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The sun was high in the sky as a seven year old boy walked down the street, holding his backpack close. His large grey eyes looked around uneasily, twirling a single white lock of hair with his free hand. 'It's too quiet,' he thought to himself. He tried to tell himself that he was being paranoid, and to stop being so irrational and calm down. It was hard though.

The boy's walk home remained silent, except the sound of someone working a chainsaw in the distance. Sometimes a car driving by. Normal sounds for the country side.

However, when he reached the light blue house that he and his parents called home, everything seemed to have gone absolutely silent. His stomach lurched as he put his hand on the doorknob. He wasn't familiar with this feeling, but he recognized it. It was the same feeling he got when he started public school just that past September, after being home schooled for the first years of his life. His mother had called it "the butterfly feeling," because it felt like several butterflies fluttering inside one's stomach.

He opened the door slowly, then gasped at what he saw. The kitchen was covered in blood. A strange man was pinning his mother against the wall with one hand, a chainsaw in his other. The man had raven-black hair and a pale face, wearing black jeans and a shirt that looked like it might have been originally white, yet was completely red and soaked with blood. Neither his mother nor the man had seemed to noticed him yet. Heart in his throat, he glanced around at the mess that used to be his house. His father's body was laying on the floor close to the stranger, yet the body wasn't completely together. The stomach had been cut open, and the intestines were partially out to the floor. The arms looked like they had been literally broken off. The head had been cut off as well, and the lifeless eyes looked up at him, showing his father's last emotion: complete terror.

Without realizing it, the boy let out a soft sob. Both his mother and the stranger jumped and looked over at him.

"Nate, run while you ca--" His mother's words were cut short when the stranger swung the chainsaw, cleanly cutting the body in a diagonal half. Blood squirted everywhere, covering the few things that were still clean.

Nate knew he had to get away, but it felt as if his feet were made out of stone. He couldn't move at all. Even when his own mother's blood sprayed in his face, he couldn't move. He watched in horror as the stranger reached into the corpse and pulled out the heart. The stranger gave the heart a small squeeze, watching Nate's expression as he did. The stranger then giggled, sounding like a child with a new toy.

Suddenly, Nate was able to move again. The next thing he knew he was running as fast as he could. He could hear the foot steps of his family's murderer behind him. Tears were blurring his vision now, and he felt sick from what he had just saw. Blindly he ran, until the tears started flowing freely from his eyes. He wasn't aware of how long he ran, but all he knew was that his chest was starting to burn from the effort. 'Maybe he gave up on following me….' he thought, turning to look.

In that split second any luck he had ever had in his short life decided to work against him. His foot became snared in a tree root. His body hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him. He hissed out a curse and tried to pull himself back to his feet. While he did, a hand reached out and did the rest of the work.

"Trying to run away from me, huh?" a voice growled in Nate's ear. He didn't have to turn around to know it was the killer. He felt a hand move down his body, making him shiver. "You look so much like…him…"

"….Who?" Nate blinked. No reply came from the killer, except for a small, strange-smelling cloth being placed over his mouth. Nate's eyes widened and he let out a muffled scream, trying to pull away from the killer. He started feeling woozy, and then everything went black…

When Nate awoke, he found himself sitting alone on the floor of an old shed. He tried to move, finding that he was tied to something. "H-hello?" he called out. There was no response. He sat in silence, his heart pounding to the point it gave him a headache. Even though he knew the only person that would come was his parents' killer, it was better if he was there than wondering where he was.

He could be out there…killing everyone Nate had ever cared about. That thought made hot tears burn Nate's eyes.

The sound of the door opening caught Nate's attention. The killer walked in, carrying a jar of what Nate guessed was either blood or some sort of jam. He hoped it was jam. The thought of someone eating blood made him feel sick.

"Ah, so you're awake, huh?" The stranger knelt down beside Nate, holding out his jam-covered fingers to him. "You hungry?" When Nate didn't respond, he shrugged and moved to lick the jam off himself. "Eeh, suit yourself."

Nate sighed and shifted the rope, glancing at the grocery bag that the killer had been carrying into the shed, both curious about what was in the bag, and not wanting to know. 'Tools of torture, most likely,' he thought, picturing the medieval tools that he had seen in a book that he borrowed from the local high school's library.

"So, what's your name?" the killer asked suddenly, stroking Nate's white hair. "You can call me B."

"N-Nate Rivers," Nate replied, wanting to pull away from B, but unable to.

"Nate Rivers, huh?" B leaned forward, gently kissing Nate's cheek. "And yet even your skin feels like his…" He reached out and undid the buttons of Nate's blue shirt. "Nearly him….just not the same age, or hair colour…Nearly.."

Nate's eyes widened. "What are you doing!?" he gasped as B slid off the boy's shirt.

"We're going to play a game, okay?" B reached for the grocery bag and pulled a knife out of it, and something else. It was too small for Nate to be able to tell what it was. B turned to him. "Now, stay still." He leaned closer to Nate, bringing out a small black brush to Nate's face. Nate whimpered and closed his eyes, feeling the brush go across his face, under his eyes. A couple seconds later, B pulled away. "There. First part done."

Nate remained silent, fear showing in his grey eyes as B moved to pull Nate's pants off as well. B smirked and started stroking Nate's body. One hand went up on Nate's cheek and slowly moved down his body, making a small trail of jam. Nate shivered as B stroked him.

"You like this?" B asked, not really caring if Nate really liked it. He gripped his knife and dug the tip of it into Nate's shoulder. Not enough to cause any extreme damage, but enough to cause plenty of pain.

Nate whimpered and grimaced, watching the blood start to drip down his shoulder. "Stop it! It hurts!"

"It does?" B pushed the knife in a little bit deeper, causing Nate to scream in pain. "Good." He started to run the knife down Nate's arm, sometimes leaning forward to lap up a bit of the blood that started to spill off. After a while, he set the knife aside and inched closer to him. "Nate…" He began to stroke the boy's body again, grinning as Nate started to moan.

Nate winced. "What is going on, B?" He looked at B for an explanation, getting nothing. Instead, his captor stood up and unzipped his pants.

"Nate, suck on this," B commanded as he pulled down his boxers enough to give Nate a good look at his manhood.

Nate blinked. "What?"

"You heard me. Do it!" B yelled, pulling the boy close and forcing Nate's lips around his cock. Nate whimpered and did as he was ordered. B smiled, stroking Nate's hair. "Oh…ah…that's good…Look at me."

Nate glanced up at him, tears filling his eyes.

"Mm…That's enough. Keep sucking…" B hissed. He gripped Nate's shoulder's tightly and bucked into his mouth. Nate whined and sucked harder, feeling B harden inside his mouth. He didn't know what he was doing, but he feared what B would do if he stopped. B trusted again, making Nate gag. "Oh……L!" he screamed, then released into Nate's mouth, making him swallow.

B pulled out of Nate mouth and let him collapse on the floor. "Now…." B picked up the knife he had set aside earlier and knelt down beside Nate. With a quick jab, the knife penetrated the back of Nate's neck. A few cuts, and there was now a bleeding 'B' on the back of Nate's neck. "…..Everyone will know you're mine."

Oh noes! Poor Ne--I mean, Nate! Being branded by BB!

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