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We ended up sitting down on the biggest bed I've ever seen (that is supposed to be mine for the following week) and talked. I looked around the large suite that looked like it was decorated in the 1800s.

"This. Is. So. Cool." I told Brysdon.

"Yeah," he let out a sigh/laugh, "Wait until you see the rest of the house."

"House?" I asked, "This is a mansion. Not a house." I laid back so that I was resting on the plush pillows and my hair was sprawled out. "I can't believe you've lived here your entire life".

He shrugged and said, "I guess I was never really use to anything else."

"The town house must seem so small to you."

"Not really," he insisted, "It's cozy. I like that."

"Okay, enough." I said, "Tell me, what's it like being back so far." I sat up so that he knew he had my full attention.

"Interesting," he said. "Sad, a little. Jonathan's death took a toll on the royal family, but their dealing."

"Are they…angry?" I asked hesitantly. "At us? At my pack?"

"No," Brysdon said firmly. "At least not right now. King James made the executive decision that until some Kuzon werewolves came up to help identify the scent, only a select few would know that a Kuzon scent was laced in the scent of the culprit. Meaning the werewolves, the king, queen, price and I. And…Jonathan's parents." Brysdon looked down, a rarity for the confident vampire.

"You're sad, too," I said. "I can see it." I raised his face to look at mine.

He sighed. "I wasn't particularly close to him, but he was still part of my coven. And the large part of me dedicated to my coven is raging inside at the thought of someone hurting part of what is mine."

"I'm sorry," I said softly, pulling him into a hug. "I'm sorry."

He hugged me back and sighed. "I just want to find this bastard, and kill them."

"I want to find them, but to prove that my family is innocent," I said.

"I want that, too, Rose. I want that, too." He pulled away and laced his fingers through mine.

"So you haven't…uh…seen the body yet?" I asked, trying to make it come out smoothly yet failing.

"No," he said, "I was waiting for you."

"When?" I asked.

"Soon," he said surely. "They want to do this as fast as possible. Or rather, they want to know as fast as possible. Yet the King and Queen, despite the dark circumstances, are happy that some of your tribe is here, on our land. Tonight I'm sure they'll take the opportunity to introduce you to the rest of the family and more of our clan. So if not late tonight, we'll have to go see Jonathan's body early tomorrow."

"Alright," I said, taking it all in. My heart started pounding. I don't know if it was the fact that I was about to face a room full of vampires that may or may not hate me, or the fact that within the next twenty four hours I would have to go smell a dead body to help solve a murder. No matter the cause, Brysdon felt my heart rate grow faster.

"You okay, little wolf?" he asked me sweetly.

"Uh, yes. Yeah. Yes." I stumbled out, but covered my stuttering with what I hoped was a sincere smile.

After a minute of silence in which we just laid on the bed, snuggled against each other, Brysdon spoke. Yet his tone was not comforting. Not at all.

"Look, Rose," he said deeply, and I sat up in concern. "There's something I have to tell you, yet I just couldn't find a way to say it. But I need to tell you now."

"Okay," I said, keeping my poker face. "You can tell me anything, Brysdon."

That last sentence seemed to pain him. "Rose-" he started, yet was interrupted by a ring. The old styled phone on the bed stand was ringing loudly, and I reached across Brysdon to answer it.

"Um, hello?" I greeted (well, more asked) the other line.

"Hello, Ms. Fairday. It's George, the butler. I met you while bringing your luggage in-"

I laughed and interrupted him, "Of course, George. I didn't forget you. What's going on?"

George seemed to clear his throat, and said, "The King and Queen wanted to remind Sir Brysdon that dinner will be served in half an hour, and that Amanda will be up any second now to help you get ready, Ms. Fairday."

"Oh, thanks George. I'll tell Sir Brysdon that you said so." I smiled at Brysdon as I mocked his title and he scowled at me.

"Why thank you so much, Ms. Fairday," George said, and hung up the phone.

I hug up as well. "I like him," I told Brysdon.

"Of course you do," he smiled back. His expression was neutral now, but I could still see the worry lurking in his eyes.

"Now," I said, "Tell me."

Brysdon shook his head. "It can wait. Plus, my sister is walking down the hall at this very second in order to help you pick out an appropriate outfit for dinner."

"What?" I said in mock anger, "You don't think my t-shirt and jeans is good enough!"

"Well," he said with a confused look, "If you want to that's fine with me…"

I laughed. "I'm joking, Bry. Don't be so tense."

He seemed to relax his posture and stood from the bed, pulling me up with him as he did. He started to turn to leave, but took a second thought a turned back to me. He took my face in his hands and held it so close to his that are noses were barely touching, but nothing else.

"I love you, Rose Fairday, more than anything in the world. You know that don't you?" His intense look sent shivers down my spine and gave me the same sense of nervousness I had when I first met him.

"Of course," I answered, trying to give my own intense look back, yet to no avail. How could someone put so much emotion into one stare?

