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Chapter 11
School is a Battlefield! Where Rivals Face Off!

The group sat in the living room of the Tendo home, having gone there from the academy. As Ranma finally remembered why Ryoga had chalenged him, he explained it to everyone, and Naruto, Naruko, and Kiba spit out the food they had been eating.

"You're joking, right? You can't be serious." Kiba said as he stared at Ranma, then turned to Naruto. "You've known him the longest, so you can tell me hes just trying to pull one over on us, because that is the most RIDICULOUS cause of a fight I have ever heard!"

"This whole thing is over a stupid piece of bread?!" Naruko asked.

"Are you sure thats reason?" Ino asked, finding this hard to believe.

"Well, thats the only thing I can think of..." Ranma said as he tried to think of any other reason. "Oh, there was also the time I got the last chow mein bread. Or maybe hes angry about the last croquette bread. Theres also the melon bread. And then there was that cutlet sandwich. And there was the meat bread, too. Or is it the seaweed bread that hes pissed at? Theres also-"

"Okay, I think I'm beginning to see why hes so angry at you." Sakura commented.

"From the sounds of it, you practically starved the guy." Tenten said.

"Sounds like the straws that broke the camel's back." Akane said.

"I can't say I blame the guy." Chouji added, his sympathy leaning more towards Ryoga at the moment. Chouji took food-related offenses to him very seriously, and assumed the same for others.

"The whole things just sounds stupidly troublsome." Shikamaru said. As the whole conversation had gone on, he had promptly beaten Soun at shogi as panda-Genma had watched.

The next day, Ranma and Naruto arrived at school with Sakura, Naruko, and Akane. The five of them were just about to turn the corner into the gate when suddenly it started to rain. It started with a few droplets, but it quickly picked up and became a drizzle. And like that, Naruto and Ranma were suddenly girls.

"Well this sure is inconvenient." Ranma said.

"Tell me about it." Naruto agreed.

"We should get you two some hot water before we head to class." Naruko said.

"Gee, you think?" Ranma retorted, as the drizzle picked up in intensity.

"Hey guys." they heard, and turned around. They saw Tenten walking up to them, holding an umbrella. "Weather sure is unfortunate today."

"Yeah, but it looks like you're prepared." Sakura commented at her umbrella.

"Yeah, considering my condition, I don't go anywhere anymore without an umbrella in one of my summoning scrolls."

"Sounds like that might be a problem in a fight." Naruko said. "I mean, you fight with tools, so what if you accidentally bring that out?"

"Nah, its no problem at all. I had this thing custom made, based off the kind of weapon umbrellas they use in Ame." Tenten said, and Naruto and Naruko rolled their eyes, knowing what was coming next as they noticed a sort of twinkle in their old friend's eyes. "This one's canopy is made from an ultra-durable material, and most non-ninjutsu based attacks will just bounce off of it, making it great for defense! Then, theres another one I wish could get that's canopy is actually really just a whole bunch of senbon that I can use to rain down on my enemy! But you'd have to go to Ame to get one of those. And that reminds me of that Hibiki kid's umbrella. It looks like its made to be used as a melee weapon. And-" She said, continuing to gush over different kinds of weapon umbrella.

Naruto and the other barely payed any attention to to her after a certain point. "Oh geez, what have I done? I forgot she loves weapons and ninja tools a bit too much." Naruko said.

"She is like a weapon otaku." Naruto added.

As they stood there, another familiar face turned out from the gate, intending on leaving. "Nope. Not today. Not like this." Sasuke said, grumbling about her current gender.

"Oh, hey Sasuke." Naruko said. "Too chicken to go to school like that?"

"What? I'm not chicken, I just don't want anyone to know I turn into a girl!" Sasuke said.

"Man, that body sure fits you, Sasuke." Naruto said. "You sure are whining enough to be a real girl."

"What!?" all four real girls present said before clocking Naruto over the head.

"Ow!" Naruto said as he rubbed his bruises. "Okay, that came out wrong. But either way, I'm not worried about getting to school. I'm just gonna change back before class. Of course, its not like I need to go in the first place. Unlike you." Naruto said as she headed towards the building.

"Ha, like I need to go anyway, either. Only reason I'm going in the first place is because you need to graduate to become a genin." Sasuke said as she walked besides her. "Other than that, this academy is a waste of my time." The two boys-turned-girls then made eye contact and glared at the other.

"Huh, I wonder whats going on out there?" Kiba said from the inside of the entrance. 'Looks like Naruto is arguing with some girl. Looks kinda familiar. And she smells like... Sasuke? Thats Sasuke, isn't it?'

