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My Undenying Love


What happens when you loved someone for so long

they're suddenly attached to your heart.

But to come and find that the boy you've been longing for

is attached to another girl.

It's now your mission to GET HIM BACK!!


Chapter 1- Introduction

"Damn, it's hot!" Riley said as he entered the living room. Huey grunted at the sound of his brother's voice. He was reading peacefully until he came along.

"OH!! It's so HOT!!" Riley yelled.

"Then turn on the A.C dumbass," said Huey.

"Shut up nigga," said Riley. Riley walked over to the window and turned on the A.C. "Oh yeah baby that's just what I needed," Riley said.

"Good now shut the hell up," Huey said.

"Shut up Huey you gay ass nigga," said Riley. Huey just rolled his eyes and continued reading. Riley began laughing. "You so gay Huey tha-," CLICK… CLUNK …CLUNK. "What the hell was that?" said Riley.

"I don't know and don't care," Huey replied. Then they heard the noise again and realized it was coming from the A.C. "Why is it making that sound?"

"How am I supposed to know?" said Riley.

"Just fix it. The noise is annoying," Huey said.

"Aiight, that's what I'm tryna do," said Riley. He then started banging on top of the A.C., ad the noised stopped. "See," Riley said grinning. "They don't call me Young Reezy for nothing," said Riley. Then suddenly, the A.C. stopped working. Again. "AW DAMN. DAMN. DAMN!!" yelled Riley. "Why Lord. Why me? I've been good; I've helped other niggas before. Now why can't you help this nigga out and turn on the A.C." he whined and fell on the floor.

"Riley stop whining and try doing something else to forget about the heat," said Huey.

"A.C. broken, now it's too damn hot and this gay nigga talkin bout forgettin the heat," mumbled Riley as he turned on the T.V. and played his video games. Ding dong, the doorbell rang. None of the boys got

up to answer the door. The doorbell continued ringing. "Damn it boys!" yelled Granddad. "Open the door. I'm busy getting ready for my date." He was checking himself at the mirror, fixing his bowtie and smiling. "Yup this one coming home with me later," he said and started doing a little dance. The doorbell rang again. "Riley, didn't I tell you to open the door," Granddad yelled.

"Nah," Riley replied.

"Ahh, now you think you a smart ass," yelled Granddad.

"Yeah I think so,"

"Well then get your smart black ass to the damn door and open it!!"

"Dang aiight. Pushy niggas these days," said Riley as he got up from the floor.

"What you say boy? Don't make take out my belt. Just cause you 15 don't mean I can't still whoop your black ass"

"No Granddad, I'm opening it right now." Riley opened the door and was surprised at who he saw. A tall white woman stood at the door. Her long and beautiful blonde hair blowing at the wind. She had on a long black dress with a very, very long v-cut going down the middle.

"Oh my God, Riley!! You grew so much If only you are older I would totally be dating you right now instead of Granddad, speaking of Granddad is here?"

"Who the hell are you?" was all that came out of Riley's mouth from the last 5 minutes of starring at the lady.

"You don't remember me Riley?" asked the strange lady.


"You don't remember us playing video games and I beat you?" she asked.

Riley started laughing. "You beat me? Now that's a lie"

"How can you not remember me?" the lady asked. Riley shrugged his shoulders. "I'm the….you know….the hoe" she finally said. Riley stared at her for a few seconds.

"Granddad!!!! There's a skinny white hoe at the door for you!!" he yelled.

"Yep that's my date," said Granddad. H e came downstairs with a big grin on his face."Kristal. It's so nice to see you again. I'm glad you'd called the other night."

"I know and I'm now officially not a hoe," she replied.

"Get outta here," said Riley. "You sure look like one to me."

Shut up boy," said Granddad.

"What? I'm just sayin," said Riley. "A how can never stop being a hoe."

"That's so not true," said Kristal.

"Riley's right Granddad, for once," Huey said suddenly coming out of the corner. "What do you want with us?"

"Yeah, we ain't got no money for you hoe so just leave," said Riley.

"Oh my God Huey!!! You got so big and muscular. If only you were older I would totally date you. How old are you?" Kristal asked.

"He 17 and he don't go out with skanky hoes like you so leave!" said Riley

"17. Huh. That's close to 18. It'll work," she said. Everybody gaped at her not saying a word. Riley broke the silence.

"I TOLD YOU!!" he exclaimed. "I told you she ain't notthin but a hoe."

"I was kidding. I really did change guys," Kristal explained.

"Of course you have," said Granddad. "Come on in cutie pie; don't want to leave you out here in the heat." They all sat down in the living room. Huey sat in Granddad's favorite chair, Riley sat on the floor and continued playing his video games and Granddad and Kristal sat next to each other on the couch. "You look thirsty, I'll get you something to drink," said Granddad and he went into the kitchen.

"Ooooo let me play," said Kristal.

"You ain't got no game hoe," said Riley.

"Yeah well we'll see about that," she said as she plugged in the 2nd player joystick and started playing intensely. "Where your game at boy?!" said Kristal.

"I got my game hoe. It's my damn joystick!" Riley yelled. The game ended with Kristal being the champion.

"Just like last time," she said.

"Shut up you fake ass Mariah Carey!!" Riley yelled. Just then the doorbell rang. AGAIN.

"Riley get the door!" yelled Granddad from the kitchen.

"Dang why it always gotta be me," said Riley as he opened the door.

"Hi Riley, is Huey here?" asked a girl about Huey's age. She was about 2 inches taller than Riley and had a big ponytail puff.

"Yo Huey, ya hoe Jazmine is here!" yelled Riley.

"Shut up Riley. I told you already I'm not a hoe," said Jazmine pushing him out of her way as she entered the house. "Hi Huey,"

"Hey Jazmine," he said.

"Damn hoe, you ain't gotta push me like dat," said Riley getting up. "Ow! Why u does that Huey?" asked Riley after being punched in the arm.

"Leave her alone Riley she is not hoe," said Huey with a bored tone.

Jazmine smiled after hearing Huey say this even he though he says it a million times when Riley messes with her. It just makes her feel happy.

"Granddad I'm leaving!" yelled Huey and he walked out the door to the hill where they like to spend their time together the most.


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