So here is the set up, they are all seniors in high school at Forks. Bella and Rosalie are human and Rose lives with Bella because her parents died when she was young. The Cullens all live together and are vampires. This is the first chapter let me know what you think!

"So guys what are we doing after school today?" I asked as I made my way to Alice's locker, our normal meeting point. Rose and the guys where already there, the only person missing was Edward.

"Well I was thinking we could gather at Mario's for a few slices." Rose suggested. Alice gave Jasper a slight look of disgust, which I don't think was meant for me to see. I hadn't thought Rose's idea was that bad, I actually liked pizza.

"Um Jasper and I actually have a date tonight so I don't think that we'll be able to make it." Alice said looking apologetic, what was that about.

"Well we can still go." Emmitt jumped in, "We can make it a double, me and Rosie and Bella and Edward." I blushed at the mention of me and Edward together. As if I thought, Edward was perfect, I had been in love with him for forever but he had never noticed me in that way, I mean sure we were great friends but that was the only way he saw me, as a friend.

"Well you and Rose can go as a couple but Edward and I are just friends." I said before they could get any ideas, though Alice had already tried to get me to admit my feelings for him, I had stayed strong and not given in.

"Who's just friends?" I heard an angles voice ask. I turned and saw Edward looking to breathe taking then should be legal at this time in the morning, but then again all the Cullens looked beautiful at any time of day. He smiled one of his perfectly crocked smiles, and I nearly melted to the floor.

"You and I." I said recovering quickly, I thought I saw him look a little dejected. It must be my imagination; Edward would never have feelings for me.

"So we're having pizza tonight?" he asked looking a little grossed out too. What was up with everyone hating pizza?

"Yup." Emmitt answered him, at least he seemed excited for the food, though I rarely saw him actually eating now that I thought of it.

"Well we better get to class before we're late." Alice said tugging Jasper along with her. Everyone went their separate ways, I headed to math.


I watched as Bella walked off to her first period. I sighed, I was madly in love with her but I could never let myself tell her. She was human and I wasn't, she didn't know that Alice, Jasper, Emmitt and I were all vampires. And telling her that I loved her would just end up leading to heart break. What was going to happen when she continued to age and I never would?

So for the past two years I had kept it secret that I loved her. It was our senior year and I just had to stick it through until Bella went away to college never to see us again.

I didn't know how Emmitt did it, he had been dating Rose for a year now. I had asked him once what he was planning on doing when this year was over and he had just shrugged and said he would just ask her if she wanted to be changed, I had the feeling he was going to ask her soon, maybe even tonight Rosalie had no clue what we were, I hoped that once she found out she would tell Bella, I didn't want to put her life in danger. I was mad at Emmitt for thinking that this would turn out so easy for him. He got to keep the love of his life and I couldn't. How did he know she would say yes? What would happen if she said no? I didn't want to think about this right now.


The bell jolted me out of my little space out session. And I hurried off to class, French, joy!

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