Title: Sum

Author: Letting The Rain In

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: Lash/es/ed

Word Count: 100

Fellow Players: Too many to name, but you know who you are! Also, there's a list. Just in case.

A/N: Well, I said I'd try for a non sad drabble this week ...

Sam threw the needle down. It wasn't Dean's fault, he knew that. Half asleep from a mixture of pain, morphine and alcohol – possibly Dean's favourite cocktail, seconded only by molotovs – he had no idea what he was saying.

Taking a deep breath, Sam reached for the needle again. And Dean began again.

"There are seven large lashes, cut upon my back! Seven large lashes, cut upon my back. And with each little stitch, Sam sews up the gaps! Soon they'll be eight large lashes, cut upon my back."

Sam understood, but did Dean have to sing the damn thing backwards?