"Geez, knock it off you two. We're gonna be late for class!" Akane said.

However, the two girls just ignored everyone else. Right now, they were the only two people in existence as far as they were concerned. "You know, you've been around for a few days now, but we haven't actually had a proper fight." Naruto said.

"You're right. That little skirmish in the classroom hardly counts." Sasuke agreed.

And with that, the two charged at each other, throwing a punch at the other at the same time. Both caught the other's punch, and neither chose to give in, both standing their ground as they put extra force into their hand to break through the guard. However, their efforts yielded little result, and they both backed off, and leaped back a bit.

"Oh yeah, I can tell this is gonna be a good one." Ranma said, leaping atop the wall to get a good view.

The two both started running to the side in sync, not taking their eyes off their opponent. They both pulled out a pair of shuriken and threw them at the other, and the weapons deflected the other. They then stopped running and once again charged at the other.

"Hey, who are those two girls fighting over there?" Ino asked as she arrived with Shikamaru and Chouji.

"Uh, no idea. Don't know their names." Naruko said.

"They both seem really good." Chouji commented.

Naruto leaped over Sasuke and attempted to hit her from behind, but she ducked under it and grabbed Naruto's arm and flung her away. Naruto landed on her feet, and Sasuke was already charging at her. The Uchiha punched at the Namikaze, who avoided several attacks. Naruto then ducked under a punch and tried to uppercut the other girl, but she backed up out of range of any basic taijutsu.

Everyone in the courtyard was now watching their fight. "Hey Ami, isn't that the girl from the other day?" one of her flunkies, Fuki asked.

"Yeah, it is." Ami said.

"Grr, I really hate her..." Kasumi said. still angry about her indirect comment about her looks.

"Just who is she, anyway?" Ami wondered aloud.

Naruto and Sasuke returned to fighting in taijutsu, both attacking with punches and kicks that the other blocked or dodged. Both were giving it their all in the fight. After a few minutes of unsuccessful attacks, they backed off, reached into their holsters to pull out a kunai, and attempted to slash at the other or defend against the other's slashes.

"Wow, they're so evenly matched." Akane commented.

"And the both keep using the exact same tactics as the other." Sakura added.

"Probably because they're more alike than they care to admit." Naruko deadpanned. "Sasuke's also handicapped because he can't use his fireball jutsu at fullpower in this rain."

"Sasuke knows fire jutsu?" Akane asked.

"Yeah, me and Naruto used to watch him practice it. Well, I watched. Naruto just taunted him the whole tima and said that he sucked every time it failed."

Naruto and Sasuke once again ceased trading attacks, and had backed off from one another. "Hope thats not all you got, because I'm not impressed." Naruto said.

"Sorry, but you're not that lucky." Sasuke said.

"Guess the real fight starts now, then."

"Of course it does." Sasuke said as she weaved a series of hand seals. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" she called out and a fireball shot out of her mouth. Much to Naruko, Sakura, and Akane's surprise, the rain didn't appear hinder it at all.

Dodging it, Naruto began thinking about ways to deal with that. 'Geez dad, why didn't you teach me any offensive ninjutsu?' she lamented. ''You'll learn plenty when you become a genin' he says, 'you won't really need any!' he says.' she mentally complained. Watching Sasuke for her next action, she saw that she wasn't preparing for another, so she used that as a chance to run at her. Knowing Sasuke would be expecting an attack, she prepared to throw a punch, but feinted and threw a pair of shuriken she had grabbed from her weapons pouch instead. Sasuke backflipped away to avoid it, and Naruto circled around. Putting chackra in her feet, she ran up the side of the academy's wall, and used it to leap at Sasuke from above. She then watched as something fell out of Sasuke's hand, and suddenly a cloud of smoke shrouded the area she had been, and the area Naruto was coming down on. Landing in the smoke, she was on guard for whatever trick Sasuke was ready to pull. She then spotted her nearby, weaving her hand seals.

"Fire Style." she heard Sasuke say.

"Oh no you don't!" Naruto said as she ran at her, and punched her face to stop her jutsu. But then much to her surprise, her fist passed right through her face. 'Damn! It was a clone!' she mentally yelled. She then noticed too late the presence from behind, and felt her legs sweeped out from under her in a kick. Thinking quickly, she spun around as she fell in time to see Sasuke about to back away. Grabbing her leg, she pulled at it as hard as she could, throwing Sasuke off balance and causing her to fall as well.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a huge mistake on her part. Sasuke fell onto her back, right where Naruto was landing, and and her face was going right towards Sasuke's. "No, no, NO!" both boys-turned-girls said simultaneously as they realized what would happen.

