(A/N: First attempt at fanfiction. I had the insane notion to combine The Dark Knight with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Every thing belongs to people WAY cooler than me... that is with the exception of one nameless henchman.) (also some lines taken directly from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.)

"Uh, Boss?" says one of the henchman.

"It can talk?" a man in purple says in mock astonishment. He then takes out a knife and trails it lightly across his finger tips. The goon takes this as a sign to continue

"Yeah... Listen I gotta question."

As the man with the knife looks at the hit man, an unnerving smile slinks its way across his face. The thug is too busy lighting a cigarette to notice his employer's expression. After taking a moment to increase his odds for lung cancer the smoker finally got up the courage to speak his mind. "Why should I risk my life to help rob a bank just so we can burn the money? I don't know... I mean, ain't that a little Stupid?" The nicotine addict seems unbothered by the lack of response.

"It's not about the money... Can I you ask something?" his superior says, peculiar smile still in place.

"Go ahead, shoot"


"Happy to oblige." Laughing the man looks at the deceased criminal "one of you clowns get this out of my office!" the killer bellowed through a nearby doorway. When no response comes he conceals the handgun once more within the purple fabric of his coat and lets out a sigh. "Where are those clowns when I need them?" he gives this a momentary thought "Dead!" he then bursts into a fit of laughter that would make hyenas cringe.


"Dr. Horrible eh? HAH! Aren't they all!"

"I was looking for a job and..." explains a young man in lab coat an goggles.

"And..." the Joker indicates he should keep talking

"I think I got the wrong address. I'm looking for the G.L.E." the nervous newcomer attempts to clarify. "That's short for Gotham League of Evil."

"Why so serious? Just call us Glee." he says this as if it's some type of inside joke "Your resume says that you'made several bars of gold disappear from a bank vault.' Is this true? This sounds like something Gotham Times would be interested in. Prey tell, why they weren't." says the murderer as his tongue flicks out of his mouth. This gives an overall impression of a colorful gecko.

"Well the molecules...uh...tend to shift during the transmitter event, but they were transported in bar form and they clearly were..." Dr. Horrible is starting to get defensive. "And by the way it's not about making money, it's about taking money! Destroying the status quo...Because the status is NOT quo! The world is a mess and" he gets cut off when the Jokers suddenly shouts...

"YOU'RE HIRED!" throwing the resume in the general direction of the trashcan he puts an arm around the shoulders of his new partner in chaos. "First things first. We need to work on the laugh..."

AND THEY [almost] ALL (remember the clowns) LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. (Um...?)