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I knew from the moment I saw that peach-haired, snooty, bobby pin-wearing boy that we definitely wouldn't get along.

"I'm sorry, what's your name again? Amy, or whatever? I can't cook with you breathing down my freakin' neck. Could you go somewhere else?"

I seethed, huffed out my chest, and turned to leave. Who cares if this new guy was cute? He was a total jerk. I hadn't even known him for more than five minutes and I could tell we wouldn't be speaking very often.

"Oh, and Allison?" He asked me as I whirled around to face him, expecting an apology or an 'I'm just joking' kind of comment. "Tell Jake we're out of tomatoes."

Feeling my shoulders rise and fall in anger as I sighed, I opened my mouth to retort. Unfortunately for me, I had never been the best at comebacks.

"Uh, what's the magic word?" I replied with the snootiest tone I could muster. Let me tell you, it wasn't too impressive.

"… Now?"

I groaned and clenched my fists together at my sides before heading for the exit once again.

"Hey! Wait! Ariel!" He called after me. Whirling around, this time with more confidence and finesse, I yelled back,

"It's Angela!"

And with that, I yanked open the Sundae Inn door and practically threw myself out before he had the chance to. Jeez, what crawled up that guy's butt and died?

As I sauntered home, I ran into Maya, one of the more, er, 'eclectic' cooks at the Sundae Inn.

"Angela! Hi!" She exclaimed, waving enthusiastically. Still heated, I grunted out a greeting before trying to push past her. But she moved in my way, blocking my path home.

"Did you hear? There's a new resident in town, Chase. He works with me at the Inn now! Isn't that wonderful?"

"Yeah, it's wonderful all right." I muttered under my breath, still trying to get around the Maya Blockade.

"Have you met him?" She asked, straightening out the giant poof in her dress. What in the world did she have in that dress to keep it afloat like that? Shaking the thought out of my head, I looked back up at her.

"Sure, I met him." I said dully. She squealed.

"Oh, I'm so excited! I haven't even met him yet… I think I'll go introduce myself! I made him a special cake when Yolanda told me he was coming. I think he'll love it!"

I smiled to myself as I watched her skip inside of the Inn. Crossing my arms, I stared expectedly at the door. 3…2…1…

The door burst open, with Maya practically flinging herself outside, crying out a string of incomprehensible words. All I could really make out was 'cake… spit out… said it was awful… so upset!' I patted her on the back.

"People like him just want attention, negative or not. So just go back in there and don't say anything to him, even when he addresses you, okay?" I told her. She nodded as her cheeks still glowed red.

"Thanks, Angela. I'll see you later."

I waved goodbye before, once again, heading back in the direction of my home. It was around seven, and the moon was facing me directly as I walked, casting a blinding light upon my face. Boy, it was nights like this where I wish I had someone to watch the stars with. Almost as if on cue, I ran right into Toby. He was a fisherman, and, well… really didn't talk about anything else but fish.

"Have you seen the sky tonight?" He asked me, catching me off guard. I felt a blush creep onto my face as I nodded. "This is the perfect time of day to catch certain types of fish. Care to join me?"

Immediately my shoulders fell. Never underestimate someone who fishes for a living. Especially Toby.

"I think I'll pass for tonight." I replied. He shrugged.

"Suit yourself. See you later!" He called after me as I walked past him. This was my problem with Waffle Town… I didn't really fancy any of the guys here. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of single men, but they all had a trait or two that just didn't mesh with me. Then again, I am a very picky person.

First, there was Luke. Cute, driven, handles an axe well… what is there not to like? Well, first of all, he made a comment about being spanked by the Harvest Goddess that disturbed me a little. Also, he almost killed me twice with that axe of his! He was a little too reckless for me.

Then there was Jin. He always cared and he was really interested in his work. But when I passed out from working too hard in the fields, he practically smacked me for not taking better care of myself! Needless to say, I'm a little scared to go near the Meringue Clinic.

For a little while, I had a thing for Owen, an apprentice at the blacksmith. It was only a few seasons ago that I realized he looked and acted a lot like my ex-boyfriend, Bob. I still get the shivers every time I look at him.