"I'm waitingggggg," came an annoyed voice from outside my door. Brysdon sighed, kissed me on the cheek, and went to open the door for his sister. "Thank you," she said, coming in with a long clothing bag.

At the door, Brysdon turned and looked back at us. "I'll be back in twenty five minutes to get you, Rose. Got it?" And gave me a pointed look.

"Yes, Sir Brysdon. Of course," I said. Amanda laughed at my formal tone and her brother glared and left.

"Ready to get beautified?" Amanda asked with a grin.

"Are you saying I'm not already beautified?" I asked with a laugh back.

"Oh, honey. You're simply gorgeous. But with this dress I'm about to put on you, you'll have all the vamps drooling. And not just for your blood," She said and winked.

"Comforting," I said.

She laughed and got started.

Twenty minutes later I was dressed in a blood red gown (pun intended), with my hair pulled back into a loose bun at my neck. Emily came in wearing a similar gown, yet it was emerald green.

"Hey, good looking," I said to my best friend and Amanda went to the bathroom to put on her own gown.

"We look hot," she said in typical Emily fashion and then looked in the mirror. Amanda came out of the bathroom and agreed.

"Amanda, it's not going to be this formal, like, everyday, right?" I asked her. I liked dressing up, don't get me wrong, but I only brought so many nice close. Plus, I'm more of a comfort clothes kinda gal.

"Of course not," she said, "It's just tonight. Everyone's meeting for the first time, and us vampires like to take any occasion and make a party out of it." She was dressed in a blue gown, with a high neck but a low back.

There was knock at the door and Brysdon stuck his head in. "Ready, my ladies?"

Amanda led the way out of the door, then Emily, and then I. Brysdon grabbed me as I past him and whispered in my ear, "You look breathtaking."

Downstairs in the lobby we first entered awaited the rest of our family. Amanda, Emily, Brysdon and I walked down the grand staircase and met them at the bottom. Sean was watching Emily the entire time. Once at the bottom, Sean grabbed Emily and kissed her.

"Ew, ew, ew," I whispered in Brysdon's ear and he laughed. I've been seeing them kiss for almost two years now, and it still has the 'your-big-brother-kissing-your-best-friend' effect on me. Not that Sean was technically my big brother, and not that I didn't think it was sweet. But still.

"Ready?" Brysdon asked everyone, including the other werewolves who had joined us. We nodded and Brysdon led his way across the lobby. We walked through the courtyard, and then back inside, to the part of the mansion that was completely under the mountain. We kept walking inside until we came to a large wooden set of doors. Engraved in the doors were pictures of angels.

"Well," Amanda said to our group, "Let's get this started." She pushed slightly at the doors, which probably weighed nothing to her vampire strength, and they opened. I started to walk in, but Brysdon held firmly onto my hand and scooted us away so we were out of the doorway.

"What?" I asked anxiously, wanting to go into the room.

"I just wanted to say something before we entered." I looked at him, waiting for him to continue. It took him a second to reply. "No matter what anyone says in there, I love you. And there is no place in the entire world I would rather be than here with you, my love. At these formal parties, sometimes my obligation to Greg leads me to have to leave you alone for a few minutes, but if you ever feel uncomfortable in there, call me over immediately, and I'll come."

"You're scaring me, Bry," I said softly.

He sighed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It'll be fine. Most of the vampires are welcoming and really will enjoy you here. I just needed to say that to you, just in case."

I nodded and before I could tell him I love him back, he quickly took my hand and led me to the door. I took a deep breath and entered the…ball room.

"Oh my God," I said softly. Amazing. It was like the ball room where we had the final party at the last Gallient, only a little smaller with a lot more gold. At the front of the room stood four thrones, a large one in the middle where the King sat, and directly next to it was a matching smaller one where the Queen was. To the left stood a throne that held a gorgeous looking older vampire who was keeping an extremely straight face. He was dressed in a black suit, which seemed to clash with his 1800s-style throne. On the left was an older woman, still quite beautiful, but not as beautiful as the queen. I guess they actually took this royalty thing seriously.

It was obvious that the new werewolf guests caused some murmurs in the crowd when they entered, but now they were moving toward the thrones. It was nothing compared to when Brysdon and I entered. Silence.

I could just imagine what they were thinking. So this is the werewolf girl that captured Sir Brysdon's heart. Okay, so sometimes I can be an attention whore. But this was different. We continued to walk to the front of the room where the rest of my family was waiting. Still silence.

King James came down from his throne and greeted us on the grand floor. "Daniel," he said, and shook my alpha's hand proudly, "It's so good to finally have you here."

"It's good to be here, James," Daniel replied strongly. "I'm so sorry about your nephew."

"Yes," James said softly, "We all are. But things happen for a reason, and we all must move on eventually. Just such a shame at his young age. He was a dear boy."

