A.N. Had to rewrite this since I basically just set myself up for writers block the moment I brought Ino back, so here's a rewrite.

Titans Tower

"All I'm saying is focus Raven. I know your furry friend here could destroy us if he wanted to but that doesn't mean you need to act like.. How you're acting with him right now."

Robin was mad, screw that he was downright pissed over at what he saw and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why. There was this deep scratching and gnawing feeling on his gut when he saw them together but he refused to acknowledge it as jealousy, after all, He liked Starfire right?

"Listen, I know with your emotions and stuff it's hard to let people in, hell it took you a long time before you let us in, but just remember who your REAL friends are."

He watched her then, waiting for something to explode over his outburst but he heard nothing but silence.. he took one look at her and reminded her to be there for the mission briefing but as he turned to leave she spoke up.

"I understand Robin."

He smiled then, happy that he got through to her but that moment ended right when she continued her previous statement.

"I understand that your head is so far up your ass that you can't even see the fact that he truly makes me happy. Why can't you just be happy for me? For once in my life something's going right and you have to shoot me down for it. I have the situation under control and I'd appreciate it if you stayed out of MY personal affairs" With that said, she stalked out of the room and made her way to get some coffee.

The masked traffic light shook his head "She doesn't know what she's getting into, doesn't she understand I'm only looking out for her."

"You're right, but she will soon enough, and don't worry I don't like hurting pretty girls."

Robin jumped and looked around the dimly lit room as he go into his fighting stance.

"Show yourself."

He heard a chuckle from behind him and he whipped around to see the last person he wanted to see.

"How much did you hear?"

"Enough to have me annoyed with you. She's mine little bird. She might not know it yet but she will eventually, and both you and I know, the king always gets what he wants."

With a smirk and a cold hard glare at Robin, he made his way around the kid and carried on to the kitchen to grab some grub.

"That's what you think. She'll never let you in that close"

He stood there and punched the wall behind him. The king was obviously up to no good, he might appear like a harmless fox around Raven, but the king he just had a chat with sounded cold and determined. 'I need to know more about him' with one last dent to the wall he made his way up to the kitchen to tell the rest of the team about their mission.

The kitchen was a huge mess, 'note to self, never let an age old demon near appliances' was going through everyone's heads. Everyone watched as Naruto poked and prodded every single thing that could be well, poke and messed with. They watched him as he ate the raw cookie dough and read the heating directions for it, but the biggest surprise was when he took everything out, made little balls out of the dough and blew fire out of his mouth.

"Woahhh bro you gotta teach me how to do that, that's like an instant cookie maker."

Naruto grinned at his newfound green buddy.

"I'd teach you but I don't want you to burn yourself from the inside out."

They all stared at him blankly and he sighed and popped one of the cookie balls in his mouth.

"I'm a demon remember, I can play with the elements as much as I want to." He said with a shrug.

Naruto heard an 'ohhh' response from everyone before he started offering them some of the balls.

The Titans, plus Naruto munched on the cookie balls as they waited for Robin to get there and brief them on their current mission. Everyone ate silently, each swimming in their own thoughts, daydreaming, plotting, and some just drawing a blank. They heard Robin approach them from the loud click his trademark steel toed boots made and they all looked towards the entrance, save for Naruto who was messing with Raven by poking her with his tails.

The titans watched as their leader marched in with and with his usual no nonsense voice, he announced the obvious.

"We have a mission team, the Mayor has ordered us a guard and entertain mission for his 'baby girl'"

This got the attention of Naruto who stopped messing with Raven and immediately perked up after he heard the word entertain. Robin looked around at the bummed out faces of his team he can't blame them though. Babysitting was definitely not something he liked doing. His eyes stopped roaming when he saw that infuriating smirk on Naruto's face, his eyes narrowed in on him 'He's definitely up to something' He stored that info in for later and went ahead to get breakfast sighing at the mess around him.

Mayor's House

The team got to the mayor's house fairly quickly after tying up Naruto to keep him from touching anything after he almost pressed the self-destruct button. Sighing Robin made it up the steps to ring the doorbell but before he could the door busted open and standing in front of him was his charge for the day. To say he was surprised was an understatement. He expected a little bratty girl that would probably go 'KAWAIIII' once she sees Naruto's tails and ears, that was pretty much the only logic he saw in bringing the annoying, troublesome blonde, to distract the kid so they wouldn't have to. But boy was he wrong for thinking that they were babysitting a child. He pretty much almost smacked himself in the head as he stared at the mayor's daughter. She was definitely no child he thought.

Tracy Davis of course just gave Robin a once over and rolled her eyes. 'Boys' she thought, she was well aware of her intimidatingly good looks, the problem was that's exactly what they were, intimidating. She was tall for a girl, standing at 5'8 she was an inch or two taller than the boy wonder and her figure was that of a model. She wasn't so skinny that she looked like she has a number of eating disorders, but she had a flat stomach, and curves where it mattered. Her skin was pale and flawless, no blemishes anywhere and her eyes were colored the purest blue only to be rivaled by Naruto. She ran a hand through her silky blond locks and looked at Robin with an eyebrow raised.

"Well are you going to keep staring at me or are you going to start entertaining me."

Her bored tone seemed to snap him out of his trance and he shook his head apologizing with a slight blush on his cheeks from getting busted ogling the blonde goddess. He nodded and motioned for her to follow him out to the others.

"I'm sorry Ms. Davis I expected to be babysitting a child not a.. umm woman?"

