't just them, though. Everyone who was still nearby was gathering around to see what was going on, and who this mystery boy was.

"So I see you haven't changed a bit, Saotome. You're still good at running away." he taunted.

"Do you know this guy?" Akane asked, and Ranma put his hand to his chin as he tried to figure out who this boy was.

"You... You don't remember me?" the though boy asked, now sounding a bit disappointed.

"Wait, I know!" Ranma said as he pointed towards him. "Sure, hes... um... hes... uh..." After waving his pointer finger a few times, he lowered his arm.

"Don't strain your brain trying to remember, Ranma." Akane said.

"Fine then, it doesn't matter." the boy said. "Just tell me one thing, Saotome. Why? Why did you run from our fight? Why didn't you come at the appointed time?"

"Oh wait! Now I remember!" Ranma said as hit his palm with his fist. "You're Ryoga! Ryoga Hibiki! Long time no see, man!" Ranma said as he walked over to put his hand on his 'old friend's' shoulder, but Ryoga slapped his hand away.

"Just answer my question!" Ryoga said. "Why didn't you come to the fight?"

"But Ryoga, I waited three days at where we agreed to fight!" Ranma said.

"Three days?" Akane repeated, her surprise at hearing that evident. And it wasn't just her, but Naruto and the others were just as shocked.

"Maybe so, bu when I finally got there on the fourth day, you had already run away!" Ryoga said.

"Ryoga, now let me ask you something. Oh, and feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong here." Ranma said. "But we agreed to fight in the vacant lot that was right behind your house. So then why the hell did I have to wait for three days for you to get there?"

"Don't patronize me! Do you think I was wondering around the country for fun?" Ryoga yelled out, and everyone else present other than he and Ranma fell over in a typical facefaulting monet.

"This guy has absolutely the worst sense of direction I have ever seen." Ino stated.

"No way. This isn't happening." Kiba said as he got to his feet. "There is just no way anyone could have a sense of direction this bad."

"I never thought it possible, but I think I may have just met someone even more of an idiot than Naruto." Sasuke remarked.

"Shut up Sasuke!" Naruto yelled at his rival.

"I don't know whether I should laugh or feel sorrt for the poor guy." Tenten said.

Ryoga seemed toignore all that was being said about him, and focused only on the pigtailed boy before him. "You dared to break a man-to-man promise, and then ran off with your father!" he accused Ranma, then swung his umbrella at him, who leaped back to avoid it.

"I ain't gonna apologize for what happened, but it sounds to me like you're here to finish our fight."

"'Finish our fight?' How feeble." Ryoga said, his anger reaching a boiling point. "I'm here for revenge!" he said as he threw his umbrella forward, which opened up and flew at Ranma who moved his bofy enough just to avoid it.

"Revenge? Revenge for what?" Ranma questioned, then moved his body to avoid the umbrella as it came back to Ryoga's hand.

"It doesn't matter if you know or not. All that matters is that I will destroy your happiness at any cost!" Ryoga loudly declared as he pointed his umbrella at his foe.

"My... My happiness?" Ranma repeated. After thinking a second, he turned around to face his friends. "Uh, hey guys. Am I happy?"

"Don't ask us. How should we know?" Sakura said.

"Geez, Saotome, just what did you do to piss this guy off so badly?" Shikamaru asked, not really caring what the answer was.

"Right now, thats what I'd like to know." Ranma asked as he crossed his arms to try to think of a reason.

"It must have been pretty bad. This guy looks just as pissed as Chouji when someone uses the 'F' word." Kiba remarked.

"I can't really think of anything..."

"Stop ignoring me, and lets fight already, Ranma!" Ryoga yelled out as he charged forward, and Ranma and the others all leaped out of his path.

"What is this about anyway, Ryoga?" Ranma question as he dodged the bandana-wearing boy's attacks. Ryoga swung his umbrella in rapid succession, appearing to use it as a club.

"Because of you, I've seem hell!"

"The heck does that mean?"

"As if mere words could convey the suffering I've endured!"

"This would be a lot easier if you'd just talk about it!"

"Just shut up, Ranma!" Ryoga yelled. Ranma then ducked into a crowd. When they parted ways as Ryoga charged at them, he passed right by Ranma andcontinued forward. "Ranma! Where are you?" he yelled out as he charged at the accademy building, knockinga hole in the wall that was in his path, and then the one byond that one, and so on until coming out on the other side.

"I think he just got lost again..." Naruko remarked.

"Seems like it.." Tenten agreed.

As they stared blankly at the hole the lost boy had created, a thought suddenly occured to Naruto. "Oh! Guys, we should get out of of here right now!" he said frantically.

"Why? Whats the problem?" Sakura asked.

"We got to get out of here before Iruka-sensei shows up and blames this all on us!" he said, and all of the group but Tenten exchanged brief glances before they all took off running as fast as they could.

"I am not fixing those walls!" Naruko stated as they ran.

"Ranma! Where are you?" Ryoga yelled out as he ran through a forest. After a while, he found himself in front of a sign that said 'Welcome to Tanzaku Town!' "What? But, when did I even leave Konoha?" he asked himself in confusion. He then hung his head in defeat for now. "I'll have my revenge one of these days, Ranma!"

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