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Medic of Konoha

Chapter 1: Arrival of new Hokage and her family

It was early afternoon on a road near Konohagakure no Sato, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. Four figures were walking down the road. First one was dark haired woman who was wearing a black yukata and holding a pig in her arms. She was fidgeting a little, nervously stealing glances at her companions. "Are you sure of this, Tsunade-sama?"

Another woman with blond hair looked back at her. She was wearing a green coat which had the word 'gamble' printed on its back. On her forehead she had a blue diamond shaped mark. "What do you mean, Shizune? I thought you were behind this idea all along? Having secondary thoughts?"

"No!" Shizune hurried to assure her. "I'm just making sure you're not. Besides… it's not you I'm really worried about." She added lowering her voice, looking ahead a little to two other figures walking ahead of them talking leisurely with each other.

One of them was an old man with long white hair and was wearing a red coat. He was also carrying a large scroll behind his back. "What are you two talking about? Let's get a move on shall we? I don't want us to arrive just before midnight. Right, brat?"

"Ero-sennin's right, kaa-san! Let's get a move on!" The last member of the group shouted excitedly. He was a young boy. Probably twelve years old. He was wearing a green coat similar to what the blond woman was wearing. But instead of the word 'gamble', his coat said 'heal'. He had short, spiky blond hair which he had tied to a short ponytail and bright blue eyes. Both his cheeks had three whisker-like marks. He had black, fingerless gloves on his hands and normal sandals on his feet. "I want to get some gambling done before the night fall!"

"Idiot!" Jiraiya scolded him. "Konoha doesn't have any gambling spots. Jii-jii never approved of gambling or alcohol if he could avoid it."

The boy stopped in the middle of his step. "Kaa-san, remind me again why we are walking towards a place where you can't loose money or get your head loaded?"

"Naruto!" Shizune scolded him. "We are going to help citizens of a village that needs our… help." She suddenly lost her voice.

"Go." Tsunade touched her shoulder and nodded. "I'll talk to him."

Shizune nodded and rushed to lead Jiraiya out of the way.

"Naruto, come here for a minute." Tsunade waved her hand making her son slowly walking to her. She lowered herself low enough to see him eye-to-eye. "Are you okay?"

"Of course I am!" He exclaimed happily.

"Naruto!" She snapped. "Don't do that fake smile. You know I hate it."

Slowly his lips lowered. "I-Im sorry."

"Don't be." She smiled. "I just want you to smile truthfully. To be happy."

"I am happy!" He said loudly. "Long as I have my kaa-san and nee-chan and Tonton I will always be happy."

"Thanks, kid." She smiled. "But are you sure you want to do this? Do you really want to return… there?"

"Kaa-san… Ero-sennin explained that Jii-jii died for defending his village. That they need a new leader." He looked up to her eyes. "You always made me promise to help those who I can. No matter whom they were or what they had done."

"First rule of a medic." Tsunade smiled proudly. "But they don't deserve having me as their Hokage because of what they have done to you."

"Maybe but if you don't do this, many people might suffer and die. They… did what they thought was right… at the time." Tsunade smacked across his face. "Ow!"

"Never EVER say that again, you hear me?" She growled angrily. "What those bastards did was unforgivable and if you have even a slightest feeling you don't want to do this, we won't step an inch closer towards that damned village that only takes…"

"Kaa-san! I'm okay." He smiled. "It's not like last time! I have you and nee-chan with me. And I can take care of myself and you know that. It's you I'm actually worried about."


Naruto looked sad when their eyes connected again. "I never met Uncle Nawaki or… Dan but I know they both wanted to be the Hokage so they could protect their village. Kaa-san… you always look so sad. Maybe… maybe you should face the ghosts of your past and move on."

She eyed at him for a moment. "Did Shizune made you say those words?"

"Was it that obvious?" Naruto asked sheepishly, hand behind his head. "But I agree with her. We could use some time settling down in one place. Especially when that snake is after us."

"Yes…" Tsunade agreed. "Extra protection wouldn't be bad for you either."

"Me? I can take him out with one punch!" Naruto hitting the air with his fist. "Nobody messes with my family and lives to tell about it! So let's go to Konoha and show them what we can do!" He jumped ahead smiling.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Naru-chan." Tsunade calmed him down, smiling when a real smile was on his face. "We still have to see what the geezers have to say about this."

"They can't refuse it. Im sure of it."

"Hurry up you two!" Jiraiya voiced from ahead. "We still have some way to go!"

They reached the village in few hours. At the gate they were stopped by couple of chunin guards. "Jiraiya-sama! You're back!" One with a bandanna greeted them. "And not alone."

"This is my old team mate and her family." Jiraiya introduced his companions. "Senju Tsunade."

"Tsunade-sama!" The other one yelled. "Welcome back to Konoha."

"Yeah yeah." She muttered. "Shouldn't you be doing something other than screaming like maniacs?"

"Oh yes…" Kotetsu muttered. "Can we see your identification papers?"

Everyone gave them their papers. Izumo checked them. "Senju Tsunade. Cleared. Chiyune Shizune. Cleared. (A/N: Don't know her real last name so I made up my own). And this young man is… Senju Naruto… Senju!" He looked up. "Do you mean…?"

"Do you have problems with my son?" Tsunade frowned angrily.

"N-no! Not at all." He stepped back in shock. "Cleared of course. Welcome to Konoha, Naruto-sama." He handed the papers back.

"That's a first." Naruto snorted slightly and walked away with his family.

"Tsunade of the Sannin has a son?" Kotetsu muttered in awe. "I had no idea."

"Neither did I. Who you think is the father?"

"I… have no idea actually." He laughed. "At least we can draw out Jiraiya. There's no way those two would…"

Izumo laughed. "You're right."

"Thanks a lot guys." Jiraiya muttered glaring over his shoulder.