It was at this moment, the smoke began to clear, and the end result of this fight between rivals was revealed to everyone. Naruko immediately busted out laughing, Akane and Sakura had a look of shock, and Ranma looked like he was about to join Naruko in laughter. Tenten meanwhile, appeared to be turning red, a look of annoyance creeping onto her face.

Everyone watched as Naruto landed on Sasuke, and their lips met. Indeed, the unthinkable horror had happened. Naruto and Sasuke had accidentally kissed. Some girls, like Ami and her cronies laughed, many boys stared in lust. Kiba was laughing from inside, Ino shook her head in pity as she felt sorry for the girls she didn't know were really Naruto and Sasuke. Shikamaru had a look of uncaring, and Chouji continued to snack on his chips.

Naruto quickly got off of Sasuke, and ran into the building as fast as she could. Sasuke meanwhile, went in the opposite direction and leaped over the wall surrounding the academy.

In class, Naruto looked absolutely miserable. He was currently male, having turned back sometime after entering the building. The whole school was talking about his and Sasuke's fight, and unfortunately, the only part that anyone seemed to care about was their kiss. They couldn't care about their combat skills, or Sasuke using a fire jutsu and in the rain no less. The kiss was the only thing that mattered. He'd rather the situation be anything else, even him losing! At least then that was a problem that could be fixed. This however, was something that he could do nothing about. He could only groan in frustration.

Shikamaru and Chouji were oblivious to what their friend's problem was, so even though Chouji wanted to cheer the blonde up, he was unable to. Naruko couldn't keep a straight face whenever she looked at him and couldn't contain her laughter.

"Here, I got something that might cheer you up." Kiba said with a snicker as he approached his desk.

"Yeah? What is it?" Naruto asked.

Kiba then handed Naruto a photo, and Naruto quickly became enraged. It was a photo of girl-Naruto and girl-Sasuke kissing. Naruto looked like he was about ready to kill Kiba. "Hey, I didn't take it. Someone else did, and they're selling them around. I just took it from some guy to show you." he said as he ripped it.

Akane sighed at hearing this. 'Never miss an opportunity to make money, do you Nabiki?' She really did get annoyed by her sister sometimes, first selling pictures of her and girl-Ranma to Kuno, and now selling pictures of Naruto and Sasuke's kiss around the school.

It was around now when the door opened, and Sasuke was pushed inside. Standing in the doorway was his mother. "I don't care whatever it is you're upset about, you're going to school today. 'I don't want to go today' is not a good enough reason to skip." she said before flickering away.

Naruto and Sasuke's eyes met, and people were positive they could see anger towards the other practically radiate off of them. The two then looked away from each other with a "Hmph!" and Sasuke took the furthest open seat away from Naruto.

Nabiki counted her earnings thus far as she sat at her desk. She had quickly sold out of the pictures she had developped at school, so she'd have to make more copies once she got home. Looking around her classroom, she saw many of her male classmates staring at the pictures they had bought. Even Kuno had bought some, muttering something along the lines of "such lonliness to be seeking companionship from one another, and that it was his duty to end the lonliness of the firey vixen and the cold beauty" and some other delusional nonsense that only made sense to Kuno.

She'd have to find a way to start finding ways to get pictures of Naruto and Sasuke. Their girl forms had quickly become popular, so she'd have to incorporate them into her sales, especially now that Kuno was interested. She could easily double her profit from him now that he was interested in four girls. She loved his delusions some times, as they were so very easy to turn into profit.

She noticed that Tenten appeared to be sulking about something, and Rock Lee commenting on how shameful his classmates were acting.

Meanwhile, far away from Konoha, Ryoga was trying to find his way back there. Unfortunately, his efforts were practically negated by his awful sense of direction. He continued to walk through a forest in the Fire Country. Eventually, he came to a cliff, and looked out at the landscape below him.

Ranma, I will have my revenge against you. It was you who destroyed my life. You made it a disaster. I'm going to crush your windpipe, just like this walnut! Just you wait and see, Ranma!' he thought as he held up a walnut and crushed it with his fingers. "RANMA!" he yelled out at the top of his lungs.

Unfortunately, he hadn't noticed a warning sign nearby him that read "CAUTION: Landslide Area". The ground beneath him collapsed, and he tumbled down to the ground below.

"Ranma... this is all your fault..."

"Hey, look on the bright side, bro; Everyone talking about it doesn't know that it was you and Sasuke." Naruko reasoned as she, her brother, and Sakura walked home.