"I'm sure he was," my uncle Ace said meaningfully, while also shaking James' hand. There was a slight moment of silence where I'm sure everyone in that second thought of the young vampire who died, before James moved on. He turned to the rest of us, when he spoke.

"I would like to introduce all of you to my sister and brother." The two vampires on the throne, I noticed, didn't come down to greet us. They didn't even stand. They just stared. James, either not thinking anything of it or just ignoring it, continued on with the introduction. "This is Princess Caroline and Prince Julian." We all nodded in greeting, but nothing else. "Since there are so many of you, I think it be best if you just gradually introduced yourself over the next few days, so no one get's overloaded, agreed?"

We all nodded again. "Very well," the King said. He dismissed us after telling us a few more things that I didn't really pay attention to. I just kept staring at the Prince. He looked out of place, and at first I couldn't figure out why. It dawned on me as the King was talking though. He looked sad. Sad, and very, very angry. I took a wild guess that Jonathan was his son.

People were staring at me the whole time. When I was with Brysdon, when I wasn't with Brysdon. When I was getting food, or when I was talking to my friends. It was like I was on display. I mostly stuck to Damien, Emily, Sean and Frank, who didn't seem half as nervous as I felt. The night continued on, and I was introduced to dozens of people who I forgot their names shortly after.

Yet there were two people I distinctly remembered meeting. I was talking to Brysdon, smiling and laughing and finally enjoying myself when his face turned stone cold. He was staring at something over my shoulder that seemed to really be bothering him. As if on cue, I turned to look the same time my friends did. They noticed the abrupt change in Brysdon's mood as well.

"Well, well, well, the prodigal assistant returns." A boy, seeming to be my age (but with vampires who knows) was standing in front of us. He had the same dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that Greg had, yet his look was different. Bolder, I guess the word was. And do I really need to say it? He was gorgeous.

"Hello, Tanner," Brysdon said in a dead tone. Okay, I thought to myself, he goes on the list of people that I'm probably not going to like due to my soul mate's tone. His voice softened a little when he spoke next, "Hello, Luna." Luna, I guessed, was the girl standing next to Tanner.

All I could do was stare. I thought Diane was the prettiest vampire I had ever seen. But I was wrong. Diane was beautiful in the dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and dark attitude kind of way. But Luna was different. With blonde hair, soft porcelain skin and shinning blue eyes, she almost looked like a fallen angel. Jealously hit me like a punch that took my breath away. It wasn't her looks, however stunning they were, that caused so much emotion. It was the way she looked at Brysdon with such longing when she said, "Hi, Brysdon," with a shy smile on her lips, "I've missed you."

I'm glad Tanner spoke next, so that Brysdon didn't have to. "Well," Tanner said, "Are you planning on introducing us to your new friends?"

Brysdon gave him a look that seemed to say, 'No, I really wasn't', but spoke anyways. "Guys," he said, "These are Greg's cousins Tanner and Luna. They are the children of King James' sister Princess Caroline."

We said hi, and waited for Brysdon to introduce us. But he didn't. All he said was, "We were just leaving."

Frank, with all of his honest to God innocence, took that moment to speak up and say, "But Brysdon, you said you were going to show us-"

"Frank!" Brysdon snapped, and he shut up.

"I have to say my dear Brysdon," Tanner continued, looking at me now, "I knew that the young lady who succeeded in capturing your heart had to be beautiful, but I never imagined something like this." He held out his hand and I reached my hand out to shake his but at the last minute he clasped it with both of his and lightly kissed it. He apparently didn't need an introduction, "You must be Rose."

"Nice to meet you," I said politely, pulling my hand back before Brysdon did it for me. "And you as well, Luna."

She stared at me for the smallest of a second before finally speaking. "Yes, Rose. It's nice to meet you at last." The 'at last' part wasn't comforting. Don't make mountains out of molehills, Rose, I told myself.

"Rose, my dear," Tanner said, "You look like you'd be such a wonderful dancer. May I ask you to dance-"

"No." Brysdon replied. "It's late, we were just leaving." Before anyone could protest, Brysdon put his arm around my waist and led me away. Our friends naturally followed along.

Once we were heading to the door, Sean kept his voice low and said, "I don't like that guy."

"Why?" I asked. "He didn't seem that bad to me."

Brysdon glared at me. "I mean," I said sheepishly, "In a horrible, evil kind of way."

"I'm kind of tired anyway," Damien said, always the mediator. "Come on guys, let's go to bed. We'll see you ladies in the morning." He kissed Emily and I on the cheek and led the way back to their rooms.

The next time I saw Brysdon, seven hours later, was six in the morning.

"Wake up, my little wolf," he said, leaning over my bed and whispering in my ear.

"Not that I don't love my beautiful wake up call," I said groggily, putting my arms around his neck and trying, unsuccessfully, to pull him down to bed with me, "But why are you waking me up at six a.m.?"

"Because," he said, "it's time."

I took my arms off around his neck and he lifted me out of bed. "Time for what?"

"Time to go see Jonathan's body."

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