A/N: So. This is the probably once of the first story I've actually ended decently(or ended, actually) in my life. Yes, I sort of left it at a cliffhanger, but pretty much everything is explained. ^^; I'm actually getting those gears in my head working for a sequel as we speak!

This IS a short chapter, but it's more like an epilogue than anything. Enjoy. ^^ *goes to party because she actually FINISHED a story for once*

"Mello, what are you doing?" asked a redhead child wearing jeans and an oversized black and white sweater. He was walking over to a blond who was wearing black sweatpants and a blackish-purple shirt.

"New kid," hissed the blond in reply, pointing to outside the window. The redhead peeked over his friend's shoulder, the Gameboy he was holding temporarily forgotten.

"….What is he, an albino? He's all white. He's even wearing the colour!" He felt a chill go up his spine. The new kid looks sort of like he belonged in a mental institution, not an orphanage.

The blond turned to look at him. "Matt, white is a shade, not a colour," he told him simply.

Matt(the redhead) smirked. "A shade of what, Mello?"

The blond, Mello, had his eyes now narrowed at a dangerous level. "Of every colour. You learned this in class, Matt! White is when all the colours get absorbed into something, and black reflects all colour!" He said nothing else, and ran over to the door as Watari opened it. "Waaatariii! Who's this?"

The old man smiled and looked down at Nate. "This is Near, Mello. Could you and Matt show him around and get him comfortable with his surroundings? I need to talk to Roger." He brushed past the boys and walked in the direction of Roger's office.

"So, you were given the name Near, huh?" Mello smiled and put his hand on the younger child's shoulder. He felt the boy wince from his touch. Deciding against asking what happened, he started to lead Near down the hallway. "I'm Mello, and this is my best friend, Matt." He pointed to the redhead. "He's second, I'm first!"

Near blinked and looked at Mello. "…First? Second?" he repeated, confusion in his voice.

Mello nodded proudly. "Yep, yep! I get the highest grades, and he gets the second highest grades. When I get older, I'll be L!"

After a little bit of shivering, Near nodded slowly. "I see…"

Mello stopped walking and looked at Near. "Are you okay?"

"My parents just died, I'm great," Near answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The blond pouted a little. "Alright, alright, you're not exactly 'okay'…" he sighed. "I know how you feel, Near. I really do."

Near spun to face Mello, staring at him. Grey eyes and blue eyes met, and stared at each other. 'You have no idea what I'm feeling right now. You have no idea what happened to me. I doubt anyone will know how I feel. Dirty and…lonely.'

"Near, I am seriously sorry." Mello knelt down so he was eye level with the younger child. It looked like Near was going to shatter like the porcelain doll he seemed to be. "I understand that this must be a very emotional time for you. When I first came here after my parents died, it was hard for me too. You'll realize though, after a while the only hard part is fitting in. Even that gets easy after a while."

"Someone like him, fitting in?" Matt mumbled, but squeaked when Mello shot him a cold glare.

"C'mon." Mello started to lead Near down the hallway once again. After about an hour's worth of touring and trying to get Near settled, the trio reported back to Roger's office, where Watari and Roger were still talking.

"….He has barely shown any outward emotion so far. I think he'll make the next---" Watari's voice trailed off as he noticed the children. "Mello. Matt. Near. Come on in."

Near felt the urge to run away. They hadn't been talking about him, had they? And the look that the two elder men had given him….it sent chill up his spine.

Roger seemed to be much older than Watari; with his grumpy expression and receding hairline. It made Near think more of the grumpy old men that he had seen on TV, and on the flip side Watari seemed like those kind "Santa Claus" friendly grandfather types. At least, except for the weird look he gave Near sometimes.

"Mello, Near will be in the room next to yours," Roger said, looking at the blond. Matt let out a gasp.

"Roger, you can't be serious!" Matt exclaimed, stepping forward. "That room hasn't been used since….well, it hasn't been used in years!"

"But it's still a perfectly fine room, Matt," Roger retorted. "Don't worry, the other room will never be open for children to room in."

"Very well…." Matt stared down at the floor, eyes wide and his face pale.

"I'll…go take Near to his new room," Mello announced quietly. He gently took Near's hand and led him out of the room. After a bit of a walk down the hall, he stopped in front of a door. "This is the room, Near. My room is right there." He pointed to the next door to the right. "Do you need me to go in with you?"

Near shook his head. "No, thank you though." He gave him a small wave goodbye and stepped into his new room.

The room was a mess. Dust was everywhere, the blankets for the bed were on the floor, papers were strung here and there….it seemed like someone left without caring, or maybe the children of the orphanage had been going in and trashing the place. Either of those seemed quite probable.

Near gave a soft sigh as he began to clean up the papers. After he'd get a big armful, he'd put the papers in the large closet, not knowing where else to put it. He picked up the blankets and threw them on the bed, then began to make the bed carefully. Why did they let this room get like this!?

The sun was starting to go down by the time the room was even liveable(by his own standards, at least). As he was putting the last pile of paper in the closet, he tripped and fell. That was when he noticed it.

In the corner, by the door, sticking out horribly in the old grey paint of the walls, was a red coloured 'B' that appeared to be finger-painted on the wall in a substance that Near knew he would always recognize, yet never like again.

Strawberry jam.