The group walked towards the big red tower at the back of the village. As they passed another building which had been reduced to rubble Naruto whistled. "You really got your ass whopped, didn't you?"

"Naruto!" Shizune scolded him. "Don't say something like that. They had to fight against two villages surprise attack. Having only a few destroyed buildings is pretty good loss if you ask me."

The blond boy shrugged. "I guess."

They passed a group of people.

"Isn't that the Jiraiya?" Someone whispered. "And that woman? It looks like Tsunade-sama!"

"I remember her!" Someone other answered. "She hasn't aged a day. Amazing. Who are those two?"

"The other one is obviously Shizune. You remember? She was Tsunade-samas apprentice long ago. But I don't know who the boy is?"

"He is wearing the same coat as she… could it be…"

"Impossible! Isn't it?"

Naruto grunted. "Hey Kaa-san! Did people in Konoha always talk behind your backs?"

Tsunade wanted to slap her face with her hand but was forced to satisfy with a sigh. The rest of the street erupted like a volcano. Like the whole village started repeating this one word: son.

Similar whispers followed them all the way to the Hokage tower where they were greeted and led to a room where two old geez- honorable advisors were waiting. "Greetings, Tsunade-hime." Koharu said as they stood at opposite sides. "It's so nice to know that Jiraiya was able to find you. After all this time and because of the all misfortunes that followed his journey early on we were starting to loose hope of him finding you."

"For that matter, how are those brats?" Jiraiya interrupted them. "Not dead I hope."

Homura looked at them. "The team that was assigned to accompany you is alive, thank the Gods that none of them is dead. Especially Uchiha Sasuke-kun and Kakashi."

"What happened?" Naruto asked making himself known.

Advisor glared at him chilly looks but he didn't even seem notice them. "And just who are you?"

Tsunade cleared her throat. "He is my son. Senju Naruto."

Both advisors visibly flinched. "Son?" Then they noticed familiar face markings. "Naruto… you couldn't be…"

"Most important person I have in my life, yes." Tsunade completed the sentence for them. "And if there's even a slightest problem with my son, you can be sure we can excuse ourselves without making any problems."

Both advisors glanced at each other. This was a clear term they had to work with. Tsunade was indispensable to the village. Without her, other villages would surely take advantage of it's weaken state and it would result as a new secret ninja war. Neither of them wanted that (at least longs as they were the underdog in the power struggle). But this… this was unexpected. Uzumaki Naruto. The Jichuuriki of the Kyuubi was after all these years alive and somehow ended up with Tsunade who had obviously taken deep caring of the boy. They all had believed that when the boy was chased out of the village by the mob of angry villagers all those years ago, he would be dead soon after. But this was unexpected. Him sitting there waving his legs childishly and grinning like it had never happened. He had even dressed in similar pattern as his 'mother' making it even more obvious that they were close.

So they had to decide. Did they need Tsunade of the Sannin enough that they would want to risk keeping the truth of the Jichuuriki as a secret? "Not a all. We were just little shocked." The answer was obvious. "We had no idea you had a son. After all these years being alone."

"Well… you know how it is." Tsunade smiled and leaned back. "You wonder around aimlessly and before you notice, there's a boy who needs to be taken care of." Then her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Surprising how close we were to Konoha at the time."

"Leaving the boy aside," Koharu interrupted the talk. "We were talking about the team seven which ended fighting against a group of missing-nin."

"Missing-nin?" Tsunade asked.

"He did not tell you?" Homura asked looking at Jiraiya who was acting little nervously. "I should have known. This is what happened. On their way to find you they met two missing-nins from organization Akatsuki. Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. A fight erupted between the two sides but they managed to escape. Both Sharingan users were incapacitated and the other team mates also suffered some minor injuries. That is why we were worried something like that might happen again and preventing Jiraiya from finding you."

"So," Tsunade cleared the throat. "Here I am. You wanted me to be the Hokage but I believe we have some ground rules we have to agree first."

"Of course." Homura nodded. "Like the holdings of your family fortune which has been transferred to your control as well as your family's old compound. Is there…"

"Shizune wants to take her positions as Leaf Jounin." Tsunade interrupted. "She will remain as my assistant but she can still be useful on the field especially as a medic. You two give me my working space. I don't want council or you guys breathing to my neck. Got that?"

"Of course. Anything else?"

"My son." Tsunade frowned. "I want him being alone as well. I don't want to hear of anything like what he had to suffer back then. Meaning no mobs chasing him, no people shutting him down, no insulting him over something that is not his fault at all. In short, you won't treat him any differently than any other child in this village." She started radiating killing intent. "My son, as I have already said, is my most important person in this world and I won't hesitate to use any method to protect him."

"We of course agree with these terms." Koharu nodded. "But you will still have to consult the rest of the council and you must understand that when the word will get out people will surely show some emotions and there even might be some attempts on your son's life so we must place him under ANBU protection for time being."

"They weren't that much of a help last time." Naruto muttered under his breath. "And it's not that I need protection."

"Of course you don't." Tsunade agreed. "My son may not be have a hitai-ate but I have trained him in ninja arts. Thank you for your concern."

"But experienced ninjas are bit different that ordinary citizens you must have-"

"Do you count Orochimaru as an ordinary citizen?" Tsunade asked and told how Orochimaru had appeared from nowhere and made an offer which made the geezers look worried but pleased to hear that she had tried to kill him. Then others had appeared to the scene and fight erupted. Naruto and Shizune had taken on Orochimarus sidekick, Kabuto. The fight had ended them running tail between their legs back to Sound.

"Really impressive, Naruto-kun." Hotaru commended. "Are you going to get your hitai-ate? As the son of Hokage it can easily be arrange-"

"No thanks." Naruto smiled widely. "I don't want to be a ninja."

"Really? Then what do you want to do?"

"Well… I'm not really sure." He made a thinking face.

