So, some of you were surprised to find that Jordan is a bad guy…sorry if it made you upset haha…I have a huge story involving our four mediums (including Eli in these four).

On with the fic!

~Chapter 4~

The following day Jordan was heading up to the office that she shared with Rick. She was hoping that he was working on his book again. That way, it would be easier to get her hands on it. She was only steps away from the closed door when she was stopped by Gabriel.

"Do you have that information yet?" Gabriel asked with slight irritation from behind her.

Jordan rolled her eyes and turned to him, "No, I don't." She whispered. "Now, get out of here." She attempted to push him away. She may be working for Gabriel, but for a very selfish reason. He actually annoyed her. Jordan liked Melinda and her friends a lot more.

Gabriel looked at her with judgment, "You aren't questioning me are you?" He inquired to her.

Truth be told, she was. His little adventure the previous day scared her. She had no idea he was going to use that kind of scare tactic on them. Not to mention she didn't like the dark spirits he had with him. She hadn't seen them before. She wasn't sure if she could trust him anymore, but he was the only one who could and would help. Even Melinda wouldn't help in her one desire, she knew that. "No, of course not," she lied. "I just don't want them to know about our partnership yet. I just got their trust. I don't want to ruin that yet." She continued then turned away from Gabriel and approached Rick's office. She walked in as quietly as possible. She looked at Rick with sadness on her face.

Rick was typing away at his secret computer when he noticed his assistant had walked into the office. He observed her for a moment. She was leaning against the door and looking at him seeming to be on the verge of tears. "Are you okay?" He asked with worry.

Jordan forced a smile and nodded, "yeah…" She told him. She then walked over to the desk, "What are you doing?"

"Working on that book I told you about yesterday." He told her. "Want to read the beginning?"

Jordan nodded and walked over to the computer. "Does it start with when you met her?" She asked.

Rick nodded, "Yeah, she came to me with all these crazy questions. None of it made any sense until she told me what she could do." He explained. He stood up and offered her his seat.

Jordan sat down and began to read with Rick standing over her, also reading.

In the meantime Melinda and Delia had opened the store and were already helping a lot of customers. The store was abnormally busy today. Melinda was helping customers on the floor and Delia was checking them out at the register.

During the first lull of the day, Delia looked at Melinda who looked exhausted. "How about I run over to Village Java and get us some coffee." She offered.

Melinda smiled, "That would be great!"

"I'll hurry just in case we get another herd soon." Delia smiled, grabbed her things, and headed across the square for some coffee.

Melinda laughed as she watched Delia left. She let out a sigh of relief of having a couple of minutes by herself. She walked into the back room and grabbed a box of new arrivals. "I think we've been going a little hog wild." She laughed to herself as she took the box to the front. She began pulling things out of the box. These had come from the same state sale she had taken the jewelry box from. She had decided to put more out since they had spent the morning selling.

About ten minutes later, Delia returned to the store with coffee in her hands. "So, still quiet?" She asked.

Melinda nodded, "a couple of customers, but nothing I couldn't handle by myself." She walked up to Delia and took the cup that Delia handed her. "Oh, caffeine! You are a life saver!" She exasperated.

Eli had just ended class. He walked out to find Ned waiting for him. "Hey, Ned." He said with surprise.

"So, what do you think will happen now?" Ned asked.

Eli didn't know how to answer, mostly because he had no answer. He didn't know what would happen next. As far as he knew, Gabriel hadn't gone this far before. This was scaring everyone. Melinda was just good at pretending things weren't bothering her. He shook his head, "I don't know. Got some time? Maybe we can talk about this in a more private place." Eli told the young college student.

Ned nodded, "It needs to be secret from here on out. Yesterday scared my mom so bad, she doesn't want me to be involved anymore."

Eli shrugged, "I can't blame her. You really should have to be involved."

