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Title: The Poet and the Pendulum
Parts: Part I [ White Lands of Empathica ]
Rating: pg
Pairing: Jasper/Jacob
Words: 2 711 words
Disclaimer: The Twilight series and its characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, who I am definitely not. This means that I don't own the characters or anything but the strange circumstances that I slap them into. I'll put them back once I'm done with them, promise.

White Lands of Empathica

I think that I really started wondering about whatever weird place it was that my life was heading by the time that Bella's high school life ended, and mine was nearly over too. Though, in a way, I guess I am a little lucky; not everyone gets to know what their lives are going to be like with the certainty that I do. Still, with the way that it came about, I think it could have been a little... well, smoother.

See, it all started waaaay back just a few months after the blood sucker and his family came back to Forks after their sudden departure earlier in the year. A departure which left my best friend, and the girl that I'd fallen for, closely resembling a zombie; to the point where you'd expect her to jump at you and try to eat you alive.

Sound freakishly like a video game? You couldn't be closer to the source; my life's been a lot like a video game, or even a supernatural thriller, for a while now. Despite that being considered 'fun' or 'cool' it was more or less just a pain in the ass. And that's truth.

To me, when that bastard blood sucker returned, it was obvious that he was keeping her locked up and preventing her from going anywhere. I refused to answer or respond to any of her calls, because I didn't want to have to know or hear about how fucking 'perfect' her leech boyfriend was; nor did I want to hear about how much better she was now that he was back. I didn't think that I was strong enough; that I could whether knowing that I wasn't what she needed or wanted, that I couldn't ever be what she needed.

It wasn't fair.

And it hurt more then I'd probably ever admit. But there was also that little niggling part of me that kept telling me that I should be happy for her, because no matter what he'd done to her; that was something she had to deal with. And she was happy now, even I couldn't deny that. At least... I hoped she was.

That didn't stop me from being completely irrational with trying to separate them. The hurt was strong, and I couldn't think through my actions, or their consequences. Which was why her words cut me deep; I had always thought that it was his fault that she was locked away, when it really wasn't. And I'd know that is had to be so, considering that I knew how determined she could be. Not to mention stupid sometimes.

Still there was that niggling voice in the back of my head that kept telling me that something was wrong with that picture. It went even further, though, and told me that something was wrong with the future that I wanted.

But that didn't change anything, at least, I didn't want it too.

My first 'meeting' with the leech didn't go as I'd hoped. Things just sort of fell to pieces, and I wound up leaving feeling very, very bad about myself. Maybe not answering Bella's calls had been a stupid idea after all, because I really hadn't thought through everything and had wound up with half-assed conclusions. As well, everything about it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I didn't see Bella again until this one day when I showed up at her school; there were a few details that I was being pushed into reminding the leeches of...

.:-o-:. .:-o-:.

Days that turn your entire life as you know it on its head are usually the ones that start out completely normal, and then go downhill from there. I think that should have sent the first warning sign off in my head that something was going to derail my life and send my flying headlong into something that I would probably not want any part of. Well, at least if I was in my right mind.

But it's really hard to keep that 'right mind' when the mythical is real.

I'd thought that meeting Bella at her school would be a good idea, since there it was a place where that blood sucking bastard couldn't show his true colors. And it wasn't completely my idea, Sam was worried that I would purposely get into a fight with the leech, and that wouldn't do too well for the treaty since I'd be the one provoking him; if he did kill me, which even I had to doubt, it would be on us and not them. I was supposed to know better.

Though, do you know how hard it is to stand being in a school? Especially when your sense of smell is much, much stronger then a human's? It's fucking terrible! Girls have this thing where they feel that they have to be swimming in perfume, and it's never that good of stuff too! It's choking; I always feel like gagging when I have to be anywhere near those kind of people.

And humans don't usually have a very pleasant smell.

While I waited for the leech and Bella, I occupied myself with sorting through the different scents that permeated the area that I was in. It wasn't a lot of fun, and I wound up with the lingering bad after smell of a lot of bad perfume; but there was a little something mixed in there that made it all completely worth it. To my instincts at least.

