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I was having a good dream, a really good dream. This was new for me. I was used to being terrorised by my fears and memories in my dreams. But not tonight, or morning, or whatever.

In my dream; both Edward and I were off on some far away island where we would not be interrupted by anyone or anything.

I was in a light sleep on the beach, which we had all to ourselves, when I was abruptly awakened by small but very cold water droplets. My eyes instinctively shot open and got blinded by the harsh sunlight. I sat up to fast and felt my head get lightheaded. I rubbed my eyes.

"Sorry." Came the apology from a vey amused voice. I looked up and found Edward standing near with a towel, drying himself off.

"It's fine." I said and lay down again to resume my tanning/sleeping.

"You're really not gonna go in?" He asked seriously.

"But it's so warm up here." I say, smiling up at him. "I don't know many people who'd willingly go down to the gold." I didn't' know if I was making sense but didn't really care.

"That doesn't make any sense." I sighed and closed my eyes again. But my eyes didn't remain closed as I felt the lightest of touches on my arm. I watched the hand move up, over my arm, shoulder, up my neck and at last; to cradle my cheek. Edward moved my head to the side and gently put his lips to mine.

I kissed him back with intensity and the kiss quickly grew. Before I knew it, I was pressed into the sand and Edward was hovering over me. One of my legs was between his and the one that was free wrapped itself around his waist. I freed the other one and wrapped it around him as well. My hands instinctive went into that gorgeous hair of his. Although, his hands weren't in my hair. One of his hands was firmly on my hip, his thumb drawing aimless circles.

The other one was slowly inching up my body, starting from the knee. As he passed my thigh he gave it a squeeze and I moaned into his mouth. The palm of his hand laid plat against my stomach and felt so cool from the swim. Just as it were about to rise even farther, Edward spoke.

"Bella." But the second time seemed more like a question.

"Bella?" What was going on? My dream was gone and I could see the light shining through my closed eyelids. I groaned in frustration and heard a soft chuckle. I was quite irritated about my dream being interrupted but then I remembered; reality is so much better than dreaming.

"Good morning love." A voice greeted me as my eyelids fluttered open and I looked up at my miracle. How anyone could look that good in the morning was beyond me. Personally; my hair always looked like a haystack and just the look that you first had, waking up, kind of repulsed me. But not Edward's. He always looked like the god that he was and now angel, for he had a cup of coffee in his hand that I was sure belonged to me, since there was another on the nightstand. "Good dream I presume?" The way he said it made me believe that he was keeping something from me.

"Mornin'," I answered groggily and he chuckled at that. I yawned and stretched and could hear the bones cracking in my neck; that felt good.

"Must you keep doing that?" I looked up at him with a questionable look on my face.

"Do what?" I asked perplexed.

"Crack your neck. Sounds like you're going to beak it." I chuckled lightly and then responded.

"I'm not that breakable." I took the cup from his hands and took a sip of the steaming hot beverage. "And yes... It was a good dream." I got a kiss on the forehead and then Edward headed for the bathroom and I heard the water come on as he stepped into the shower. "Really good." I mumbled in afterthought.

I got up and walked out of the bedroom of our new house. It's been a week since we moved in and there were still a lot of boxes that were thrown around in a messy manner but we were in no rush to get everything out of the way. The house wasn't big but that didn't matter. It had two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, garage, living room, patio and balcony. It was a picture of perfection in my opinion. Something I've always wanted. I loved the city but one could only take so much of the gas, cars and absolutely no nature and wildlife before one would go insane or become severely depressed.

I dragged myself downstairs, through the living room, to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. The kitchen was probably the only room in the house that wasn't overflowing with boxes and unpacked things. The patio was right outside the kitchen and it just made the house even more perfect. The only thing that really did piss me off was the weather. But when you move to the small town of Forks, Washington, known as one of the rainiest places in the country, you're bound to hate the weather, even just a little.

The reason we moved here was just a freakish accident. We were driving through, my father lives near here and saw the house had a 'for sale' sign. It was too good to be true, the house I mean. But given the rain, it was bout to be a flaw here and there. But that didn't matter. So we would have to spend a lot of the time indoors, which was fine by me, loads more alternatives if you'd ask me.

But right now it was not raining, but snowing. I wasn't that much for rain but snow on the other hand I liked, even loved. While the rain just left behind wet grounds, snow covered them like a cover up. It was so beautiful. The back yard was completely free of footprints and likings and the ground was completely smooth. I walked up to the French doors and looked out over the lawn. Our lawn. The though of having something together, Edward and I, always made me smile and sigh contently.

Edward's arms encircled me from the back and he laid his head on my shoulder, letting it tip so that we were resting, cheek to cheek.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" I asked softly, gazing out the window to the smooth plane of the snow covered lawn.

"It is… but I do have to say that you, my dear, are far more beautiful than all the snow there is out there." I blushed at his words. I never could get over the sincere flattery and that it sounded so natural for him to say things like that. I moved my head and he did the same and I pressed my lips to his. It was short and sweet but equally as powerful as a longer one. We resumed looking out the window and after a while of comfortable silence Edward poke.

"So what was your dream about?" There it was; the same expression from before. The small smirk that was playing around his lips and the mischievous glint in his eyes. Then I tensed. Shit! Had he heard my dream? I did know I had a habit of talking in my sleep but… but… no!

"Ehm… I-" I kept on stuttering and then dodged his question and asked; "Was I talking in my sleep?" The question was quiet but I knew he had heard me. I turned around, breaking from his grasp and looked him in the eyes.

"You did. Although, there wasn't so much talking as just noise." I could feel my face heating and I heard Edward chuckle again. I buried my face in my hands. I didn't matter how comfortable I was around Edward, it would still embarrass me a great deal. I felt Edward tugging at my hands to free my face and him being so stronger, he succeeded.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed, you know."

"Maybe not but I am, obviously."

He smirked at that and walked forward. I backed and soon hit the cold glass of the French doors. I shivered slightly but it had nothing to do with the glass. His eyes were smouldering and my breath was caught.

"Want to talk about it?" I shook my head but had feeling he would just leave it at that. "No?" I shook my head again and he was closer now. His chest was pressed against mine and my heart was fluttering, waiting for an opportunity to break out.

"Then how about I ask you?" He didn't wait for me to respond. "Did the dream… how should I put this… finish?" The smirk was still in place and I swallowed but couldn't find my voice and I shook my head 'no' again.

"Well then. We wouldn't want that would we?" With that, his lips came down on mine and there was no time for talking as we continued in bliss where my dream had left of.

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