"As we have agreed on the terms Naru-chan, why don't you run along now?" Tsunade asked. "It will soon be all politics and I don't want you to embarrass me in front of the council."

"Kaa-san! Stop calling me that! I'm not a little boy anymore!" Naruto demanded pouting.

"Aaaww. That's so sweet." Tsunade hugged him. "Run along now. We'll see you soon."

"We can have a chunin to show you around…"

"No need! I know my way around here." Naruto nodded and run out of the office leaving adults speaking about adults stuff.

He walked down the streets looking around familiar looking places. But none of his memories was a happy one. Except one of the few times when Jii-jii had been with him. Those were his only happy memories of this place.


"Leave us alone!"

"Die filth!"

Memories yelled in his head. He shook those away. "Back then I was alone and small." His hand made a fist. "Now I don't need to be afraid of them." 'Never raise your hand against those who are no threat.' "Second rule of a medic." He gulped and lowered his hands.

"Who are you talking to?" A voice asked from behind him. He turned around to see a boy with a scarf around his neck standing there. The boy seemed to be mad about something.

"No one special." Naruto answered. "Who are you?"

"I'm… Konohamaru." Boy answered. He was about to say 'grandson of the Hokage' but that wasn't true. Not anymore. "Who are you?"

"I'm Naruto." He answered. "Now run along kid. I have things to do."

"Like what?"


"Idiot." Konohamaru muttered and walked past him but only to feel being sent flying for several meters by a… finger. "What did you that for?" He demanded angrily holding his head.

"You shouldn't insult others brat!" Naruto answered smugly.

"I'm no brat! I'm the grandson of the Hokage!" He exclaimed angrily. He obviously had gotten used saying it. His face was glowing with knowledge: 'That's right! Im the honourable grandson! You can't touch me now or you'll be in trouble.'

Naruto looked a little confused before pounding him painfully to the head. "Like I care, brat! If you haven't noticed, your grandpa is dead. You can't rely on his name anymore!" He turned around. "You got to live your life yourself."

He started walking away when he felt something hitting the back of his head. "Ow! What the hell brat!?"

"I'm no brat! Im Konohamaru! I'm the future Hokage of Konoha!" He yelled loudly. "And you will help me!"

"Wha!?" Naruto watched in shock. "Hey wait a min-"

"See you around, boss!" Konohamaru sprinted off. "Remember, if anyone asks, you work for Konohamaru!"

"What a weird kid…" Naruto muttered before he felt some people approaching from behind. They were a group of civilians. Had they noticed it already? Would he have to leave the village already?

"You're very kind." Old woman smiled kindly. Others muttered something agreeable.


"Honourable grandson has been very depressed ever since the passing of his grandfather." Everyone flinched slightly. One of them even said a little pray for the old leader. The same old lady continued. "It has been a long time since he has been running like that. We've wanted to thank you."

"No problem…" Naruto was little confused.

"We haven't seen you around for a while. Are you new in this village?" Some other lady asked with suspicion clear in her voice.

"Yeah. I just arrived with my mom today."

"And who is your mother?"

"Old gambling drunk." Naruto answered with innocent face.


"Atshuuu!" Tsunade screamed.

"Are you okay, Tsunade-sama?" One of the councilmen asked.

"Yes… of course."


"Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Naruto looked around. "Anyway, where is the hospital?"

"It's down that street and then turn right. Big white building with a fence around it. Can't miss it. Why?"

"Just wanna go check it out." Naruto shrugged. "Thanks anyway. Bye!" He walked away.

"What a strange kid." One of the ladies muttered. "Who do you think he is?"

Before anyone could answer, a chunin walked to them. "Hey grandma! Did you hear the rumour already?"


"Tsunade-sama has returned and she has a son…"


Konoha hospital was there where Naruto vaguely remembered it would be. Last time he was there, his lung had been stabbed. Jii-jii had to force doctors to help him. Ooh all the good memories…

Just then a group of kids approximately of his own age exited from the building. A few of them seemed to be banged up. There was a boy who was leaning to a stick. Both his arm and leg were in a cast. At his side were walking a girl with buns who obviously was trying her best to make him to feel better. On the other side was a Hyuuga walking. Naruto recognized them from the eyes even though he was the first he had seen before. Boy was glaring towards another Hyuuga who seemed to be taken a pretty good whopping. The way she walked reminded him of some of the mice when they tried to avoid attention. She coughed making her team mates jumping to her side. An Inuzuka and… a boy with shades and high collar coat. They seemed extremely worried of their team mate. Then walked with a pink haired girl and a blond girl. The first had her hand in a cast. She seemed to be depressed about something. The blond was trying to cheer her up. Behind the blond was a fat boy and a boy with a pine-apple hair. They all had one thing in common. They all had hitai-ates.

Naruto sighed. He would have liked avoiding ninjas for some time but he obviously had no choice. Maybe he could get pass them without being noticed. After all, he was just a normal civilian. No one could care of him.

"Sasuke-kun hasn't woken up yet." The pink haired girl with a cast whispered depressed obviously. "What's wrong with him?"

"Don't worry Forehead." The blond comforted her. "I'm sure he will wake soon. They say Tsunade of the Sannin is coming to town soon. When she arrives, we can ask her to check up on him. I'm sure she will help him."

"Troublesome…" The pine-apple head muttered.

"Shut up, Shikamaru!" Ino barked at him not keeping attention where it should have been and crashed with Naruto. "Sorry." She muttered.

"No problem." He tried to move as swiftly as possible. "Crashing with a lady such as yourself is a privilege." But his true self couldn't help it. Rest of Konoha 12 halted. Ino blushed but tried to act normal as possible. "Thank you… I guess. I'm Ino, by the way. Yamanaka Ino."

"Naruto." He offered his hand.

"So you're going to a hospital? Are you going to see somebody?"

"No one special." Naruto answered. "Just getting to know places around here."