At first, I wasn't too sure what it was about that particular scent that caught my attention. It was sweet, but not sickly so like the blood sucker's (their scents would burn my nose, and it's not pleasant at all), but it was still a very nice pleasant sort of sweet. Vanilla. I took a deeper breath to get a better feel of the scent, wondering if it was tied to another smell, but I couldn't scent much else to do with that particular scent but a bit of the lingering smell of the woods. That was explainable; it meant that the person who's scent it was had recently been out in the forest.

That annoying little voice in the back of my head urged me to follow that scent, to find whoever it belonged to and breathe it in deeply so that it was all I would ever smell again. I resisted the urge with a disgruntled expression and shoved it to the back of my mind for the time being; there'd be more time to think about that scent later. I had a job to do.

By the time Bella and her leech had found me, I'd already amassed quite an audience. A crowd of Bella's fellow students had formed a bit of a ring around myself, and when those two arrived, around them as well. I could tell that they were all itching for there to be a fight, but something kept them back from openly clamoring for it. Their scents were burning in my nose, and I felt very uncomfortable suddenly.

I knew that the leech had read my mind the moment he growled low, settling into a protective stance between myself and Bella; like he didn't trust me being able to keep her safe.

"And with good reason," he hissed out when he read that thought. I huffed and crossed my arms, giving him a mindful. "I would really prefer if you kept your opinions to yourself."

"Tch," I responded; I was already uncomfortable enough with how close he was too me. "Sam thought that you and your family would like to know that the foreign leech was back while you were all out hunting. She got away, though, we think that she came down this way to scout out some of the territory."

That seemed to surprise him, his eyes took on a distant hue for a moment, "... she's circling back?"

"Hell if I know."

He shook his head, as if to clear it. And Bella said, "What else did you come here to say Jake?"

I snorted, "Your leech and his family wanted our help, and I got voted as messenger."

"Jake..." she murmured. I refused to be swayed by her pleading; I knew this was hurting her, but it really couldn't have been helped. The two of us were mortal enemies; we're not supposed to get along. "can you at least try to be a little nicer? Edward is trying to be polite, you know. You could put in some effort too, I know that you can."

I wrinkled my nose, "I'm not trying to kill him, that's my best effort. His scent burns my nose."

"You're not exactly floral yourself mutt." Bella glared at the both of us.

"That's not helping," she replied acidly. "Please you two, we're in public! Try to behave, not everyone knows about this secret feud between vampires and werewolves; they're not real to them! So please try and act normal!"

Bella was still trying to pry more space between myself and her leech when we were each looking like we were going to screw keeping our peace and just duke it out right there. It wouldn't be constructive in the least. but when you put a werewolf and and a leech in close quarters, then the results aren't going to be very pretty; or pleasant.

At that moment, the tiniest leech was at Bella's side. She didn't look at me but looked straight at Bella's leech, her eyes hard, "Don't Edward." I was again bowled over when she turned to me, sending waves of that faint scent of vanilla which I had smelled earlier. It wasn't her scent, I wrinkled my nose at how painfully sweet her scent was, but had definitely saturated through her clothes and clung to her; whoever's scent it was, she had been close to them.

"Tomorrow," she murmured so that only the three of us could hear it. "Tomorrow night, four AM. We'll be holding a strategy meeting about what we are going to do about Victoria and the newborns. Both of you, remember that neither of you are the enemy."

When the pixie vampire turned away, the scent of vanilla smacking me about once again, the blood sucker grinned to which I gave him a dark glare and a low growl. Whatever was going through his head, though, didn't bode well for me. I was sure of that much, but I really didn't have an idea of what it was that he was thinking of. My thoughts had tipped him off to something; he knew something that I didn't.

As he pulled away, he hissed, "Be very careful about where you step, pup." The tiny vampire gave a small smile as she turned away with Bella. Both of the leeches knew something that I didn't, and I didn't think that whatever was running through their heads had anything good in store for me.

I felt my heart sink.

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

'Well? How did it go?' I didn't want to answer Embry, but he already knew the answer before he even asked the question. Now it was more of a courtesy, none of us actually needed to ask in order to know how each others' days had gone. Embry was just trying to make me feel better... though I didn't really know why I was feeling down in the first place.

And that smell of vanilla still hadn't left me.

