A/N: I like to write short stories. It doesn't give me much time to think the whole thing through and give up on it right before I finish. Being smart, that's all… XD

Summary: Quick. It describes perfectly their relationship. Roxas POV.

Disclaimers: Am I going to have to say they don't belong to me for another full year?

Quick. A kiss in the darkness, between the walls of an empty soundless hall. Stolen. Like everything else. A breath. A touch. Words whispered in secrecy. It was always like this.

Quick. We met. I tried to resist. He didn't. We fell. We just fell. How deep? I never really knew. Deep enough to never be able to come up.

Quick. Against the wall. Rough to the point where you don't know if it is painful or pleasurable. On the cold marble floor. Like animals in heat.

Quick. How wrong could it be? If we understood our needs, it was no one else's business. We took care of them fast enough to never get noticed. But things are never simple, are they?

We always complicate things.

Quick. A decision taken. My decision. We fought over it. We got hurt. I left.

Quick. Like that. It was gone. I was gone. And then he was. Gone into his own flames.

Quick. Everyday. Every memory. It goes away. Faster than light speed. But slow enough to stab through my heart. Now that I have one.

Quick. Please, make it quick. Don't let me last longer than this here without him.