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"will you marry me?"…

Oh my goodness. Edward is asking him to marry me?! Of course I wanted to. I probably looked like an idiot just sitting here staring. Quick bella, say something.

"Yes. YES!!" I screamed and jumped into his arms. He chuckled and hugged me tight. Then he sat down and pulled a small little black box out of his pocket. I hope he didn't spend to much, but knowing him, he probably did.

He opened it and I gasped. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. (ring on profile) It was a gold band with 5 diamonds going across, and a beautiful design on it.

He slipped it on to my left ring finger where it would stay forever. It fit perfectly.

"It was my mother's ring. She wanted me to give it to my wife. It was here dying wish. Do you like it?"

"Oh yes, edward, it's so beautiful" I exclaimed and he smiled bigger than I had ever seen. "I wish I could have met your mom, she sounds wonderful."

"she was, you remind me a lot of her." He said smiling "You both are so kind to others, espessially those who don't deserve it. You are perfect I love you."

" I love you too. Did you all plan this?" I asked

"Well, it was Edward's idea, but I got everyone to go along with it." Angela said shyly.

"Thank you so much Ang!" I said to her. She really was a great friend. She would defiantly be one of my Maids of Honor.

"Thank you everyone. I'm glad I got to share this experience with you!" I said


She said yes. SHE SAID YES!! I am so happy.

"Look at bella she's so happy. I guess im glad, she is my friend after all." Jessica's thoughts flooded my mind. Wow she was being nice.

"I don't see how bella is fooled by that male hoe bag. I bet he goes around banging girls everywhere. I just don't see how she can be happy with him. She must be though, look at that smile. I guess I should show my support." Mike thought. Wow, is all I can say to that.

"Congrats man" Ben came up behind me and shook my hand.

"Thanks. For everything. If it wasn't for you and Angela, all of Bella's friends wouldn't be here. Well, except Lauren, but she and Tyler are kind of a package deal." I said laughing

"Yea, no one really likes her." He said laughing as well.

"Yea she isn't very friendly." I said and looked over at bella who was surrounded by all the girls looking at her ring.

I am so glad she likes it.


OMG!!!!!!!!! Ahhh Bella, said yes and now we have so much wedding planning to do! I know at first she will say that she doesn't want a big wedding, but I will convince her, I know know it. Get it, I know it. Hahahahhahha I crack myself up, FOCAS ALICE!

"Bella, it's beautiful." I told her and she smiled brightly at me.


We were about to pull into my drive way, and we decided it would be best to tell Charlie now.

"are you nervous love?" edward asked running his thumb over my ring while he was holding my hand.

"a little" I admitted "are you"

"No, I think he kind of see's it coming, and he doesn't want to do anything to upset you." He said and kissed my hand before he got out to open my door.

"ready" he asked. I just nodded my head and we started to walk through the front door

"Hey dad, we're here. Can we talk to you?"

"Sure bells, whats on your mind?"

"Well see, ummm, me and edward, are…engaged" I said barley keeping my voice

"I see" Charlie said but I could tell he was acting, he was worse than me.

"am I missing something?" I asked

"Bells, I already know. Edward came last night while you were asleep and asked my blessing." He said chuckling

"You did?" I said turning to edward.

"Of course, I knew you would want your dad's blessing, and I feel better that he accepted us too."

"Thank you" I whispered and leaned into kiss him. Charlie cleared his throat and we laughed.

"So you're not mad?" I asked Charlie

"No I'm not mad Bells. I'm just glad that you found someone who will love you as much as you love them. Even though you're young, I know you won't turn out like me and René." He said.

"do you think mom will be mad?" I asked

"Yes, but she will accept it. She loves you very much Bella."

"I know, I love her, and you, too."

Ok thanks guys, don't worry, the friendship with Jake will come in this story.!