"Ooh, so you're new around here?"

"Yep. I arrived today with my kaa-san and nee-chan."

"I see." Ino corrected her hair. It was not like a little flirting would be anything wrong. Especially when her chances with Sasuke-kun were lowering by the minute. "These are my team mates by the way. Shikamaru and Chouji. And some people." She waved her hand towards others.

"Team mates? So you're a ninja?" Naruto asked frowning slightly.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" Shikamaru asked.

"Not at all." Naruto answered. "I just never understood why anyone would want to be a ninja. It's just throwing your life away for useless cause."

"Excuse me!" Everyone stepped back. Even Ino who suddenly lost all her interest in the guy. "Is there something wrong being a ninja?"

"No, if you want to die for nothing." Naruto shrugged. "I heard that Jii-jii tried to fight against his own student and died. Guess that shows how idiotic people can be."

He had to jump to dodge three kunai, two fists and a jyuuken strike. "And especially how you people sneak up behind and attack." He glared at them from the hospital wall where he had landed. He was standing up with chakra. Tenten had thrown two of the kunais at him, Sakura another, Kiba had tried hitting him with a help of Chouji while Neji had attacked with his clan technique. "Useless idiots." He muttered.

"Who the hell are you?" Kiba growled.

"What do you mean? I already told my name. Did you forget it already, dog breath?"

"You're obviously not an ordinary civilian." Neji said, Byakugan activated. "No ordinary person could have dodged all those attacks so easily. Just who are you?"

"And the inbred worms of Hyuuga voice their opinion." Naruto shook his head. "This just ain't my day."

Neji jumped up the hospital wall attacking him with his jyuuken. He dodged all his attacks easily. He knew this could end up bad for the people in the hospital so he would need to run. He gathered some chakra and launched himself to opposite building. "Nice to meet you, Ino-chan. And sorry to everyone whose name I didn't catch. It could pretty dangerous fighting so near the hospital so I have to run. Until next time." And he disappeared from sight.

"After him!" Kiba growled Akamaru barking. "Where he's heading?"

"T-towards the H-(cough)Hokage tower." Hinata answered deactivating her Byakugan. It hurt using it.

"After him!" Kiba repeated.

"Why?" Chouji asked. "I know he insulted the Hokage-sama but if he is no threat to us maybe we should let him go."

"Are you an idiot?" Neji asked. "Foreign nin inside Konoha without anyone's notice. He might be an assassin who is here to kill all our shinobis in the hospital but we interrupted him so he changed the plan."

"That makes sense." Shino nodded. "But if he was so strong, why did he run away?"

"He said he didn't want to fight on the hospital wall." Chouji said. "Maybe he was truthful about that."

"Anyway, we have to at least apprehend him and give him to ANBU for interrogation." Neji said and rushed off Tenten following. Ino and Kiba followed suit. Shikamaru looked at Chouji who only shrugged. "Troublesome." He muttered before following the others with him and Shino. Hinata, Sakura and Lee only watched how they dashed off.

"We should go to Hokage tower too." Sakura said firmly. "To inform senseis about the situation at least."

Both agreed and started fast as their conditions allowed walking.


"This is good!" Naruto screamed as he stuffed his face some dango. Shop keeper smiled to his loud compliment.

"Thank you boy. Here, have another."

"Thanks Ossan!"

Naruto had noticed a small dango shop down the street and decided to have a little snack. He was just about to have another serving when Neji and Tenten landed outside the shop.

"Oh man…" He muttered. "You guys really have nothing better to do?"

"Come peacefully so we can hand you to ANBU." Hyuuga prodigy demanded.

"And if I don't?"

"We will take you by force." Tenten took a couple of kunai.

Naruto sighed. "So you wanna play, huh? Thank you Ossan for delicious dango. I just might come here again." He handed the plate back. "If we are going to play why don't we use more appropriate field." He smirked and dashed off.

He dodged a set of kunai easily and looked over his shoulder. Girl with buns was obviously shocked and infuriated. "Pretty girl such as yourself shouldn't waste her time with something she isn't any good at."

Girl narrowed her eyes. "I'll make you regret those words."

"Sure. Why don't you try and do that." Naruto smirked and shushined himself to nearest forest he could find. "That should loose them."

Suddenly a shadow shot out of the woods. "What an earth?" He jumped back just before shadows were about to connect.

"Damn it Shikamaru! I thought you had him." Inos voice screamed.

"Hi Ino-chan." Naruto smiled to the girl behind the trees. "Miss me already?"

"Surrender yourself now." The blond girl demanded. "And tell us what you are doing here."

"First, my compliments on being able to predict where I would run of to. Secondly, I already told you. I moved here with my kaa-san." He shrugged. "What else do you want to know? My blood type? Favourite food? Phone number? Well, my blood type is AB, I love ramen and different variations of it, unfortunately I don't have a phone yet because I don't know where I will live. Clear enough?"

He was answered by a Gatsuuga to the back which connected. "Take that!" Kiba yelled smugly when Naruto fell to the ground. "That's what you get when you mess with me!"

"Get what?" Naruto jumped up. "Damn, that hurt." He stretched his back. "I really should exercise more."

Everyone was shocked. This boy took Kiba's Gatsuuga like it was nothing. "Just what are you?"

Naruto smiled widely. "The world's next greatest medic!"


"And that's the end of the meetings for today." Homura said. "Tomorrow there will be the public nomination and chunin promotion. The applicants are on your desk at your office."

Tsunade crashed to the chair. "Damn! This is such a pain." Shizune led the advisors out of the room. "Do you think we could still make a run for it?"

"Tsunade-sama." Shizune scowled her.

"Anyway, where is Naruto? Any word?"

And at the same moment an explosion erupted just outside the Hokage tower.

"Never mind."