Embry snorted, 'Quit thinking about that Jake! You're making me hungry!'

I snorted, 'You're always hungry. And I'm still confused about that scent and why it was on that leech; it wasn't her scent, and I didn't recognize it from any of the humans that were around. I didn't know the scent either.'

The two of us ran in silence, and then I felt the rest of the pack join us. News was passed around quickly, and soon everyone knew about my fascination with the scent and the mystery person who it belonged to. Leah was the one who immediately sank her teeth into the news while everyone else seemed much more preoccupied with the strategy meeting that would be happening tomorrow night.

'Aww, ickle Jakey-poo found a nice new scent? Which little human girl is it this time? She gonna leave you for a leech too?'

'Shut up Leah!'

'Both of you be quiet!' Sam ordered; by this time we'd all settled down into a half-circle with Sam facing all of us. I growled at Leah; she might still be horribly bitter and determined to make the rest of us miserable, but that didn't mean that the rest of us deserved to be treated that way. 'Anyways, we need to think about what we are going to do tomorrow.'

'We might not get along with them,' Embry offered, 'but we do share a common enemy in this case. We don't know how to fight these newborns, but letting them come and run rampant here isn't probably a good idea. Though none of us like it, we're gonna have to trust them and fight alongside them.'

Sam mulled that one for over for a while, but all of us could tell what his decision was before he spoke next.

'Embry's right, and that blond leech, the leader, he makes a very good point. This cat-like leech is obviously planning something and all of these 'visits' that she's been making all fit with a scouting mission; she's trying to get more familiar with the territory and any threats that might be here. But we do have the element of surprise in that she won't be expecting us to cooperate with the Cullens because she did witness our animosity towards them.'

Leah snorted, clearly angry, 'Oh? We're going to cooperate with them?! Those... those bloodsucking monsters?!'

All of us growled at her, and Sam barked, 'Leah! You will not challenge decisions made by this pack. And for the moment, we will be cooperating with the Cullens; if only until this danger is dealt with.'

With that, the decision was made; we would be meeting the leeches tomorrow night in order to learn about how we would deal with the newborns. It still left me with that one unexplained issue of the scent that wouldn't leave me alone.

It wasn't until the meeting was over, when Quil, Embry, and I were sitting in my house's family room with the TV on that they started offering me some advice on what the whole 'scent' thing meant. Quil's opinion was probably the most useful.

"I'd say you've found the one you're gonna imprint on."


Quil nodded, snagging his bottle of pop off the coffee table; they'd taken the couch and I was sitting on the floor in front of it.

"Yeah, I mean, haven't you noticed from Jared, Sam, and I? You both should know that the ones we've imprinted on, to us at least, that person's scent is the most desirable thing that you'll ever smell. Jake, you were thinking about it; the fact that it wouldn't leave you alone probably means that whoever has the scent is the one who you're supposed to be with."

I stared at the floor, "Yeah. Right."

"Jake, you shouldn't be so hung up over Bella. I mean, even you have to know that by now she's made her choice and she isn't going to be changing her mind any time soon. This could be, you know, just fate telling you that it's just not meant to be," Embry muttered; I could tell that he was being careful. The whole issue with Bella could prove to be a minefield with me, even now.

"So? Doesn't mean that I have to like it."

Quil shrugged, "You don't have to like it now, but you won't be getting all that much of choice about it. And it's very hard to hate, or even dislike the one you imprint on Jake. You know that."

I knew that, I knew that when I eventually did imprint that I probably wouldn't be thinking all that much with my rational brain. I'd learned through the others who had imprinted that the moment they did was one of those moments where the entire world just seemed right. You couldn't think straight and all that mattered to you was them; it was a high that was very hard to come down from.

But it was hard, even for me, to believe that my life could change so drastically over the course of just a little over a twenty-four hour period.

.:-o-:. .:-o-:. .:-o-:.

This is shorter then I would have liked for anything that I write that isn't a one-shot. But this isn't too bad I don't think for the first part in a five part series. I'm doing a lot of writing (surprisingly I'm cramming as much as I can on New Year's Eve), so I'm hoping that I can have the second part of this up very quickly. Well, this is part one of the five part multi-chap that I am writing for Jen.

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