"You know. Sakura knows. Ranma knows. Akane knows. Tenten knows. Kiba knows. Thats more than half of our friends! Might as well tell Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino about our curses so that the whole group knows!" Naruto complained. "And of course, even though they don't know its me, I've got a bunch of guys looking at pictures of me! And kissing Sasuke no less!" Todays was easily one of the worst days of his life, right up there with they day he got cursed. "But you know what the worst part about it was? I actually kissed Sasuke! My lips made contact with his! And that was my first kiss!"

"Man, you really are depressed..." Sakura commented, though as girl, she had indeed fantasized about her first kiss, and she felt bad that Naruto's had been such an awful one. "Well, it could have been worse. At least neither of you were boys at the time." That sent a shiver down his spine. He almost puked at the thought of kissing a boy, let alone if that boy was Sasuke, or if they had indeed both been boys. "Look, Naruto-"

"Hey guys!" Tenten greeted them cheerfully. "Pretty rough day, huh?" Naruto grumbled a bit in response. "I know the perfect to cheer you up Naruto; All the ramen you can eat at Ichiraku. My treat."

"Tenten, you're the best!" Naruto said, cheering up pretty quickly. It may not make him forget about the problem, but eating his favorite food from his favorite place would really help ease the pain.

"Glad you think so." Tenten said, a faint blush on her face.

"W-what about me?" Naruko asked.

"You haven't been having a bad day like Naruto." Tenten said, and Naruko gave her a begging look, making puppy dog eyes. "Fine. One bowl."


"Guess you two are gonna be fine without me." Sakura said as she turned to go in another direction. "Don't want to be an extra wheel while your fiancee takes you to dinner."

"Not jealous, are you?" Tenten asked.

"Of course not!" she said as she left.

It took all her mental strength, but Naruko was able to wrestle with herself. "Uh, actually, I think I'll pass." Naruko said as she went after Sakura, leaving her brother and Tenten to get ramen.

Eventually, Naruko found Sakura. "What are you doing here, Naruko? I thought you were gonna get ramen?" Sakura questioned the girl. Outwardly, she didn't appear to be bothered by what had happened earlier, and her tone sounded normal.

"I came to hang out with you, because I thought you might be jealous." Naruko said.

"Why would I be jealous?" Sakura asked, sounding confused.

"Well, uh, you were complaining about my brother eating with Tenten."

"I wasn't complaining. It just didn't seem like I was needed there now that your brother was cheered up." she exlained.

"Oh, okay." Naruko said, thinking she figured things out. "Don't worry, Sakura. You'll get your chance to cheer up my brother next time."

"Hmph. If I even want to." she said.

A few days later, while Ranma was sitting on the porch of the Tendo home. "So, what are you going to do if he shows up again?" Akane asked, reffering to the incident with Ryoga. She was still finding it hard to believe this whole thing was over some bread feud.

"Ah, don't worry. I know how to handle him." Ranma said. "Worst comes to worst, theres no way he can beat me."

"Oh Ranma, theres a letter for you." Kasumi said. "Its from someone named Hibiki."

"Ryoga, huh?" Ranma said as he took the letter and opened it, finding that it was, as he expected, a message of challenge.

"Hope whatever it is you have planned is good enough." Akane commented. She then took the letter to read for herself, and she quickly noticed a key detail. "Uh, Ranma. Its says the challenge was yesterday."

"Ah, don't worry about it. That guy has the world's worst sense of direction and is totally clueless when it comes to maps and stuff like that, so who knows where he is by now." Ranma replied, not paying much mind to the subject. "We'll probably see him in about a week. Right now, hes probably asking someone for directions."

Sure enough, Ranma's hunch was right on the money. Ryoga was indeed asking for diractions. He was standing at a crossroad with a farmer. "So Konoha is this way?" Ryoga asked as he pointed in down one path.

"I just told you that Konoha is this way!" the farmer sai as he pointed at the path going in the opposite direction. "You don't hear to good, do you kid?"

"Ah, I'm sorry." Ryoga said as he turned around, then started walking down the path between the two roads. The farmer only sighed in frustration, giving up on trying to help the apparently hopeless boy.

A week later, and the gang was still in school. It was a break period, so they were all keeping theirselves amused. Sasuke was sitting by himself, while Naruto was talking with Ranma, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Kiba. As for the girls, Sakura, Naruko, and Ino were sitting around Akane.

"You know Akane, I like what you've been doing with your hair." Ino commented. "Its so long and healthy. You've been taking good care of it."