Naruto dodged attacks with ease while making his way to the Hokage tower. He tried to remember where the meeting took place. "Excuse me," He asked from a group jonin he ran into. "have you seen an old hag with blond hair, twin ponytails, green coat accompanied by a timid looking woman with a pig? There might be an old pervert with them but that's unlikely."

"You mean Tsunade-sama? She is in the Room of the Hokages. It's down the hall and to the left."

"Thanks." Naruto smirked and quickly checked the woman standing next to him. "Nice."

"Hey wait!" A man with a beard and a cigarette. "Who just was that?"

"I have no idea." A woman with red eyes answered little blushed. "But to call Tsunade-sama like that…"

"But it is obvious that the fires of the youth fire brightly in him!" A man in a green spandex screamed.

"Kurenai-sensei!" Kiba panted. Kids appeared from outside. They seemed to be badly winded. Even Lee, Sakura and Hinata had reached the Hokage tower.

"What happened?"

"Did a boy with blond hair in a green coat pass by here?" Tenten asked red as a tomato.

"Yes, he asked where he could find Tsunade-sama." Gai answered. "What happened?"

"T-t-that bastard!" Tenten growled and charged a kunai in her hand to the tower. "Im going to cut his balls and feed them to him as dessert!"

"What happened to her?" Asuma asked wide-eyed. Ino snickered. "What?"


In the middle of the fight, an explosive note exploded under Tentens feet. It was an accident courtesy of Shikamaru. She had no time to avoid it.

"Tenten!" Neji yelled. When the smoke cleared, they saw Naruto holding her in his arms and…

"He's kissing her!" Ino and Sakura squealed. Hinata blushed deeply. Guys one after another became angrier and angrier. Then Naruto and Tenten broke up.

"You're not only beautiful but you kiss well as well." Naruto smirked. "If you weren't a kunoichi I would ask you out."

"Let me go you pervert!" Tenten screamed and not without a reason. Naruto did grope her ass and breast along the way.

--End Flashback--

"Ooh…" Asuma muttered. Gai was screaming for the lost innocence of his student. Kurenai was thinking of ways to punish the bastard who saw it fit to take advantage of women.

"We have to find him before we lose him!" Neji yelled, rushing deeper into Hokage tower.

They rushed to the Room of the Hokages where Tsunade-sama supposed to be. Tenten was standing behind the door trying her best open it.

"He went in here!" She banged the door. "Open up!"

To everyone's amazement, the door was opened and a polite looking woman in black dress opened it. "Please come in." She showed the way.

"Sorry Shizune-san for not greeting you properly but we were just looking for a-" Kurenai tried to apologize when she noticed what was going on.

"You stupid brat! I leave you alone for two minutes and you start a riot!" Tsunade scowled the boy. "Now apologize to the people you hurt or I will hurt you!"

The blond boy turned around to shock everyone with a giant bruise on his cheek which he was petting gently. "Im wolly. Ya happy now?" He muffled.

"Of course not!" Tsunade screamed angrily. "How do you think it will reflect on me if you keep running around like a five year old creating havoc? I'm the Hokage in this village now!"

"Excuse me, Tsunade-sama but you know this boy?" Asuma asked before others could interrupt.

"Unfortunately, yes." She answered.

"Well wolly fol knowinl ya!"

Tsunade slapped the back of his head. "Haven't you even introduced yourself yet? Where are your manners?"

Naruto rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

"Don't give me that!"

While the two kept bickering, Shizune spoke to guests. "I apologize on behalf of Naruto for all the things that have happened. He is a little energetic, that's all. And he really doesn't get along with ninjas."

"Why?" Kurenai asked.

"For several reasons but if I had to answer, I would say that years of ranting of dangers of shinobi life may have that kind of effect in a young boy." Shizune tried to explain.

"But who just is he!?" Kiba voiced the question loudly. "And why is he in this village? He isn't a shinobi."

"No he is not." Shizune smiled kindly. "Everyone whose does not know me, I'm Shizune. I will be helping Tsunade-sama with her work as the Godaime of this village." She bowed. Some of the kids responded to the gesture. Tenten was still standing there, her jaw hitting the floor. Tsunade-sama was her greatest idol and now she was standing there! It was like a dream come true. She was woken from her dream world by Shizunes voice. "And that woman over there, as you must already have realized is Tsunade-sama of the Sannin. She will be the Hokage." She took a little breath. "And the boy is Senju Naruto. Tsunade-samas son."

There was a moment of silence.

"WHAT!?!?!?" Everyone screamed in chorus.

"I know it must be a shock to you but I must ask you to leave us now." Shizune smiled and tried to get rid of them in polite manner. "We had a long trip behind us and Tsunade-sama is still little busy." There was a loud crash when something green and yellow crushed to the wall. "Try to forget what you saw here. Please." She begged. They had finally found a place to stay for longer than two days and she wished it would stay like this. Council was already pulled to the edge with their demands concerning Naruto (they had finally agreed to keep his true identity as a secret to please both sides) and they just might found a more suitable candidate for the job if this kept up.

So she got rid of their guests and closed the door behind them just to witness an argument dying down which was too embarrassing to Naruto who had to stand all the hugs and kisses and apologies she had to offer. And worst of all, being called 'Naru-chan.' He was a guy god damn it! Not a girl or some little baby!

"Tsunade-sama. Kentaro-san from the hospital has come to see you." Shizune interrupted her mother love session.

"What does he want?" She asked while Naruto used the chance and used kawamari to get away.

"He would like you to check on Uchiha Sasuke and Hatake Kakashi who are both in a coma." She answered.

"Coma? What kind?" Naruto asked interested.

"Almost complete coma." Man in a doctor's coat and with glasses entered the room. "So sorry for butting in like this Tsunade-sama but the council has been pressuring about their condition."

"We could go and check them out, kaa-san!" Naruto said exited.