"But I am," Ned stated. Maybe he didn't have to be involved, but he was, and planned to stay that way. Melinda was like his older sister, he didn't want to see her get hurt, the more heads and people on her side, the better. He followed Eli to his office to talk.

After Jordan finished reading the first few chapters of Rick's novel, Jordan was amazed. She never realized what Gabriel had put them all through. Now she really questioned her standing with him. She turned to Rick, "it's great." She said to him.

Rick looked very proud of himself. "Thanks, do you think Melinda would give me the go ahead to publish it? She's pretty private about her life." He explained.

Jordan shook her head, "I don't know her well enough."

Rick nodded, "No, no I suppose you don't, do you?" He laughed.

Later on that day, Jordan and Rick met Eli for lunch at a fast food restaurant on campus. The three sat together at a table. They had decided earlier to not talk about the situation that Gabriel had put them in. They just wanted to have a peaceful lunch without worrying about Gabriel making his next move. Now that he had become more aggressive it was always on their minds, especially Jordan's.

Jordan may not have been talking about it, but she was thinking about it. Had she made a mistake? However, mistake or not she needed him. 'Why do I have to depend on a man who is obviously messed up?' She continued to ask herself.

"Jordan?" Eli asked.

Jordan was snapped out of her thoughts. "What?" She asked.

"What's wrong?" Rick asked.

The two men had noticed her deep in thought and were worried. She had changed a great deal since the day before and they wanted to make sure she was alright.

Jordan shook her head, "Nothing, just a lot on my mind right now." She said which was true. She just hoped they didn't start interrogating her. She didn't want to explain what was going on just yet. She at least needed to understand it herself first.

"You sure?" Eli asked with care in his voice. He may have only known her for a few days, but he was starting to develop feelings for her. It was one of those moments of "love at first sight" really. He caught a sight of the clock and realized he was late for a meeting. He jumped up, "Oh man! I need to get going. Sorry, I forgot I have a meeting at 1:30!" He exclaimed in a panic as he gathered his things and ran out the restaurant.

Rick kept his eyes on Jordan. He knew something was up, but he just couldn't figure out what it was. "Should we get going?" He asked. He may have known something was going on, but he wasn't going to pry.

Jordan nodded and stood up to leave. She remained quiet, since she just couldn't get this whole situation out of her mind. She had read up to the part where Rick and Melinda had met Gabriel. He had tricked Melinda, could he have tricked her as well? She needed to figure a few things out. She and Rick had already been halfway back to their office when she finally spoke up, "Can I take the rest of the day off? We only have office hours." She asked.

Rick wasn't sure what was happening. He wanted to know, but he didn't know how to get her to talk about it. He nodded, "sure you can." He told her. "What's been going on?" He asked again, hoping to get a better answer.

Jordan knew he was going to ask again. She had started out her time with Rick perky and now she had completely withdrawn herself. She wasn't too good at hiding emotions apparently. "Just, some things I have learned today. Really it's not important. I think I need some sleep." She said as she ran off.

Later Melinda met Rick at his office, "Hey!" She belted as she walked in. She hadn't felt this way in a long time. Basically since Jim had been alive. Granted they never said anything about starting a relationship, but they had kissed.

Rick smiled at Melinda and approached her, "hey, Melinda!" He said to her. He wasn't sure how to greet her, things weren't left as obvious as he had hoped. He knew he only had a few moments to decide. So he just threw caution to the wind and held his arms open for a hug. He took Melinda in his arms in a long embrace.

After their hug, Melinda looked around, "Where's Jordan?"

"She left a little early today. She's been a little weird since what happened yesterday." Rick informed her.

Melinda understood. Jordan was still young; it was obvious she hadn't experienced dark spirits yet. Not to mention Grandview was a hotplate for dark spirits. "I'm sure she'll be fine." She concluded.

Rick nodded, "Yeah, I know she will be." Rick stated with a smile.

