"Did you know she could fight?"

Teyla glanced away from the monitor in front of her to look at the Satedan sprawled on the couch beside her.

"You did not?"

"No," Ronon admitted, and it was then that she turned to fully regard him.

Ronon's attention though, was turned to the bundle of child squirming in his lap. Torren was trying to climb the big man using his dreads as leverage. It wasn't quite working out for the little one, and seemed to be rather painful for Ronon.

Ronon finally looked up at her. "What?"

Teyla kept her face neutral and only shrugged lightly before turning back to the screen. If Ronon choose not to elaborate in his sudden curiosity about Amelia, she wasn't going to press the issue.

"Wait...how did you know she could fight?"

Teyla continued to type as she responded. "I was only became aware of Amelia's skills for a short time." She hoped Ronon would accept her brief explanation. There was more to the story, but she did not wish to break Amelia's confidence unnecessarily.

Out the corner of her eyes, she saw him nod and lean back against the arm of the couch with one arm holding Torren against this chest.

She was able to finish typing a total of two more sentences before she felt his weight shift on the end of the couch.

"So, uh...you sparred with her before?"

"I have yet to have the pleasure."

She didn't look at Ronon and only heard silence from his end.

So she began typing once more.

"How do you know she can fight?"

At that Teyla hung her head in exasperation. "Ronon," she said calmly as she turned to her friend, "Is there some point to this line of questioning, or are you purposely trying to distract me from completing this report?"

Ronon met her eye, his gaze unwavering and his face a mask. "No."

It was in this moment that Teyla wished she had a banto with which to whack him. There was most assuredly more than he was telling her.

"Do you not have a report of your own to complete?" Teyla asked pointedly.


Teyla turned to look at him, disbelieving. "By 'done' you mean...?"

"Like, I did it," Ronon shrugged. Filed it with Woolsey over a week ago."

How is this possible, Teyla thought. As far as she knew, Ronon had never filed a mission report, at least, not in a timely manner.

Ronon must have read her expression. "Yeah. Woolsey called me out on it. Gave me this thing," he reached in his pocket and pulled out a small recording device. "I talk into it and then they plug it into the computer. Files it automatically. S'pretty cool."

Teyla took the device from his fingers and studied it. She found the icon indicating the button to play the recording and pressed it.

"Mission Report. Michael invaded Atlantis, tried to blow it up. We stopped him. End of report."

Teyla blinked.

"This from the man who used to recite poetry?"

"Hey, we agreed never to talk about that," Ronon said with mock annoyance. "Anyway," he continued, "that was a different person...not me anymore." Ronon's eyes let her face and looked down at Torren, who was well on his way to the nap Teyla had been unable to settle him down for. She had never been able to get him sleep without doing an exhaustive course of laps through the halls of the city and then back to her quarters.

At times Teyla was truly baffled at how such a man as Ronon Dex could have so much strength to lend to those he considered family, but then have nothing left over for himself when it came to having confidence in the latent gifts that extended beyond his physical abilities.

Teyla shook her head as she returned her attention to the computer screen. She spared a final glance at Ronon, and saw that his eyes were closed and he was fully relaxed into the comfort of the sofa; she took full advantage of the quiet time to finish her report.

Ronon allowed himself to drift into a light sleep. He cracked his eyes open when he heard the soft click that was Teyla closing up her laptop. He watched in silence as she stood up from her seat and crossed the room, placing the computer on her desk. He saw her pick up something—a book maybe—before she turned back around, walking over to stand beside him. She reached down and took Torren from his arms, careful not to stir the little one too much.

She dropped the book in Ronon's lap before turning to place Torren in his crib.

"What's this?" Ronon asked, as he turned the book over in his hand to inspect the front cover.

"You desire to know more about Amelia," Teyla stated. Ronon caught the slight question in her tone.

Ronon nodded, looking from the book to the Athosian.

"She let me borrow this book. It is a collection of the works of some of her favorite poets.

"Perhaps now would be the time to put aside your ignorant barbarian routine. Not everything of your old life should be lost and forgotten, Ronon."

Ronon met Teyla's steady gaze at that, but didn't respond. He was quite fond of his so-called "ignorant barbarian" routine, especially since it had thus far allowed him to avoid the paperwork that the IOA liked so much. Who really cared about the details of what happened as long as everyone got home safe and any potential threat to Atlantis or Pegasus was quelled? The less information aside from the pertinent facts the IOA people had to criticize and second-guess, the better.

He opened the front cover and saw writing on first blank page in the top left corner.

Amy Banks.

He flipped through the cream colored pages, finally stopping to smooth down the pages on an illustration that caught his eye.

He read.

. . . . . . . . . .

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