"Just call me Tracy. Ms. Davis is my mother, she's quite old and I'm only 17 so don't be so formal."

"Uh sure, well here's the rest of the crew, the green one's beast boy, and the one beside him's Cyborg, then the girl with the green eyes is Starfire, with Raven next to her and last but not least Naruto" He grumbled the last part out and he noticed she wasn't even paying attention, her eyes were just glued to one person, Naruto.

Said person was doing the same thing, staring at her with a surprised look on his face, memories flashed before his eyes from his previous life. It hurt. He remembered everything vividly, how she smells, how she tastes, and how much he loved her and the rage and anguish he felt when he watched her die. His heart skipped a beat when their eyes met and the world seemed like it was on a stand still.

A few more minutes of silence went on and Beast Boy feeling the awkward tension from Raven glaring at both blondes and Robin grinding his teeth in irritation staring at Raven then glaring at Naruto, just started to cough to get everyone's attention. They all looked at him and pretty much ignored him as they decided it was more entertaining to look at the two blondes staring at each other in an odd way. It was almost as if they knew each other.


He was the first to speak, tails swishing everywhere reflecting it's owner's anxiety. He blinked and shook his head as he made his way to his fellow blonde and crushed her in a bear hug. Naruto was confused, his angel was supposed to be up there with Kami, not down here in this strange world, but it didn't matter to him. Ino was here and he felt nothing but joy for finding her again.

"Naruto?" BAM. The titans looked at the scene in shock when Tracy or Ino or whoever the hell she was decked the demon king.

"You may be a stud and all but no one touches me without my permission." Tracy looked at Naruto oddly, she couldn't decide if she wanted to glomp him for being so fucking cute with those ears and tails or kick him in the balls for having the audacity to hug her like they were old friends or something.

Naruto on the other hand just gaped at her like a fish outta water. Not only did this girl look like his beloved Ino, she fucking hit like her too, and that's saying a lot considering no chakra was used to fuel that punch. 'Kami must really hate me for toying with me like this.' He shook his head and took a step back, his eyes never leaving the Ino lookalike.

"Sorry… you look like someone I knew." Naruto said his voice strained from the rush of emotions. He scratched the back of his head and faced the Titans. "I uh. I needa go do something. Sorry I can't stay to entertain you miss…"


"Yeah, Tracy. I apologize again for that mishap." He nodded at her curtly before he disappeared in an explosion of black flames.

The Titans looked at the scorched spot where the king once stood with a 'what the fuck' expression on their faces, except Raven who had her stoic face on and was silently seething at the Blonde haired goddess and the m.i.a. demon king.

"I apolo- woah what the heck."

Robin was about to apologize for Naruto's behavior when a deep sense of dread took the breath outta him. He looked around seeing the rest of the Titans and their client in the same condition.

"Dude what is this, it's like hard to breathe and stuff."

"I don't know but whatever it is it's probably from that pillar of light over there." Cyborg pointed his hand at the pillar of light to try and get a reading out of it but all he got were jumbled up numbers and error messages.

Raven stayed silent, she's felt this aura before. It was the same feeling she felt from Naruto in one of his memories.

"Titans! We need to-"

"No. Naruto is causing this, as his anchor it's my responsibility to make sure he doesn't do anything foolish. I'll check on him, you guys can continue with the mission."

"Rave-" Robin sighed when he noticed she teleported away. "Well you heard her… might as well get this show on the road."

Jump City Canyon


Naruto charged up a rasenshuriken and threw it at the sky, cursing kami's name and all her angels.

"Fuck you! The moment I find peace you do nothing but ruin it! What have I ever fucking done to deserve this? Have I not gone through enough punishment in my life that you must torment me whenever I find some form of happiness!"

He screamed out his sorrows to the sky, he gathered up positive and negative chakra in a sphere before swallowing it, the ground beneath him caving in from the massive amounts of energy. With a roar he released a concentrated beam of energy.




"Stop this. We could feel your aura all the way from the Mayor's mansion."

"I-I'm sorry." He grunted.

Naruto looked at Raven, her face was blank, and her eyes hidden in her hood betraying no emotion. He cursed himself silently for causing such a thing to happen. He walked towards her and she took a step back.

"I guess I can't blame you for that… that was a pretty scary thing to witness ya know." Naruto chuckled to himself before he flashed her a sheepish grin. A nearby rock exploded.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just go back to the tower." Raven turned away from the blonde, rising a couple inches off the ground before she was caged in Naruto's arms.

"Release me."


"I will not be played a fool." Raven's eyes lit up as she began to chant under her breath.

"No one's playing you for anything Raven."

"Then what was that earlier? After last night… how could you. I've told you things that my team doesn't even know yet it seems like you forget all about me once Tracy stepped in the picture."

"She… She just reminded me of someone I knew."

"It's in the past Naruto. I-I won't be a replacement for her." Raven felt Naruto's grip on her increase as she said this. She heard a couple of explosions happening behind her and she knew that she had to cut this conversation short lest she wanted to collapse the whole canyon.

"But you're not a replacement Raven, you gotta believe me." Naruto mumbled against her hair.

"You're not over her. That much is clear from your earlier actions. Until you let go of the past we can't… progress with whatever is going on between us now. I'm sorry." A single tear made its way down her cheek before she teleported away, leaving the Demon king alone with his grief.


Naruto threw one last rasenshuriken at the sky before he was consumed by black flames.