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For those of you that wanted a sequel, here it is, but with a little twist!

The Proposition...

Randy Orton was running. From whom, he didn't know and at that moment it didn't matter. He was having a hard enough time figuring out how he got into this predicament. All he could remember was having a good time at a club with some of his buddies, and there was something about a girl, and now he was being chased by several strange men down the street.

He turned a corner, and started running again. He pulled up short when he realized that he was in a dead end alley...

"Oh, fuck..." He grabbed for his pockets, trying to find his phone. It must've fallen out during the chase.

"We got him now."

Randy's only hope was to climb the chain-link fence. He hoped that he had enough of a lead to get over.

"Get him."

In what seemed like seconds, two of the larger men had effortlessly peeled him off the fence and he was thrown to the ground.

"This is what happens when you mess with my girl. Get him, boys."

Randy was hit with several punches, kicks, and then the real beating began. His clothes were torn from his body by the men, laughing all the time.

"We'll have some real fun now... hold him."

Pressed against the fence, Randy felt the links bite into his flesh, bringing more pain. He moaned.

"You think that hurts, boy? You ain't seen nothing yet."

"You can't do this to me... I'm Randy Orton..." Even with the pain coursing through his body, his arrogance came through.

"So? Even a pretty boy like you should know that when a lady says she has a boyfriend, you should back off... especially when her boyfriend is me!" This brought peals of laughter from his friends. "Now hold still and this'll be over soon. Struggle and I'll break you!"

Randy felt something long and hard press against him. "Oh, God," he thought "no!"

"Start the countdown!"

His buddies began the chant... "ten... nine... eight..." With each number, Randy was penetrated by what he knew was the lead man's dick. Each thrust brought pain and he would've collapsed if he hadn't been held in place.

At "zero", his attacker thrust harder than the previous ones and Randy felt something wet trickle down his thigh... what it was, he didn't want to know.

"My turn." His attacker stepped aside and another long hard, object entered him. This went on for how long? Minutes, hours, days??? After the third or fourth attack, Randy was barely aware of where he was and what was going on.

"HEY!" Someone shouted

"Book!" He faintly heard and suddenly, the hands that were holding him up freed him. Randy collapsed, first against the fence, then down to the ground, landing on some cardboard boxes.

"What the hell?" He recognized the voice... or did he? Who knew... he finally blacked out.

"Why did you drag me to that club?" Eric demanded "You know I don't like that kind of crap..."

"The guys were in town and they invited me along. I guessed maybe you'd want to chill out." Jeff replied

"Yeah... it was kinda funny watching Randy make a fool of himself with that girl."

Jeff laughed. "It was... I don't think that 'I'm Randy Orton' line has ever worked."

Eric smirked. "Isn't he married?"

"Never hurts to look, am I right?" Jeff replied

"That depends what you're looking at." Eric answered, trying to look stern, but ended up chuckling. "Let's get our asses home before we end up in the drunk tank."

"Sure 'dat." Jeff like putting on the drawl when drunk, but he sounded more like a punk than a Southerner.

As Jeff and Eric passed an alley, they both stopped to light their cigarettes.

"I really should quit." Eric grimaced at the first taste.

"The day you quit smoking is the day you give up sex." Jeff felt in his pockets for his lighter. "Can I?"

Eric leaned over to cup his smoke for him. In the light of the flame he saw a piece of the scene in the alley. At this time of night, it was not uncommon for cases of "jailhouse romance" to occur... Y'know, people had to much to drink, and too much testosterone in their system and what would usually happen is a group would go on the prowl for satisfaction. The only thing that caught Eric's attention was the body art of the one man... there was only one person he knew with tattoos like that.

"HEY!" Eric took off

"Eric... what!" Jeff feared for his husband's safety. While Jeff was more of a risk-taker in the ring, Eric was the impetuous one outside.

"Eric...!" Jeff followed him into the alley. "What are you doing?"

"Come back here, you sons of bitches!" Eric yelled, shaking the fence in anger. The attackers had just managed to elude him.

"What's gotten into you, dude?" Jeff pulled him from the fence. He had not seen what Eric had and thought that he was playing hero again.

"It's Randy."

"What?" Jeff finally saw what Eric had. "Oh my God..."

"Call an ambulance." Eric said

"No..." Randy groaned

"Don't worry, man, we're gonna get you some help..."

