"There's nowhere for you to run, princess. You get lost in here and you'll never get out."

No no no, he was wrong! She had to get out, and go back home, and wait for Riku and Sora and live whatever half a life she had without her best friends, and fill in that placeholder until they got back--!

She had to get out out out, there was a way out, she didn't care what this pyromaniacal freak said! There was, there was, there was--

…was he kissing her? He was, the bastard! No, that was her first kiss, that was supposed to be special, not just some way to make her stop struggling, that was supposed to be for--!


And her fist connected with the side of his face - an action born of unbridled anger because damnit she was sick of being helpless! - before she took off at a run into the abyss, blood dripping down her abused, split knuckles. Everyone else had taken their stand. It was her turn.

This was her riot.