"Thanks." Akane said as she ran her hand through her hair. 'Its finally longer than Kasumi's.' she thought to herself, her mind drifting to thoughts about Dr. Tofu.

"Hey, you think Sasuke likes girls with long or short hair?" Ino said as she ran her hands through her long ponytail. "I mean, I like mine long, but I'd cut it if her prefered it that way."

Sakura sighed at her friend, who was making it clear that she had a definite interest in the Uchiha. Sure, she had to admit that he was definitely attractive, but he didn't exactly have the best first impression, always bickering with Naruto, and his attitude in general could use an adjustment. Maybe if they had met when she was younger, she might have swooned over him at first sight, but that wasn't the case. But she envied that interest, as Ino, unlike her, was free to pursue whoever she wanted. And she was stuck engaged to the rude and annoying Naruto.

"Trust me, I don't think Sasuke cares about a girl's hair." Naruko said. "You've got a lot of work cut out for yourself, Ino, if you really intend to try and date Sasuke."

"You're not interested in him, are you Naruko?" Ino questioned.

"Nah. Can't really see him in that kind of light. Hes more of a brother to me than boyfriend material."

"Thats good to hear. I'd hate to have to compete with one of my best friends over a boy."

"Hey, isn't that, you know, that guy from before?" one student said as they were looking out the window. Sure enough, down in the school yard was Ryoga.

"At last, I made it..." he said, chuckling weakly to himself, holding himself up with his umbrella. He was pretty exhausted after his travels, but he was glad to have made it back. "Ranma Saotome, today is the day I send you to hell! A hell so deep, it swallows the light. A hell so lonely, you'll become a tortured soul, suffering for all eternity!" he said, his monologue steeling his resolve to defeat Ranma, and finally have his revenge. Unfortunately, he wasn't paying much attention, and a soccer ball struck him in the face, and knocked him unconscious.

"Geez Ryoga, what is with you sometimes?" Ranma said to himself as everyone had gathered at the window to see the lost boy's return.

Later, after school, everyone had gathered outside. Most of the students at the academy had gathered to watch the fight between Ranma and Ryoga. Naruto and his friends all stood off to the side, while Sasuke stood a distance away from them, as even a week later, he still wanted nothing to do with Naruto. In another part of the yard, Nabiki was taking bets from anyone who would make one. Rock Lee was even watching on his own, wanting to see what both could do.

The two boys stood accross from one another, ready for whatever would happen. Ryoga chuckled. "Welcome, Ranma. What cunning you showed in escaping last time." he said

"Who are you talking about!? You're the one that wandered off and got lost, Ryoga!" Ranma retorted.

"Technically, he did escape last time. Just not from him." Naruko said to the others.

"Anyway, look Ryoga, I didn't come here to fight." Ranma said, then tossed something to the other boy. "Just take this."

Catching the object, Ryoga found that it was a package of curry bread. "What is this?"

"Well? This should make us even, right?"

"What!? Is this some kind of joke, Saotome!?" the bandanna wearing boy asked, clearly becoming angered at the other boy's action. Most in the crowd were confused by the pigtailed boy's actions other than Naruto's group.

"Gee, gredy jerk, ain't ya? Fine, heres your lousy chow mein bread. And your crummy melon bread, your croquette bread, your cutlet sandwich, your meat bread, and your seaweed bread!" he said, tossing each item to the other boy. "There, happy now? I didn't forget anything, did I?"

"Just what are you trying to pull!?" Ryoga demanded. He was now furious over the Saotome's actions.

"This is over that stupid "bread feud", isn't it?"

"You think a bread-eating contest will avenge my honor!?" Ryoga yelled. "Besides, all of these are past the "sell by" date!"

"Well, you kept me waiting a week!"

"Enough of this nonsense!" Ryoga said as he tossed aside the food packages, then pulled out his umbrella. "I told you last time, thanks to you, I've seen hell! And now, we're gonna setle things for good!"

"Ryoga, I just don't know what to tell ya." Ranma said as he put his face into his palm a bit.

"You're damn right! You've got no right to say anything to me! Not after what you've done!" Ryoga said, taking off his bag from his back.

"Thats not what I meant, you idiot!"

"Enough talk! Lets fight!" And with that, Ryoga charged at Ranma, swinging his umbrella like a weapon in one hand.

"Can you at least tell me why we're fighting?" Ranma asked.

"Shut up!" was Ryoga's only response as he swung his umbrella, only for Ranma to nimbly dodge the attack.

"Fine, have it your way." Ranma said. He figured that since there didn't seem to be any reasoning with him, it was time he too this whole thing seriously.

