Jump City: Unknown Warehouse

"SLADE! Let her go. Your fight is with me not her!"

A teen dressed in a traffic light jumpsuit with a jet-black cape trashed around in his captors hands. His domino mask was scrunched up in rage and worry for his comrade. He looked at the man called Slade, his bronze and black mask seemed to have a faint malicious glow to it. He growled as Slade's hand groped his teammates breasts roughly.

"Get your filthy hands off her. Raven, BB, Cy do something!"

He looked around to see his fellow titans' eyes screwed shut from the scene in front of them, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Raven, the purple cloaked beauty mumble something. 'She's chanting something.. God please.. anyone save Starfire' His thoughts were interrupted as he heard Starfire scream, looking forward he saw Slade's hand inching up her skirt.

"My my, little Starfire has some fight in her hehe not so powerful without your little beams are you. I'll try to make this as pleasurable for you as it is for me."

Slade took his other hand and started to lift the bottom part of his mask. He smirked hearing Robin yell out once more.

"Hn I hope you enjoy this show my little bird, maybe after this you might be willing to be my apprentice again"

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin all looked at the scene with disgust and sorrow. Star didn't deserve any of this. Star was always the one who cheered them up if they were down in a slump, and yeah she cooked shit for food but she still tried. Looking at her, with tears cascading down her face, screaming for Slade to stop was enough to break the titans' hearts. Tears creeped down their faces, how could someone so pure be subjected to something so inhumane and cruel? This hurt more than anything, watching your comrade suffer while you stand their helpless, unable to answer her yells and pleas for help. Heads snapped towards Raven's direction as she was engulfed in black flames, her eyes snapped open revealing crimson eyes, glaring death at Slade.

"Slade you have tainted this world long enough, I think it's time for you to go back to hell.. I Raven Roth daughter of Trigon and Arella summon thee, the Lord of hell, upon my sacrifice may you rid this world of it's foulest taint Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

Red markings appeared all over Raven's body, she let out a savage scream as the black energy erupted out of her body. The ground started to crack and Slade's eyes narrowed waiting for the so called Lord of Hell to emerge, Starfire saw her chance to flea and quickly crawled away to a safe distance, her eyes never leaving the ever growing crack in the ground that seemed to glow an eerie red. Raven doubled over, all the energy she released seeped into the cracks and thunder was heard everywhere Boom.. Boom.. Boom. A flash of lightning pierced through the solid roof of the warehouse and collided with the fissure, resulting in a gaping hole that lead to who knows where.

Everyone looked and waited as a figure jumped out, they backed away expecting a hellish beast to appear and consume everyone on sight, although what they saw was the complete opposite.

They saw a boy that looked about their age give or take a year or two older with wild untamed blonde and black tipped hair that was held up by a bandana with a kanji for king, he was extremely built, making Raven and Star blush despite the tension in the air. His face was chiseled without any traces of baby fat and three whisker like scars were seen on his cheeks. The odd thing was that he was holding a rockband guitar, jumping around and singing.. in his guitar hero boxers. The only thing that seemed demonic about him were the 10 blonde and black tipped tails he had that were swaying around lazily, and two fox like ears on top of his head of the same color. Everyone sweat dropped as he remained blissfully unaware of his surroundings..

"I said 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me 'cause you look so fine and I really wanna ma- EHHH? WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE! AND WHERE IS HERE TO ANYWAYS?"

He stopped and took a look around his surroundings his eyes narrowed as he saw Starfire in the corner casting wary looks at both him and Slade, sniffing the air his electric blue eyes turned blood red.

"Did you rape her?" He growled.

He looked at Slade pointing his clawed fingers, while his features morphed into something more feral and demonic. His whisker marks darkened and his canines grew to full-fledged fangs, his tails flailed around violently as his ears twitched and stood on alert. Standing up from his crouched position he stood at his full height of 6 feet 2 inches and walked towards Slade.

"I may be a demon, but compared to you, FILTH, I look like a fucking angel.. hehe Mother always told me to treat girls like queens, it's trash like you that makes me sick" Cracking his knuckles he inched towards Slade and growled maliciously as red energy engulfed him like a shroud.

Slade started sweating I mean who wouldn't right? The freaking LORD of hell was here and he looked really pissed off.

"Oh great Lord of hell, I'm sure a being as malevolent as you would show kindness, to a sinner like me? Perhaps we could make an arrangement that would both benefit us.." He trailed off letting the offer stand, his muscles bunched up and coiled as he got ready to make a run for it if the great lord himself declined his offer.

"The only arrangement I will agree on is sending your pathetic ass to hell, hmmm I wonder what punishment would be appropriate for a sinner like you.. hehe how does watching gay porn while having a 20in. long 5in. wide pole shoved in your ass every hour for eternity sound eh?"

He heard a few snickers from his back but he managed to keep his calm, cool, and collected facade on despite how badly he was laughing on the inside.

"Though I may have my evil streak once in awhile I am not as malevolent as you earthlings portray me to be" He gave Slade one of his feral grins, and inwardly laughed his ass off when the faint smell of shit hit his sharpened senses.

"Hmmm let me give you a chance, dear sinner.. I'll give you five minutes to leave my domain which is about.. Ohhh the whole city, and if I sense your presence in MY domain in the next five minutes.. hehe it definitely won't be pretty for you. Now Let the games begin! MWAHAHAHAHAHA"He laughed like a loon as he saw Slade run like a bat outta hell.

