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Shoot! I thought to myself as my paw hit a sharp bolder on the ground. I felt it slice my paw, but there was just a small sting of pain and I knew it would heal fast. The problem now was that I was leaving a trail of blood. Not that my follower needed a blood trail, my scent alone would be strong enough.

I was running through the woods, trying to pace myself. I had already been running a long while, and I didn't want to start getting tired when I knew he was right on my trail. I started running faster, knowing that my pace now would not be enough if I wanted to get away. The trees whipped by all around me and I occasionally felt a long branch stroke against my fur, but not sharp enough to cut me. I couldn't hear my attacker running behind me, but I knew that he was there. I kept running, trying to form a plan. Running was great, but sooner or later he would catch me, especially since I was leaving a strong trail. I needed to transform back into my human form if I wanted to stop the bleeding.

I ran for a bit more, before finally finding a large tree that had enough branches to climb easily. Still in my wolf form, I ran in circles around the surrounding trees. I rubbed my body up against rocks and trees far from the one I was hiding in, trying to confuse my follower. When I thought I did a decent job, I switched back to my human form and began to climb the tree. It took me less than thirty seconds to get half way up, but I climbed a little higher just in case. I stopped on a large branch and stood up on it. I leaned my back against the trunk and put my hands on my knees, resting. A minute later I heard him, racing thought the forest. I quickly pressed myself against the tree trunk, trying to hide my body. There were enough branches to cover me, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't facing the way he was coming. Adrenaline was rushing through my body, and my breath was coming in large gulps. I tried to stop breathing, but I found that I couldn't stop and just covered my mouth with my hands.

Calm down, Rose, be quiet, I told myself. My foot had stopped bleeding immediately when I transformed, so I knew that I didn't leave a blood trail up the tree. Finally, my attacker got closer, and for a moment, he was running so fast that I thought he would pass me. My hopes died though when I heard him stop and start walking. I knew he was trying to find my scent, and I was praying that my plan had worked. I heard him walk around the forest below me, and sometimes stop to smell and study the ground. Just the sight of him left my heart racing. My breathing had calmed, and I knew there was no way he could hear me. The only sound was his footsteps on the forest floor below and the sound of my heart pounding the blood through my body. And then it hit me, the pounding blood. Just as I heard the footsteps stop below my tree, I only had a moment to think shit, before my attacker was on the same branch with me.

"Got ya," he whispered deeply in a menacing voice, before he rushed forward quickly. I only had a moment to step back before he pinned my arms against the tree. He leaned down towards my neck with a growl deep in his throat and then...kissed my neck sweetly.

"Foul!" I yelled and laughed at the same time, "Foul!"

"How is this a foul, little wolf?" He asked again, kissing my collarbone.

"You can't kiss your prey, Brysdon!" I laughed again as he released my arms and I wrapped them around his neck. "You're a cheater."

"How can I cheat if there are no rules, Rose?" He asked, then pulled back and gave me a peck on the lips.

"Hey!" We heard from below, and we both looked down to see Sean standing at the base of the tree. "No, fraternizing with the prey, Brysdon!"

"Told ya," I whispered to him. He scowled at me and pulled his arms away from my waist.

"That goes for you too, Rose!" I heard another voice say from below. I looked down to see Emily emerge from the bushes.

"Oh, please," I said, "How many times have I caught you two 'fraternizing' during a training drill in the woods." Emily blushed and Sean just grinned. I started climbing down the tree and Brysdon was right behind me.

"So why are you here anyways?" I asked my cousin.

"You two were gone for so long that Daniel decided to send us to look for you," he winked at me as I dropped to the ground.

"Actually," Brysdon said as he dropped down next to me, "I was chasing her moments before you arrived. I actually hadn't caught her yet."

"Right," Sean said in a disbelieving tone.

"No, really," I said, then changed tactics. "What? You don't think I'm strong enough to outrun him for that long? I'm offended, Brother!"

"Don't even," Sean said, "You and I both know that's not what I meant." He gave me a small punch on the shoulder.

"We should probably head back now," Emily intervened.

"Let's just tell them that Brysdon caught me and you guys found us fighting," I said.

"Don't want people to know you gave up without a fight, huh?" Sean smiled.

"Well, we could tell them that you guys found us kissing, but I'm not sure Ace will like that." Emily and Sean both transformed and started to head back to the training field.

"After you," Brysdon said, and I transformed to my wolf form and started back, also.

It had been almost two years since the last Galliant. I was now eighteen, and Brysdon would be turning twenty in a couple weeks, on February twenty third. I was a senior in high school, and my graduation was in the first week of May. There were so many things to do before graduation though, and I didn't like to think about it all that much. We got back to the training grounds in a few minutes, and emerged from the forest.

"Well, well," I heard Frank say, "They finally arrive." We transformed from our wolf forms and went to get water.

"We were starting to get worried," Greg said, handing me a water bottle, "You guys were gone a while." Sean explained the fake story to them and they both laughed.

"Right," Greg said, in the same tone the Sean had used earlier, and he laughed again.

Greg and Brysdon, being vampires, hadn't grown up as much as the rest of us in the past two years. Well, Brysdon didn't really need to grow up anymore; he already looked like he was in his twenties. They had both gotten slightly taller a more filled out, but they both still looked strong and handsome.

Frank, however, sprouted up to Sean's height and wasn't as gangly and awkward anymore. His baby fat was gone and was being filled with muscles from training and his werewolf genes. He would be turning seventeen this summer, which made me shiver. Emily's red hair had grown out more (I refuse to let her cut it), and she was also slightly taller, but still shorter than me. She was still beautiful and had the green eyes of her mother.

Sean had grown his blonde hair slightly longer from its usual buz cut. He was now twenty-one, an official adult (ugh). Many a times have I found him getting alcohol for his younger buddies in the tribe. And okay, maybe once or twice I'll admit to partying with them, but only to experiment! Being werewolves, we had to drink a lot to actual get drunk. Brysdon, being a vampire, couldn't get drunk at all, so many times I found myself nestled up with him somewhere instead of partying with Sean. But that didn't bother me at all, because when I was with Brysdon, I felt like I was flying.

I, however, didn't change that much at all. I was only slightly taller, and my wavy dark hair was a few inches below my full chest. I didn't see many differences but many people told me how much more I looked like my mother. I disagree though. My mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and I knew that I didn't compare to her. Which was just fine, because every time people brought up my mother, my heart gave a painful squeeze.

Last Christmas, Daniel held a party at his house, and many people who hadn't seen me in a long time came. Over and over people kept telling me how much I had grown up and how much I looked like my mom. Eventually, Brysdon found me upstairs crying and had to sweet talk me and calm me down enough to come back to the party. Only he knew how much it hurt me, but then again, he had lost his mother too.

"Hey," I heard a soft voice say from my side. I looked to see Brysdon staring intently at me. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," I answered with a smile.

"Are you ready to go home?" I nodded and started to pack up my training stuff. "Were still going to Lester's for dinner tonight, right?" I asked him, grabbing his hand and starting to walk. Everyone would usually run back to his or her house after training, but Brysdon and I usually walked, enjoying the time together.

"Of course," he said and wrapped his arm around my waist. "I'll drop you off at your house, then I'll get Toby from his friend's."

"You can take my car," I told him.

"Are you sure?" He said with a smile, "You don't usually let other people drive your 'baby'."

"Well," I said, "I trust you. And I know that you know that if you do anything to hurt my car, I'll kill you."

"You could try," he whispered in my ear.

"Is that a challenge, Mr. Hollows?" I turned to him.

"You bet," he said, and then kissed me.

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