In the crowd, Naruto and the others were watching the whole thing. "Hope this turns out to be a good fight." Kiba remarked, and Akamaru barked in agreement.

"So who do you guys think will win?" Chouji asked as he snacked on some chips while watching.

"Ranma, of course." Naruto said.

With Nabiki, she and two others had finished taking bets from everyone who had placed any. "Okay, the take is 11,473 Ryo. And everyone has placed their bets on Ranma winning." one said.

"You sure you know what you're doing, Nabiki?" the other asked. "If Ranma wins, its gonna bankrupt us for sure!"

"Trust me, ladies. I'm a professional." Nabiki replied.

"Take this, you coward!" Ryoga said as he opened the umbrella, and threw it at Ranma, and it spun towards him. The pigtailed boy dodged it, but that was what Ryoga had been hoping for. As Ranma's attention was briefly on the weapon, Ryoga pulled out a cord with cuffs on the ends. While he was distracted, he threw one cuff at Ranma's wrist, and then attatched the other to his own. "There. These ought to prevent you from escaping me again, Ranma. There'll be no more running for you!"

"How many times times do I have to tell ya, I didn't run away!" Ranma yelled back.

"Seems to me that cord is less for keeping Ranma from running, and more for keeping Ryoga from getting lost during the fight." Tenten commented.

Ryoga ran at Ranma and punched at his face, but the pigtailed boy blocked the bandanna wearing boy's attack. They then both attempted to strike with high kicks, but both wre blocked by the other.

"Huh. I'm surprised that he can fight as good as Ranma." Ino commented.

"Yeah, and it doesn't look like hes holding back." Shikamaru added.

"Hey, get a load of this umbrella!" one random student said as he tried to pick up the weapon that had landed nearby. However, for some reason, he didn't seem able to.

"Whats wrong?" Akane asked as she walked over to the weapon.

"This thing weighs a ton!"

She tried to pick it up, but try as she might, she was unable to. It really was heavy. "And he carries this around one handed?" Akane said as the realization set in. "Ranma! Don't get too to close! Stay away from him!" she warned.

As she said this, Ryoga managed to graze his face with one of his attacks, and Ranma felt a shallow cut poen up from that. "Okay then, no more messing around!" he said.

"Oh, so now you get serious? Don't make me laugh!" Ryoga taunted, and weant to strike his opponent's face, but Ranma dodged by ducking beneath the attack, and sliding beneath Ryoga, and between his legs. Ranma then got on Ryoga's back, and forced him to the grouns. The wire connecting them was also being used against him, as Ranma pulled on it.

"So Ryoga, what should I do with you now?"

"Oh no. Ranma is gonna win for sure now!" one of Nabiki's cohorts said. "What are we going to do now, Nabiki?"

"Curse you, Saotome..." Ryoga said. Not willing to give in just yet, he called upon all the strength he could muster. "I will not let you force me to my knees!" And with that, using just his free arm, Ryoga launched both of them into the air!

"Woah, he jumped that high with just one arm!?" Sasuke let out, as even he was surprised by the act.

"Such amazing strength!" Lee comented.

No longer stuck beneath him, Ryoga tried to kick at him, but was unable to reach him. Ranma then maneuvered his body so that as they came down, he landed first. Landing on his hand , he kicked Ryoga away as he came down, then used the cord to pull himself to the lost boy when he was sent flying, and followed up with a flying kick that sent Ryoga flying into the ground. Ryoga then went for his umbrella, then ran up a nearby wall to get an advantage, and Ranma followed. Both went over to the other side. Eventually, both left the school grounds entirely. Everyone who had gathered to watch immediately followed. Those that could went over the wall, while most went around.

As they fought while moving, eventually, the cord had all it could take, and it eventually snapped. "Hows about it, Ryoga? Had enough, or did ya want more?" Ranma asked.

"Ah, there they are!" Nabiki said as she turned a corner, as she and her two cohorts were the first to find the two.

"Hm? What is Nabiki up to?" Naruto wondered as he caught up, and stood a top a nearby roof. He also spotted Sasuke on the roof of the house accross from him.

"Don't worry, Ryoga. We're on your side." Nabiki whispered. "Have you ever heard of Food Pills? Well we've got some Super Food Pills, better than normal ones. Take these and your strength will increase tenfold!"

"Really?" Ryoga asked as he took the two pills she handed him. He eagerly swallowed them. "Yes, I can feel the strength flowing through me! I can feel the power! I can win! I can win!" he said. And with that, he grabbed a nearby telephone pole and ripped it out of the ground! "How about it, Ranma? You ready to find me fair and square?"