Melinda heard a noise coming from outside the office. She followed it to find an older female ghost yelling at an older man in a suit. "Rick, who's that?" She asked pointing at the haunted man.

The man she had been pointing to was a larger set man in his early sixties. He stood in front of a desk speaking to another man, this one younger.

The woman was a little younger than the older man. She wore a muumuu nightgown and shouting at the man. "Look at me when I am talking to you!" She shouted.

Rick peered out the door and looked to where Melinda was pointing. "That's the head of my department. His name is Harry Long…why?" He asked.

Melinda smirked with a chuckle, "What do you think?"

Rick knew what that meant, there was a ghost nearby. He looked all around Harry trying to locate this ghost. "It really irritates me that I can't see ghosts…it really does." He pouted as he watched Melinda approach Harry.

"Harry Long?" She asked.

Harry turned around and nodded, "Can I help you with something?" He asked. He towered over Melinda. He had to have stood over six feet.

Melinda nodded, "I am a friend of Rick Payne. Can I speak with you for a moment in his office?" She requested.

Harry looked at Rick and then back down to Melinda and nodded. "Sure," he agreed and began to follow Melinda into the office.

Rick also began following them in, but he was stopped by Melinda.

"No, stay here for now." She said to him.

"It's my office!" Rick exclaimed. He wanted to be in there and watch her work. He also wanted to see Harry's, a huge skeptic of any form of afterlife let alone ghosts, reaction to this news of a ghost haunting him. He let out a sigh, "fine," he said without too much of a fight. If there was one thing he learned about Melinda, she always got her way no matter what.

Melinda smiled and shut the door on Rick, who stood there still in disbelief that he was kicked out of his own office.

Inside the office, Melinda turned to Harry. She saw the woman standing behind him. She was still very distraught, but she had quieted down. Melinda looked into her eyes and nodded.

"Wait, you can see me?" She asked Melinda in disbelief.

Melinda nodded and walked over to the two of them, "Rick told me about your loss." She said with sadness, "I'm sorry."

Harry looked at her with a confused look in his eyes, "what loss?" He asked. He was silent for a moment before saying, "Oh, you mean my wife. Well she died a few years ago. Is that why you brought me in here?" He asked. Needless to say, he was completely confused. His wife had died almost three years ago and he wasn't sure why he was getting condolences now from someone whom he'd never met.

Melinda had been certain she had only recently passed, 'I guess everyone can be wrong.' She thought to herself. "Well, actually, why I brought you in here was to tell you…" she began. She stopped herself remembering who she was dealing with. She thought back to how Rick was when they had first known each other. Could she handle another Occult Professor who was too skeptical for his own good? "Your wife is still with you." She said to him in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Harry looked at her in disbelief. He thought she was crazy, "and you're a friend of Payne's?" He asked.

Melinda nodded, "Yes. He's been helping me for a few years when I needed some information about the Occult." She explained to him. "Your wife has a message for you." She finally let out. She looked at the wife, "Go ahead…" She said.

The woman smiled; finally she was able to express herself to her husband. "Tell him that he needs to make up with our son." She said. The energy she let off was that of complete sadness. "I didn't get to see him for the last four years of my life. He didn't even come to my funeral. The two of them had a falling out."

The story broke Melinda's heart. She then looked back to Harry, "You need to go to your son." She said to him, "she wants you to make up with your son. She can't move on until then."

Harry refused to listen to this, not that he believed it, but he had heard nothing but "make up with Jeffrey" from his wife for years. "How'd you know about my son?" He asked in a very judgmental tone.

"Your wife just told me!" She exclaimed. "She's standing right behind you. The day she died, she was wearing a pink floral muumuu night gown, which tells me she probably died in her sleep at home." She explained.

Harry was taken aback; she knew what she wore the day she died? How? "How do you know this?" He continued to ask now trying not to believe her.

