Drabble Challenge Word: Lash, Lashing, Lashes, or Lashed
Word Count: 100
Other Participants: You may think there are a lot of people in downtown Beijing. That's nothing compared to the number of people who write these drabbles now.
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He looked up through his eyelashes at the nurse. "Without me there to take care of him... anything could happen."

He was fumbling with his boot laces when Sam stalked into the room.

"So I'm mentally deficient? Nice. And that nurse? You used the lashes on her, didn't you?" Sam tipped him back gently. "You promised to only use that power for good."

"Leavin's good."

Sam tugged off his boots. "It took me an hour to get you out of the car. You're staying."

"Wanna go."

"Without your pants?"

Crap. He hadn't noticed. "Bring me my jeans, Sam."

"Bite me."

Props go to anyone who recognizes the chapter names.