All characters and character likenesses are copyright of C.S. Lewis and everyone affiliated with him and his estate. I only own parts of the plot and any miscellaneous characters I may introduce.

This is a heavily alternative universe based on the Chronicles of Narnia series, and I do not intend to offend any purists out there. Again, I own only parts of the plot.

'Return to Gold'

Plot set up:

Based largely upon the Disney and Walden Media movies, especially descriptions

What if the Pevensie's return to the age they were when the left at the end of Lion, With and Wardrobe

Caspian is drawn to Lucy as compared to Susan

Plotline ignores the books and / or movies that take place after Prince Caspian

Lucy and Caspian's point of view

Character age set up:

Caspian is 21

Lucy is 18

Edmund is 20

Susan is 25

Peter is 27