"Not today." Tsunade shook her head tiredly. "They are in a coma. I doubt their condition will suffer gradually by waiting a night. I still have to talk with the civilian council and the geezers will want to have a word with me about the new chunin applicants."

They agreed with Kentaro-san to meet tomorrow at nine on the morning.


As Konoha 12 and their teachers walked away from the Hokage tower, one thing could be said about all of them. They were all deeply shocked.

"He was son of Tsunade-sama!?" Tenten was the most shocked. One thing she had always admired in Tsunade was how she was able to live her life all independently without any men controlling her. "Son!?"

"I didn't know she had a son." Kurenai muttered. "How do you think that happened?"

Gai cleared his throat. "When a man and a woman have some extremely youthful (or unyouhtful) thoughts and have certain needs…"

"Shut up!" Others screamed in unison expect for Lee who had been making notes. "We know how!"

"It is a shocker." Asuma agreed. "Chichi (A/N: father) never mentioned it to me. Wonder if he knew."

"Who is the father?" Kurenai asked. "Oh God don't tell me it's Jiraiya!"

"I… don't think so." Asuma shook his head. "The boy did have a wandering look on his eyes while he watched you but wouldn't his appearance be a little different?"

"True. His hair is darker than both of them."

While the grownups were guessing the identity of the father of the newly found son of the Hokage, the genins were having their own talk.

"I can't believe it." Tenten muttered like a broken record.

"Well it's obvious when you think about it." Sakura pointed out. "He wears the same kind of coat and both have a blond hair…"

"Different shades." Shino pointed out.

"And he also was interested in the hospital." She ignored him. "Tsunade-sama is known of her skills as a medical ninja. It's only expected that her son is the same."

"He was kind of cute." Ino muttered a slight blush on her face. "Cute, strong and fun. Good catch."

"And he groped Tenten's ass, while making out with her in the middle of a fight." Shikamaru pointed out lazily. "Some girls would call him a… pervert."

"That just proves how much of a man he is." Ino said firmly. "In the middle of a battle he still finds enough chivalry to aid a helpless enemy and then drown her with acts of love." She blushed and continued dreaming.

"Annoying bastard." Kiba muttered under his breath. "Calling Hokage like that."

"It was illogical to call the late Hokage in such manner especially by a son of a Sannin who was trained by him." Shino agreed.

"What do you think happened?" Sakura asked. "For a person like him, you would expect him to be a ninja himself."

"That might have something to do with his mother." Asuma answered over his shoulder.

"What you mean?"

"When I was younger than you, Tsunade-sama still resided inside the village. She had a lover called Dan and a brother Nawaki. Both of them dreamed of being the Hokage."

"What happened to them?" Chouji asked.

"They both died. One after another. During the war." Asuma exhaled a cloud of smoke. "Tsunade-sama left the village soon after the death of her brother."

Gai nodded in agreement. "Sandaime-sama told me that the reason was her hatred towards this village."

"So you mean that because both her lover and a brother died before reaching for the Hokageship, she created a hate towards the title and left the village and then passed her hate towards the shinobi life and the village into her son?" Kurenai asked.

"Something like that." Asuma shrugged. Then he looked at the genins. "But she is the Hokage now. And one of the Sannin. I have no doubt she could whip all our asses if she wanted. So you better not mess with her." He warned the students.

"What about her son? What we should do with him?" Ino asked.

"Your choice." He answered shrugging lazily. "But he whooped all your asses and didn't even seemed to be trying so I would watch my back if I were you."

"Of course he did." Neji spoke up surprising everyone. "It's his fate to be a winner. He is the heir of an old clan and son of the Hokage, direct descendant of the first Hokage and related to the second. The reason we lost was simply because of our fate."

"Neji-san, you lost?" Lee asked amazed. "Really?"

"To my shame, yes." Neji nodded. "But now I realize I had no chances from the beginning."

"That's a load of bull!" Kiba yelled. "He is nothing but a coward who isn't even a ninja! If I were to take him on seriously, he would be kissing ground before you guys could even blink!"

"K-kiba-san you s-(cough)shouldn't tr-try to get h-his b-bad side so ea-easily." Hinata whispered. "A-after all, he is n-new in o-(cough)our village so he m-must be f-feeling lonely."

"Hinata is right!" Ino stated. "We should to welcome him in proper manner soon as possible. Right, Forehead? Forehead?"

"Huh? What Pig?"

"What were you thinking?"

"I just… forgot to mention about Sasuke-kun, Sai-kun and Kakashi-sensei. They are all in the hospital bedridden."

"Don't worry. Im sure that she will deal with them first thing tomorrow." Kurenai assured her. "Right G-"

"Isn't this wonderful, Lee! The best medic has come to our village and you can be healed!"

"Is it possible, Gai-sensei?"

"Yes, my beautiful student!" Gais gave him thump-ups. "If she can't heal you, I will run to Suna and back until my legs give in!"







The rest of the guys tried their best to act like they didn't know them.


Tsunade didn't let Naruto leave her sight for the rest of the day and made him sit next to herself quietly through her meetings. "Maybe you will think twice before starting fights with others without reason."

At the end of their first day, they had one last thing to choose. "Shall we sleep at the Senju compound or at the Hokage mansion?"

"I vote the Senju compound." Naruto voiced out quickly. He wanted to go to sleep already. He had too many councilmen and other important members of the village kissing his ass and it made him tired. Did they have so little to do in thier lives so they needed to question his? Why did it matter on what he was going to do with his life or who he dated? It was not like it would affect on them.

"But the Senju compound hasn't been used for decades." Shizune pointed out. "We should use Hokage mansion this night at least."

"Fine." Naruto huffed.

There was a knock on the door. "Tsunade-sama, there's still one more matter to discuss."

"What now?" She asked getting annoyed of all these interruptions.

The door was opened by Morino Ibiki who entered the room with four ANBU black ops behind him. "Tsunade-sama, these are the ANBU who are assigned to protect you and your family."