"No..." Randy repeated "Don't... want... people... to know."

"Jeff, run home and get Randy something to wear." Eric demanded

"But shouldn't we...?"

"Jeff, please." Eric interrupted "We're taking him with us. Unless you want him walking the streets naked."

The young man nodded.

"Don't leave me...." Randy pleaded

"Don't worry. I ain't goin' nowhere." Eric sat down on a nearby crate where he could keep an eye on both Randy and also watch the alley for any sign of Jeff.

"Are you sure you don't want me to call someone? Your wife, maybe?"

Randy didn't answer. How could he? And even if he did want Eric to call his wife, what would he say... "Hi, honey... I won't be home tonight... I tried to hit on a girl and ended up getting gang-raped by her friends"?

"Okay... we'll just wait here." Eric lit another cigarette, trying to clear his head. He was by no means sober, but he still couldn't believe what had just happened.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. At fifteen, Eric was starting to get nervous.

"What's taking Jeff so long?" He started pacing, hoping that Jeff hadn't run into the same group. At twenty minutes, Eric was worried.

"Randy, if I don't hear from Jeff in five minutes, I'm getting you to a hospital, okay?"

There was no response.

"Randy... Randy... you still with me?" Alarmed, Eric felt for a pulse... weak but steady.

"Anybody in there?" Eric saw two figures at the entrance of the alley. Silhouetted by the streetlights, he couldn't make out who they were. Instinctively, he grabbed the nearest thing he could use as a weapon: a piece of lead pipe.

"Who is it?"

"It's just me..." Jeff stepped into view. "I brought Adam."

"I thought were going to keep this quiet." Eric growled

"I couldn't help it. He was outside the club when I ran past. I'd still be on my way home if he hadn't offered to give me a ride."

"I guess that's a good thing."

"What happened... oh my fuckin' God... Randy!!!!!!!!" Jeff hadn't told Adam the whole story apparently.

"I guess he made some enemies tonight." Eric knew that wasn't the best thing to say, but his sarcastic side manifested itself when he was most stressed.

"Who did this?" Adam shouted "I'll tear them new ones!"

"I don't know." Eric replied "If I hadn't needed a smoke, we probably wouldn't have seen anything."

"Why didn't you do something?" Adam yelled

"Me? Why didn't you?" Eric yelled in return. "You were there the whole night... you saw what he was doing... hell, whatever happened to team RKO, huh?"

"Guys... stop it... let's get Randy dressed and out of here and then we can fight over who shoulda done what, okay?"

Eric and Adam stopped yelling and both looked at Jeff.

"Yeah... sorry, Eric..."

"No offense taken, bro. We're all a little shaken up."

Somehow, they got Randy dressed in a pair of Jeff's baggy jeans, a Team Extreme T-shirt and Adam's black trenchcoat, and walked him to Adam's car.

"Where we going?" Adam asked "The hosp..."

"No!" Eric and Jeff shouted together.

"No thanks, Adam... Just take us back to our place." Jeff calmly added

"Look man, I know how worried you are, but can you let Jeff and I handle this? We're already in deep and I don't want you to get in any trouble. I know how close you and Randy were... I mean, are. I promise we'll keep you up to speed." Eric said "Okay?"

It was hard for Adam to agree, but he could see Eric's point. If the guys who did this to Randy were to come back for revenge, it might be better to not get involved.

"You promise?"

"If you want to stop by tomorrow, I'm sure Randy would welcome the company." Eric patted Adam on the back. "Just keep it quiet. Don't tell anyone."

"Not even Vince?"

"Especially Vince. Once he hears, the entire world will know and that's the last thing any of us needs right now. If he ever asks, tell him you haven't seen Randy since the club." Eric looked to Jeff, who also nodded.

"We'll talk to you tomorrow." Jeff said. Eric had already taken a semi-coherent Randy inside.

"Are you sure there's nothing I can do?" Adam seemed eager to help, though there was little he could do.

"Maybe drive back and see if there's anything we missed." Jeff suggested. "If the police haven't shown up already."

"Got it."

"I could use a little help in here." Jeff heard Eric shout from inside the house.

"Talk to you later, Adam." Jeff slammed the door, leaving a confused and hurt Edge on the steps.

"I'll show them." He growled, slamming his car into reverse and driving off, tires squealing.