"Go make up with your son. It is her final dying wish." Melinda exclaimed now with tears forming in her eyes. She hated when people didn't believe her. It always meant they thought she was crazy. "That's all I can do for you." She said as she opened the door revealing Rick still standing at the door.

Rick had heard what went on the office and showed a sign of embarrassment as he looked at his colleague. "I'd believe her." He said. "I know I didn't…and she has proven me wrong more times than not. Actually, she's never been disproven." He recalled as he walked into the office and over to Harry.

Harry said nothing; he just stood up and walked out of the office.

Rick looked at Melinda, "Well, that's going to make life here difficult." He told her.

Melinda smiled, "I'm sorry." She said trying not to laugh.

Rick looked at her, "This isn't funny, as far as they knew I was still a huge skeptic!" He replied now also trying not to laugh.

The two left together laughing.

A few minutes after Rick and Melinda had left the office, Jordan slinked into the office. She looked around trying to see if there was any reason Rick would need to return to his office. After she realized it looked like he was gone for the night, she took a bobby pin out of her purse and began to pick the lock that stood between her and the laptop.

Melinda and Rick said their goodbyes right outside the building he had his office in, they had gone out for dinner together to talk about the most recent developments in this Gabriel incident. They managed to keep the developments of their relationship (or lack thereof) out of the dinner talk.

"I'll see you tomorrow, alright?" Melinda said to him.

Rick nodded, "yeah, until then." He replied. He didn't know if it would be ok, but he decided to try it anyway. He leaned in and kissed her forehead.

Melinda smiled and walked away from him.

Rick made his way back up to his office. He unlocked the door and walked in to find his desk had been broken into. He looked and noticed that his laptop with the book he was writing was missing. "What?" He exclaimed as he looked around. "The door was locked, and only two other people who have keys are Jordan and the Janitor." He thought out loud. He ran out of his office and saw Jordan sneaking out of the building with his laptop. "What the…?" He asked himself as he followed her.

Jordan got into her car and put the computer in the backseat. Upon starting the car she was surprised by Rick opening the passenger side door and getting inside.

"Tell me something." He said as he situated himself in the car and shut the door. "Is this the first time you have stolen something, or is this a recurring thing?" He asked as he reached into the back and grabbed his laptop.

Jordan locked the doors and started driving. "This is the first time." She said.

"Let me out." He sternly told her with his laptop in his arms.

"I can't do that." Jordan told him. "I need to give that laptop to someone."

Rick was starting to get nervous, "Who could you possibly have to give that to?" He asked.

At the same time, Amber ran into Eli's office.

Eli was looking through some books on the bookcase so his back was to the door.

"You're Eli James, right?" She burst out in a panic.

"Yeah, what can I do for you?" He asked still turned away from Amber.

"Ok good, I need you to come with me now." She told him, "My sister is in trouble." She told him.

"Who's your sister?"

"Jordan Franks."

Eli's eyes widened. 'Jordan's in trouble?' He thought to himself and turned around to see no one standing there. "Hello?" He asked.

"Oh, that's right, she never told you." Amber said as she walked over to Eli.

"You're…dead?" He asked in shock.

Amber nodded, "Yeah. Four years ago. I was a year older. My death hit her hard, so I decided to stick around. Then she met Gabriel."

"Gabriel?" Eli was amazed, "So she met Gabriel before she came here?" He asked.

"Yeah, he promised he could bring me back to life. So she made a pact with him." She said. "I'm sorry it took me so long to come out and say something."

Eli was in shock, "she works for Gabriel…what happened yesterday was…"

"No, she didn't call them in. She told me about it later. She started questioning her trust in Gabriel when he did that. But now she's on her way to see him." She explained further.

"Where?" Eli said as he grabbed his coat and keys.

"His house is at 345 45th Ave." She told him.

"Got it!" He said as he ran out the door. "You're coming, yes?" He asked as he continued to run.

"Of course. Just help my sister."


There you have it…sorry it wasn't that great. Bit of writer's block this week. See you all next week!