A/N: It's just a drabble I wrote on my LJ for a pairing meme (check it out if you want to request a drabble from me!). I'm not going to post all the drabbles I write for it, but I really liked this one. So I'm posting it here. :)

+ Dinner Duel +

+ A MisaxTakada Drabble +

"All... right!" Misa announced, hiccuped and banged her glass of wine against the table. "All right, Kiyomi. Let's settle this once and for all!"

Kiyomi gave her a skeptical look. "Settle?"

"Yes!" Misa insisted, jumping up from her seat and swaying a little before she caught her balance. "We obviously... cannot come to an agreement with just...hic...words now, can we?"

She stumbled over to Kiyomi, coming to a skidding halt right in front of her. "Let's settle this squarely, like real women!"

"With teeth and nails?" Kiyomi asked, deadpan.

"Nooo, stupid!" Misa scoffed, cheeks shining red under the bright light of the dining room. "A compe...competiti...compe...!"

Kiyomi narrowed her eyebrows. "Competition, by any chance?"

"Thassit!" Misa cheered, smiling for a second before remembering what was at stake and schooled her face back into a scowl. "A competition, that's what we need!"

"About what?" Kiyomi asked delicately.

"And you got into Todai? About who's the better match for Light, ofcourse!"

Kiyomi cleared her throat. "And what... discipline would that competition be in?"

"That's...!" Misa started with gusto, eyes widened. "That's!" she froze, mouth hanging open, then closed it with an audible plop.

Kiyomi looked at her with her insufficient data, cannot compute expression. "That's what?"

"A good question," Misa mumbled.

Kiyomi rolled her eyes. "Well, what about playing music? Singing? Math?"

"Kiyomi!" Misa chided, "Light's a man. Why would he care about those abilities? And anyway, that's not fair, you'd win!"

"Well, what then?"

"The important qualities in a woman of course!" Misa cheered.

It took Kiyomi a while to realize what she meant, watching her trail one hand down her collarbone to her-

"Oh, we are not comparing boob sizes!" Kiyomi spat.

Misa smiled sweetly - or at least Kiyomi suspected it would have been sweet if she hadn't downed enough wine to sustain a small African village. "Afraid of losing, are you?"

"It's not a very fair competition," Kiyomi countered, "We need something we both stand equal chance in."

"And is important to Light!"

Kiyomi sighed. "Fine."

Misa thought, wrinkling her nose. When, at last, an idea came to her, her whole face lit up. "I got it!"

Before Kiyomi got the chance to inquire what that something was - yes, indeed, before she was even given the chance to process what was happening - Misa had already lunged forward and messily pressed her lips flush against Kiyomi's lips.

And Kiyomi's brain, in a word, went adhjdrll;;;jdj.

The taste of wine mingled with the faint scent of vanilla perfume invaded her senses as Misa enthusiasically opened her jaw and fused her tongue with hers. Misa messily jabbed her tongue into her mouth and clicked their teeth together as she grabbed a fistful of black hair and pressed her face against Kiyomi's harder. The circles her tongue drew were as messy and sloppy as her grip was harsh and needy and when it was over, it took Kiyomi's brain a while to re-discover it was capable of sentient thought.

"Hah!" Misa squealed. "I'm better at kissing than you! Take that!"

Kiyomi, rendered speechless, was unable to do anything other than stare as Misa giggled with a dreamy look on her face, then spun on her heels and skipped away - or would have, if she hadn't been so drunk she ran the risk of making personal acquaintance with the restaurant floor.

When she'd made it to the door, miraculously without tripping, she turned around, huge grin on her face. "I won that fair and square, Takada! You know it!" Along with a bright smile, she flashed Kiyomi a peace sign.