"You call that fair and square!?" Ranma demanded.

"Enough talking!"

"Geez, what the hell is with that guy?" Tenten said as she and Kiba caught up. They watched as Ryoga swung the pole at Ranma. Ranma started to move again, not wanting to be struck by that thing.

"Come back here, Saotome!" Ryoga said as he chased him.

"Uh, Nabiki..." one of her cohorts asked.

"Those were just vitamin pills we gave him, right?" the other girl asked.

"Of course. If that stuff I told him about was real, you think I'd ever give it away for free?" Nabiki replied.

"The power of suggestion works wonders sometimes."

Sakura, Akane, Naruko, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji were following the destruction. They were wondering when they'd manage to catch up. Many other students were following them. Eventually, they saw Ranma dodge an attack from Ryoga using the telephone pole, which had broken in half from use. There they go!" Naruko said as the two kept moving and the crowd chased after them.

"Your running away days are over, Ranma! Die!" Ryoga said as he swung the pole at a seemingly cornered Ranma. Ranma dodged it, but it had grazed him enough to rip the front of his shirt.

"Hey, you just wrecked my favorite shirt!" he complained.

"This is a duel, you coward. Don't start worrying about your clothes like some girl." Ryoga taunted.

"What did you just say? Who are you calling a girl?" And with that, Ranma snapped. He absolutely hated when anything about his masculinity came into question from almost anyone. "I'M A GUY!" Ranma yelled as he leaped up and flew at Ryoga with a kick. Ryoga blocked with the telephone pole, but the area Ranma had struck started to crack, and that part shattered, and he dropped the two remaining pieces. "Ryoga, you take that back!" Ranma yelled. "Take it back I said!" Ryoga dodged an attack, and leaped atop a nearby object. As Ranma came down in another kick, Ryoga leaped away, and Ranma's attack broke the object, which turned out to be a drinking fountain.

Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, and Tenten, who had all been watching from nearby rooftops, all backed away from the geyser that errupted up from the broken fountain. None of them wanted to risk getting changed. Not far, the crowd pursuing noticed the geyser, and went to it to see what happened.

Ryoga was quick to use his umbrella to shield himself from the water. As he did, he watched as a red haired pigtailed girl leaped out from the water, much to his confusion. "C'mon and fight, Ryoga!" the now female Ranma demanded. Apparenly, she was so angry that she hadn't even noticed that she had transformed. Naruto, Sasuke, and Kiba eached looked away a bit as they noticed that her breats were exposed from the cut in the shirt.

"Who the heck are you?" Ryoga asked in confusion, a bit stunned by the girl's sudden appearance, and from the sight of her exposed breasts.

"Shut up and fight me!" Ranma said as she leaped at the lost boy, whose eyes were so transfixed onto the exposed breasts that he didn't even guard himself, and Ranma's kick connected to the side of his head.

"Ranma? Is that you?" Ryoga said, realizing just who this girl was.

"Who else would I be, you blind idiot!?"

"Ranma! your shirt!" Akane called out as she, Sakura, and Naruko were the first to arrive. Wondering what she meant, Ranma looked down and promptly held her torn shirt together as she saw her breats. "Didn't you even notice that you had changed into a girl?"

"Ranma? You're..." Ryoga let out in surprise as his suspiscions were confirmed.

"Yeah, go ahead and laugh, Roga." Ranma said. "I've got no idea why you hate me so much. But I'm just trying to get by! Its not easy to be cursed with this body, you know!"

At that, Ryoga began to chuckle. "Don't make me laugh! You call that a curse? Since when is having a beautiful body like yours a curse?" Ryoga said as he reached up to his bandana and pulled it off. However, there was still a bandana on his head, and he pulled off several more, still having a bandana on.

"Just how many bandanas is he wearing?" Naruto wondered aloud.

Ryoga then began to spin the bandanas in his hands. "Ranma Saotome, you make me sick!" he declared as he jumped up and threw the bandanas. Apparently, he had used his chakra to empower them, making them fly around like projectiles, and giving them cutting power.

It was about now that Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, and the rest of the crowd had caught up. And things became quite chaotic as people dove to avoid the spinning projectiles.

"Akane, look out!" Ranma said as she helped Akane duck under a bandana.

"Naruko, Sakuta, watch out!" Naruto said as he dove down to get them beneath a projectile.

"Oh, hey bro." Naruko said. "Here you are after you ditched us."

"Not now, sis."

"I've got to get you some hot water." Akane said as she ran off to do as she said.

"No, wait! Akane don't!" Ranma said as she tried to stop her.