"What?" Tsunade asked.

"I was told of your encounter with Orochimaru and his attempt to get you to heal his hands." The bandana wearing man answered. "Even though the chances are slim, the council doesn't want to take any chances with this matter and is offering protection."

"Thanks but we don't need any." Naruto stated loudly glaring directly towards the masked shinobis. "My kaa-san is the strongest ninja in the village. Why would she need any protection? Nee-chan is a jonin rank fighter so she can obviously take care of herself."

"They are not the ones the council is worried about." The man said with a chilly voice. "Naruto-san, you are not a kage-level ninja or even a jonin rank. You're not even a ninja at all. Our village is weak now. If Orochimaru or even some other village would gain a hold of you, there's a possibility that they can persuade Hokage-sama to do their bidding."

"So I'm going to have a group of masked clowns following me around all day?" Naruto snorted. He turned to his mother. "Can you be-" He stopped when he saw her face. "You can't be serious!"

"They have a point." She nodded. "Don't worry. It's only temporally. Soon as the dust settles we can take them off. It shouldn't take longer than two months."

"They will more likely help attackers than me if anything would happen." He muttered with low voice but loud enough to everyone in the room hear it. "But since you're their boss, I guess I have no saying in that matter."

"Good of you to realize that." Tsunade ruffled his hair. "And don't worry. If anything would happen to you on their watch, I would personally torture them until they would go off about it." She turned her attention to ANBU. "You hear me? I don't give a damn what those geezers want or think is best. My son is my most important thing in the world. So you better make sure he is safe or I will have your heads."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" The ANBU bowed to her.


The Hokage mansion was behind the Hokage tower. It was a simple apartment complex type of building but with only one door way. It was obviously designed to be easy to defend and to keep outsiders outside.

"But it looks like a fuc- OW!!! What was that for?" Naruto demanded holding his head.

"Mind your language." His mother reminded him.

"But it's a cement cube! Even worse than that inn where we stayed back in Earth."

"It's Hokage's house. It's not meant to be flashy." Shizune corrected him.

"I can agree with that." Naruto muttered.


A new day rose in Konoha with the news. Tsunade of the Sannin had returned… with a son! The news spread like fire and by the next morning, there was no one in the village who didn't know of it.

And by the time they were walking down the streets Naruto's ears were burning from all the whispers that escorted their way to the hospital. "Oh my God! It's like I'm the princess Yuki or something." He screamed when they finally reached the hospital.

Shizune giggled. "You thinking her again?"

"Am not!" Naruto shook his head stubbornly.

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Okay, okay. Break it up you guys." Tsunade snapped. "There's Kentaro-san."

Doctor led them to a room where three people were lying in beds and one sitting between two. She had pink hair and was talking with a boy who had black hair and pale skin. "Tsunade-sama! You're here!"

She smiled at her. "Yes. Who are you?"

"I'm Haruno Sakura. I'm the team mate of these people." She answered.

"I see. We're here to heal your team mates." She walked next to Sasuke and checked him quickly. "What you think?"

Naruto extended his neck so he could see better. "No mentionable injuries on the body. Only thing is that coma he is in." He pinched Sasukes cheek. The boy didn't even flinch. "I would say we need to use chakra on the small inner brain to start a chain reaction and wake him up."

"Very good, Naruto." Tsunade commented him. He looked at the audience. "Naru-chan is very interested in medicine."

"Amazing." Kentaro muttered. "Truly a son of the legendary medic."

"Naru-chan, watch what I'm doing." Tsunade gathered some chakra and moved her head over Sasukes head. Suddenly his eyes shot open.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura jumped on to him. "Thank you! Thank you, thank you!" She bowed to Tsunade.

"Naruto, you try and do it with our masked hero over there."

Naruto sat next to Kakashi masked face to recognize the half of it right away.

"Im sorry… but without you, my sensei would be alive."

He shook the voices out of his head. 'I will help those who need help. No matter whom they are or were. No matter what they do or have done.' He hardened his face. "Here goes nothing."

He repeated what his mother had done previously making Hatake open his eyes. "Wha…" He raised standing up. Naruto turned away quickly. He didn't want to meet this man. Not when there was any reason to be with him anymore. "Thank you, Naruto-san!" Sakura screamed exited when her sensei was in the land of the living for once more.

"What happened? I thought you were a pro?" Tsunade taunted the masked shinobi.

"Sorry… Tsunade-sama?" Kakashi muttered.

"What happened with the missing-nin?" She inquired.

While she was asking about the encounter with the Akatsuki, Naruto was dealing with Sai.

"Six broken ribs and some extreme internal damage." He muttered. "Something hit you with great force but you managed to block it. What was it? A train?"

"A large sword." Sai answered. Kisame had swung his sword, almost slashing him in two. Luckily he had managed to block it with kunai and his body armour. Instead a clean cut, the pain landed equally over his chest. Naruto gathered some chakra and started healing. "This might take a while but I think I can have you healed in no time."

"Naruto." Tsunade spoke up. "I'll have a little talk with the rest of the hospital staff. Will you be okay?"

He rolled his eyes. "Yes, kaa-san."

"Naruto…" Kakashi muttered.

"Oh yes! Sai-kun, Sasuke-kun, Kakashi-sensei! This is Senju Naruto-san. He is the son of Tsunade-sama."

"Hello." Sai greeted him.

"Yo." Kakashi muttered absentmindedly. "I didn't know Tsunade-sama even had a son."

Naruto didn't answer. He seemed only to be concentrated healing Sais chest.