"I don't think he liked getting cut off." Jeff muttered

"I didn't like him getting involved to begin with." Eric retorted

"Sorry, babe, I had to... now what did you need my help with?"

"Grab the first-aid kit for me. Since Randy refuses to go to the hospital, I figure we should get him cleaned up. Thankfully, most of his injuries seem to be superficial." Eric locked eyes with Jeff before flicking his head toward the once-more unconscious man's lower area.

"But how do we...?" Jeff asked

"I've got an idea... grab the kit and I'll meet you in the bathroom... Randy... RANDY!!!! Can you hear me?"

Randy groaned, opening his eyes. "Wha....?"

"You were in a fight." Eric answered "We found you and brought you here."

"Here...? Where... here?"

"You're with me and Jeff. At our house." Eric felt like he was trying to explain something to a very expensive, but stupid dog. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from losing his cool.

"Can you stand up on your own?"

Randy let go of Eric and wobbled unsteadily for several minutes before his legs gave out and he fell back into Eric's arms. He looked at Eric, ashamed.

"I guess not. I'm going to take you into the bathroom and get you cleaned up, ok?"

Randy nodded, his eyes starting to cloud over again.

"Don't black out on me. I'm not gonna drag your sorry behind all the way."


"Stay with me, Orton." Eric slapped him lightly. "You gotta help too."

Somehow, Eric managed to get Randy into the bathroom before he collapsed again.

"Fuck." Eric groaned

"Maybe later." Jeff giggled

"You know first aid?" Eric ignored the attempt to be funny.

"A little." Jeff replied, squeezing between Randy and the bathtub.

"That's more than I know. You're in charge."

"Cool. Get me a wet cloth."

Eric snickered. "Yes ma'am." He snapped a salute and did as instructed.

Jeff carefully wiped the blood from Randy's face and neck.

"Doesn't look too bad. I guess that's a good thing." Eric alternated ringing out bloody rags and giving Jeff clean ones.

"For now." Jeff sighed. Eric knew what that meant.

"Should we even...?" he asked

"He refuses to go to the hospital and I doubt that he'd allow one of the WWE trainers to look at him." Jeff answered

"Better tell him what's gonna happen. I don't want him to freak on us." Eric said

"Good idea... Randy... Randy... Legend Killer, are you still with us?"

"I guess that's a yes." Only thing from Randy was a weak groan.

"Okay, Randy, if you can hear me, this is the story... you got beat up, do you remember that?"


"You're covered in blood right now, so what we'd like to do is get you cleaned up, okay. But to do that, we're gonna have to undress you. Just don't panic. Eric and I are not gonna hurt you."

Randy whispered something unintelligible.

"What?" Jeff leaned close to Randy. "Can you say that again?"

Randy mumbled again. Jeff laughed. "No, Randy, we're not gonna steal your wallet."

"Help me, E."

"I'll hold: you strip." Eric lifted Randy up enough so Jeff could remove the blood-crusted clothing.

"Is this your fantasy or mine?" Jeff removed the last of Randy's, formerly Jeff's, clothes and threw them aside.

"Yours, I think." Eric replied "Mine usually involved Cena."

"Oh. Now I know what to get you for Christmas next year."

"I take an extra large."

"Eight-a-half do?"

"You've been reading my blog again, haven't you?" Eric tried to get angry.

"Sorry." Jeff fake-sniffled.

"Later, dude."

Amidst all the joking, Eric and Jeff manged to get Randy cleaned up enough to check him over. He didn't appear to be seriously hurt physically. Psychologically, who knew what effect the rape would have on him. It would probably depend on how much he remembered when he awoke.

"Bed?" Jeff asked

"Who... him or us?" Eric asked

"Hah hah. You know what I mean."

"I'm trying to lighten the mood, okay." Eric grumbled "In answer, yes, but one of us should stay with him."

"Agreed. You want first watch?"

"Sure. After all the excitement, I'm not really tired right now."

They carried the inert form into the bedroom and quickly dressed him in a pair of Eric's old PJ's.

"I'll be on the couch if you need me." Jeff grabbed his pillow and stuffed rabbit.


"Night." Jeff kissed Eric on his way out. Soon, Eric heard the sounds of Jeff settling in downstairs. He grabbed a chair and sat next to Randy.

"Don't worry, Randy. I will find out who did this to you and they will pay. I promise you."

To Be Continued

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