Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters and plot of the Twilight saga which are property of Stephenie Meyer. The idea for time travel was inspired by The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger. The plots which I introduce in this story are the only thing that I own.

Chapter 1 – Dreams


Bella tossed in her sleep as another one of her dreams made her restless. This wasn't the first one, nor would it be the last. They weren't even the same, just strikingly similar in that the same man appeared in all of them. His golden tousled hair, his godlike good looks, the charm that rolled off of him; those things never changed. Oddly, his eyes changed with the surroundings; a deep emerald, brilliant crimson, warm topaz or icy black. Bella never knew exactly where, or when for that matter, she was in the dreams but she always felt a strange sense of comfort. The thought of waking up to her ordinary world is what always made her restless; her dream world seemed like the true reality.

This time, she found herself in a ballroom, everything draped in red, white and blue. Many of the men were in uniform, the women in elegant dresses, a little more old fashioned than Bella had normally seen. Someone handed her a cup of punch, which she took and moved further back in the room, toward the wall. The beginning of the dreams always unnerved her; it took some time to get her bearings. She took a sip of punch and looked down. Whew, thank goodness I wore this nightgown, I don't look too out of place here. Feeling slightly more relaxed knowing she didn't look like a complete freak, she started her routine of looking for him.

After avoiding the glance of several young soldiers who tried to catch her attention, she finally found him. Bella was usually unsure of what to do once she did find him, but this time she felt compelled to approach him. She walked across the room, not glancing at anyone in her way, carefully trying not to trip.


Edward fidgeted next to his mother, irritated to be dragged to yet another military ball when all he wanted to do was join the fight. He listened as she politely chatted with some of the officers who were thanking her for throwing the ball prior to them shipping off to Europe. 8 more months was the mantra that pulled him through these evenings. His mother glanced at him when she heard his sharp intake of breath, puzzled by his reaction. Then she noticed the object of his gaze and smiled slightly to herself. She knew what his destiny was, and was ecstatic to finally get to see it for herself.

Who is this angel? And why is she smiling at me? Edward had never lacked for attention from girls, but none had been able to compete with his desire to be a soldier. But the deep chocolate eyes that were staring at him from across the room were another story altogether. He felt a jolt of shocked when they locked eyes and saw a shy smile spread across her face. He couldn't understand the overwhelming feeling of completeness he was experiencing. She continued her slow but steady pace across the room, but he was frozen to the spot, unable to meet her halfway.


Bella felt more confident once she met his eyes. Green, she remarked to herself, this is a new color. It suits him very well. She briefly notice the older woman standing next to him, staring at her also as she made her way across the room. Her eyes were the same as his, shining with a hint of knowledge that Bella did not yet understand. The woman smiled brightly and quickly nodded her head in acknowledgement, so fast Bella thought she might have imagined it.

"Hello," she breathed quietly to the boy (because he did not yet look to be a man in her eyes in this setting).

"H-hello," stuttered the startled boy, slowly putting his hand out to take hers. There was no more dialog between the two, their eyes doing all the communicating necessary.


She's walking right for me, I have to do something! Edward found his composure just as she reached him.

"Hello," his angel whispered to him, her voice all sweetness. Speak to her! his mind was screaming.

"H-hello," he managed to get out as he got over the shock of her nearness. He quickly found his manners and took her hand in greeting. Looking deep into her eyes, he saw that she seemed as affected by his touch as he was by hers. He held onto her hand and silently led her out to the dance floor. He assumed his mother would be furious with him for leaving his greeting post, but when he hazard a glance at her, she was beaming at him and his new partner. Edward, thankful it seemed he wasn't going to get a scolding later, pulled his angel into his arms and began their first dance of many.

When the band took a break, Edward had no choice but to lead his partner off the floor. As they neared the side of the room, he was narrowing down the choices in his mind of what to say to her. He had no sooner opened his mouth to introduce himself then she blushed, shyly ducked her head and walked quickly for the doorway. Stunned, he stood motionless for a moment before running after her. She was no where to be found.