Meanwhile he did that, Sakura told what had happened after the fight. She had ran to Konoha getting reinforcement even when her arm was broken. Sai, who was only barely able to move stood on guard while Jiraiya secured the area. Konoha had soon sent a team to aid them after which they had been transferred to the hospital. After about two weeks, Tsunade had returned. "And then we met Naruto-san at the hospital gate. Naruto-san here fought against everyone able to fight and didn't even seem to be trying. It was amazing. Of course if you had been there, the outcome would have been different." She assured her obsession who merely glared at her and then at Naruto who was finally finished.

"It shouldbe fine. With two days rest, you'll to be up and running." Naruto said updating his chart. "You should take it easy now, okay?"

"Of course, Naruto-sensei." Sai nodded.

Naruto snorted. "That's a first." (A/N: term 'sensei' can mean 'teacher', 'writer' or 'doctor') "Anyway, let's check you now." He said turning his attention to Sakuras hand.

"Oh no! Don't worry about me! Im almost fully healed. Doctor said I can take it off in a couple of days." Sakura assured him but he used chakra scalpel to break the cast.

"This will be done quickly." He muttered and checked her hand. It had indeed healed well. It only took two minutes healing and her hand was working almost normally. "Don't strain it for the day and you should be pealing apples for your boyfriend in no-time. Sakura blushed and turned away but the deepening glare from Uchiha made it clear how their relationship worked. "Anyway, my work here is done. See ya."

"Pass our thanks to Hokage-sama." Kakashi muttered.

"Thanks?" Naruto snorted and turned around, facing him. "You want me to thank someone? I'm sorry… but I don't think I can do that. Hatake-san."

Kakashi raised his eyebrow confused when suddenly it hit him. Blue eyes. Blond hair. Whisker marks. His eye grew wide in shock. He almost opened his Sharingan eye but was able to keep it shut. "Never mind."

Naruto rushed out of the room without saying another word.

"What was that about?" Sakura asked confused. Somehow Naruto-san had gotten really angry towards their teacher. "Do you know him, Kakashi-sensei?"

But the silver haired man turned away. "Sakura, Sasuke. You better be ready because tomorrow we will start training to gain up on the lost time. And Sai will join us day after tomorrow. Understood?"

He kept his face hidden so they couldn't see the shame and regret he felt.

Naruto walked around the hospital hearing similar whispers as when he was on the streets. "Hey, do you know where my mom is?" He asked from a nurse.

"Tsunade-sama is with a patient in the exam room two. It's down the hall and left." She answered.


He knocked the door and opened it. "Hey kaa-san. What's up?"

"Hey Naruto. This is Maito Gai and his student Rock Lee." She handed him boys chart.

"Hello there, Naruto-kun! I hope your fires of youth burn brightly today when your mother will heal my dear student, Lee!" Gai screamed loudly.

"Which one of them is the patient?" Naruto whispered. "That guy seems like he has a brain tumour."

"He doesn't. Trust me. I checked him way back and he was exactly the same." Tsunade answered. "There's Lee's chart. Read it and tell me what you think."

He started. "Rock Lee, Rank: Genin. Age: 14. Height… Weight… Medical records… Average records… Other note: Can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu." He whistled. "And you're a ninja? That's something."

"Thank you Naruto-san! I can't wait until I'm healed and can still burn the fires of youth!" Lee stated loudly as his sensei had.

"Read on." Tsunade muttered and not looking happy at all.

"You had a little clash during the chunin exams… sudden pressure around your left arm and leg. Almost ripping them of." Another whistle. "These are his x-rays?" He looked them against the light. His face darkened. "His thigh muscle has been completely crushed. Bones are held together by surgery implanted nails…" He shook his head. "Im sorry Lee-san but chances of your full recovery are nonexistent." He handed papers back to his mother.


"He is right." Tsunade agreed with a sad face. "Your leg and hand are in conditions that you're lucky to still have them." She shook her head. "Im sorry."

Gai jumped up and pointed at Tsunade. "Who are you, you impostor? Where's the real Tsunade-sama!?"

"Gai-san, I understand it's hard to face it but you must." Naruto stepped in. "Even with my mothers skills he only has a fifty-fifty percent chance of full recovery or death."

Tsunade nodded. "Im sorry."

"Wait!" Lee stopped them. "Please! Is there any way you can help me? Anything at all!"

"Why do you push yourself that hard?" Naruto asked. "You can still live an almost normal life in that condition. In time you can even walk without aid and use your hand. There's no need to push yourself that hard."

"You don't understand!" Lee yelled. "Being a shinobi is everything to me! I want to show to people that fate doesn't matter. That even if you were bottom of the class, you can become the best if you work hard."

"I believe you're wrong." Tsunade said suddenly shocking both Lee and Gai. "Naru-chan here should understand better than you think, right Naru-chan?"

"Don't call me that." He muttered.

"You had problems too?" Lee asked exited.

"Nothing worth mentioning." Naruto answered and walked away. "I'm hungry. I'm going to get something to eat."

Tsunade smiled. "Of course. Gai, Lee. I have to get back to you." She stood up as well.

Naruto walked along the streets remembering his past event.


"And then you simply gather your chakra to your feet and walk. Like this." Shizune showed to young Naruto how to climb to a tree. "Got that?"

"Okay!" Naruto smiled widely and tried. But after one step, he fell to his butt. "Ow."

"Watch it." Shizune giggled. "Too much and you are blown off. Too little and you fall down. You have to find the balance. Understand?"

Naruto nodded thinking that he understood but after a month of trying, he still couldn't get higher than two steps. "I hate this!" He screamed. "I can't even do this simple thing! How can I copy mummy's techniques?"

"You have to calm down and try again." A voice answered. Tsunade had walked behind him and was looking down to him smiling. "That's the way of learning."

"Calm down and try again?"


"Calm down and try again." Naruto muttered while seating himself to the first ramen stand he could find. "It just might work…"

"What can I get ya?" Man in a chef's hat asked smiling proudly.

"Yeah! I want three bowls of Miso and stack. I'm hungry!" Naruto smiled widely.

--End Flashback--

Chapter END