"Heh serves you right you gay fuck" He smirked and chuckled quietly as he powered down, his fangs and claws retracted while the whisker marks on his face thinned out and lightened. He felt someone poke him and he looked down seeing the orange chick look at him in awe and caution, he smiled a disarming smile and nodded at her.

"Ummm I must thank you Great hell of lord, for saving my body from getting touched in a place I wish for it not to be."

She hugged him tightly but was surprised to see he didn't turn blue like Robin or the others. He returned the hug with enough force to make her 'eep' as she leaned into him enjoying the wonderful warmth he was projecting. He nuzzled his hair to her neck and she let her hand play with his soft locks.

"Tell me great hell of lord, why does your hair feel like fur?" Starfire asked.

He laughed lightly and leaned into her hand more.

"Call me Naruto, ok babe? mmm that feels nice.. Oh? I guess 'cause I'm a fox demon, hehe so comes with the title" He shrugged and purred when she stroked his whisker marks.

"Ahem.. Uhh Naruto AHEM excuse me for interrupting your cuddle fest, but we need to take you back to the tower with us. We can't have the Lord of Hell running rampant in MY city" Robin couldn't help but exaggerate the word 'MY' after all he was here first. Jealousy crept up into his heart as he saw Star and this Naruto guy hug like they were old friends or something. 'Pshh why would I be jealous. Me and Star are just friends.." heh yea keep telling yourself that.

"Hn whatever I was bored back home anyways, hey do you have guitar hero or something at your uh tower? And where is my summoner?"

He let go of Star and chuckled when she didn't let go of him. He cleared his throat to grab her attention, winking at her when she flushed and let go. Sniffing the air he made his way to Raven giving the green dude and Mr. Roboto a grin as they ranted on and on about how cool he was and the challenges they threw around at GH and rockband. Standing in front of Raven's kneeling form on the floor, he bent down and picked her up bridal style and flashed her his foxy grin. He smirked as she tried to hide her blush from his view with her cloak.

"So beautiful why'd you summon me? I mean not that I don't like it but still."

Raven flushed when he called her beautiful, for once she was thankful all her powers were spent up, that way she didn't have to go through the embarrassing explanation of her fragile emotions.

"Well Lord Naruto b-because Starfire was about to get.. Raped, I couldn't just sit there and watch so as a last ditch effort to stop it.. I summoned you. I am well aware of the price for summoning you Lord, you may take my life as soon as you see fit" Raven bowed her head in submission and respect, but her head snapped up as soon as she heard him laughing.

"Wow that was a good laugh, hehe don't worry about it babe and just call me Naruto. I don't need to take your life, seeing that you summoned me out of desperation to save your friend. That pretty much calls the whole sacrifice thing off. But I would like to stay in this world if that's fine with you?"

"Ok Naruto but.. Don't call me babe, and why are you asking me for permission to stay? I mean you're the lord of hell. You can do whatever you want."

"It's 'cause I was summoned here so I need an anchor to stay, in that case the anchor would be you. Hell can run itself without me for a few years anyways" Shrugging at the thought he looked at her with kit eyes, hoping she would say yes.

Raven thought about it for a moment before thinking back on how he saved Star she nodded to herself and looked at her team who just offered a quick nod showing that they didn't mind his presence.

"Seeing that you helped Star, I guess I'm in debt to you, stay as long as you want" She offered a small smile to him and she blushed when he returned it full force.

"You don't owe me anything Raven. A pretty girl like you should smile more, it makes you look like an angel hehe I would know, I got enough of them going after my tails after all" Smiling he leaned down to her, they were so close that she could feel his warm breath on her lips. "Thanks" he whispered against her lips before he killed the distance.

Her eyes were wide as dinner plates as their lips collided, stars flashed in her vision as she relaxed in his hold and shut her eyes, her lips tentatively responding to his. Her body felt like it was on fire, but what surprised her even more was that there were no explosions near the area, it was as if his very presence set her emotions and power at ease.

Ever the killjoy, Robin cleared his throat, snapping Raven out of her daze as she reluctantly pulled away from the fox demon. She giggled softly when he pouted; Raven's eyes widened at the uncharacteristic show of emotion and slapped a hand to her mouth hoping no one caught that. Unfortunately for her, the fox demon that currently held her perked up at the sound of her giggle, Naruto squeezed her lithe body and purred. He gave her cheek a quick lick and chuckled at the faint blush that broke out on her face.

"Umm ok time to go to the tower.. Me and the team will go on ahead." Robin nodded at Raven and grabbed the stunned titans leaving the demon king and his summoner alone.

"What was that kiss for?" she asked, eyes narrowed slightly, her cheeks still sported a little pink on them and her lips tingled from their previous kiss.

"To seal the deal, you know? To have you as an anchor in this world." He replied. She pouted slightly but managed to school her expressions fast enough to her normal stoic face, but not fast enough for Naruto to miss it. Smirking he leaned down and kissed her again.

"Now what the hell was that one for?"

"Hmmm just 'cause. I like you." He winked at her whistling some random tune as he made his way out of the warehouse with the still blushing Raven in his arms.

'Maybe having him here won't be so bad after all' She mused before she slipped into unconsciousness.