"Don't worry!" she replied. "I'll be ok-" But before she could finish that statement, she tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground.

"Akane!" Ranma let out as he saw several bandanas graze the girl. Wasting no time, she rushed over to save her.

"Now I've got you!" Ryoga said as he threw his umbrella at Ranma like a spear, then followed it up with several more bandanas.

"Seriously though, how many bandanas is he wearing?" Kiba asked, repeating Naruto's earlier question as he noticed that despite all the bandana flying around, Ryoga still had one on.

Seeing the incoming attacks, Ranma kicked the umbrella in a way that it spun around, and she grabbed its handle. She then opened it and blocked the incoming bandana weapons. Tenten couldn't help but notice how durable it was. "Hold on tight, Akane!" Ranma said as she leaped up into a tree, and then to another.

"Give me back my umbrella!" Ryoga demanded, but was ignored.

After leaping through a few trees, Ranma stopped in one. As they calmed down, it was then that they both realized just how tightly they had been holding on to each other, and Akane backed away as she was let go. A faint blush was accross both girls' cheeks. After some silence between the two, they both spoke in unison. "Why you-!"

"Forget it." Ranma said.

"Yeah." Akane agreed.

"Why'd you have to butt in? Who needs you anyway?"

"But you can't beat him in your girl form! Thats wht I-"

"There you go again, butting in! Don't poke your nose into a fight between two guys!" Ranma said, letting her pride get the better of her.

"Where? I don't see any guys? Just a pervert!"

As the two bickered back and forth, Ryoga walked over to the tree. "Of all the nerve. Picking up a girl now." he said as he took off his belt and with a bit of chakra applied into it, cut through the tree.

It didn't take long for the two to notice that the tree they were in was beginning to fall. On autopilot, Ranma grabbed Akane once again just as Ryoga leaped up and used his belt to attack Ranma, and it wrapped around his umbrella and tore it in half, much to Tenten' dismay.

"Let me go!" Akane protested.

"I ain't holding you cause I like you or nothin'! Get real!" Ranma retorted. And that was it. She decided she wouldn't take anymore insults from him. As the two landed, Akane slapped Ranma, much to the pigtailed girl's surprise.

"If I'm such a bother to you, then why don't you just..." she began, tears welling up in her eyes. But instead of finishing what she said, she just started to walk away.

"As Ranma moved to follow, Ryoga moved to attack. "Don't ignore me!" he protested.

"Butt out!" Ranma said as she kicked Ryoga's hand, knoking his chaka-embued belt into the air. The lost boy then stumbled back a bit. "Akane!" she called out as she approached her. She them fumbbled with her words as she tried to form an apology.

"Don't bother." Akane said. "I really couldn't care less." she then turned around. "From now on, I want nothing to do with you!"

Then suddenly, from above, Ryoga's chakra-enhanced belt came down, and cut right through whatever was in its path. And unfortunately for Akane, that just happened to be her hair. It took off the majority of the long hair that she had been growing out. Staring forward blankly, she reached up to touch her hair, then ran a hand through it before letting her hand fall back down.

Waving a hand in front of her face, Ranma tried to get her attention. "I think shes in shock." Ranma said.

"Well, of course she is!" Ino said. "Look what just happened to her hair! You're a girl too, so sould should understand what shes going through."

"Huh? O-oh, of course. Yeah. A girl's hair is her life, after all. Heh heh." Ranma replied, not intending to reveal who she was to anyone who didn't know. Even a friend.

"Who are you, anyway?" Ino asked, and murmurs throughout the crowd indicated they were starting to wonder the same thing.

"Hey, anyone notice where Ranma went?" Chouji wondered.

"This is no time to be worrying about that, you guys! Right now we need to worry about Akane." Ranma said, quickly changing the subject.

"Calm down, just relax. I mean, its not like shes hurt or anything." Ryoga said.

"No, but look at what happened to her hair!" Truth be told, Ranma didn't understand one bit why she was so upset. But she felt she needed to do something. She then walked over to Akane. "Go ahead and hit me, Akane! I can take it!"

"Me too!" Ryoga said, joining in. It was his fault, after all, so he felt obligated to make it up to this girl.

"C'mon Akane. You'll feel much better. Hit me as hard as you want."

"Hit us really hard, Akane. Get rid of that anger!"

It was then that Akane began to stir from her stupor. Moments later, Akane began to walk off, and the two now had swollen cheeks from where she had punched them.

"Eager to please, isn't she?" Ryoga said.

"Sure is." Ranma replied.

"Well, you two did ask her to hit you." Naruko said.

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