Gill was arrogant. Enough said.

Julius was a little too girly for my taste, and Calvin was too manly for my taste (also, I heard a rumor that he doesn't date girls with natural hair color… that would explain him and Phoebe having a thing).

So that left me with no one. Well, except for that snotty son of a bitch I just met. Just thinking about him made me frown outwardly.

I arrived at my house about twenty minutes later, completely exhausted from the day's errands. Hopping into my bed and flipping on the TV, I saw that the Waffle Island News was on. Seeing as there were no other channels, I settled under my covers and watched intently as Elli, the host of various TV shows and a worker at the Town Hall, popped up onto the screen. She gave a cheesy smile and looked down at her papers before beginning.

"We have a new resident here in Waffle Town!" She began. I groaned outwardly, "We will have many more newcomers, due to the new changes on the island, so make sure you introduce yourself!"

I frowned, pulling the covers up to my neck.

"Also, tomorrow is the Fall Flea Market, so make sure you have some spending money! That's all for today! Stay tuned for 'Kingdom of Wildlife'!"

Yawning and flipping the TV off, I stretched my arms high above my head. Weariness had soon taken its toll on my eyelids, and eventually I fell into a deep sleep.

I was woken up the next morning by the crow of one of my chickens, Scruffy. Rubbing my eyes vigorously, I looked up at the white ceiling and sighed. Time to get up. Not noticing how close to the edge of the bed I was, I rolled over and flopped right onto the floor, bringing the covers and sheets with me. I could already tell this was going to be a bad day.

I got dressed and made myself orange juice for breakfast before going outside to tend to my crops. Afterwards, I herded the animals outside to the field to shear and milk the sheep and cow, respectively. Afterwards, I counted my money as I headed over to the Flea Market to buy a carrot cake.

The Waffle Square area was decorated with steamers and various other colorful objects. People had already set up their stands and were waiting for customers. Walking slowly around the vicinity, I spotted the carrot cake on a stand run by no other than Chase himself. Sighing and mustering up some confidence, I made my way over to the stand.

"One carrot cake." I said dully, not even bothering to look at him.

"What's the magic word?" He asked me, smiling slyly at his mockery. I rolled my eyes. If he wanted to play that game, then fine.

"… Now?" I repeated what he had said last night in the exact same condescending manner. Now it was his turn for an eye roll.

"Very clever." He muttered, setting the carrot cake on the counter.

"Why are you even running this stand? You've been here for a day." I asked him as I took out my wallet.

"Jake and Colleen had other things to do. And Maya…" He began, blushing unnoticeably as he said her name but then catching himself, "well; she's probably off making more disgusting and bitter cakes or something."

"Son of a bitch…" I whispered inaudibly under my breath.

"What was that?"

"I said, how much?"


"What?!" I exclaimed, my jaw dropping open. He smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

"I didn't make the prices. Now cough it up!"

Sighing, I reached for the money and slammed it down on the counter before stowing the cake away in my rucksack and leaving the Square. It was only ten in the morning and I was already sick of today. As I made my way to Maple Lake District, I heard a small explosion coming from the Sundae Inn. Rushing to the door, I opened it just slightly. All shops were closed today, but I'm sure whoever was in there wouldn't mind some help.

"Oh, no…" I heard Maya say to herself in a gloomy voice. Stepping into the Inn, I saw that the whole kitchen looked like a tornado had passed over it, and then turned around and came back again. It was a mess.

"Maya? What happened?" I asked, advancing towards the kitchen. She slowly untied her apron and hung it on the doorknob, looking upset.

"I've been trying to cook something great for the Harvest Festival's cooking contest that's in a few days… but I can't make anything! Why does everything I cook blow up?" She asked, wiping some soot off of her face. I patted her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it! It's just a festival, it's not like some renowned chef is going to be there to give you a million dollars for having the best dish. Don't sweat it!" I told her. She sighed.

"Maybe he won't give me a million dollars, but…"

"Maya, no. You're not thinking about Chase, are you? Oh come on! He's not a renowned chef…"

"Yeah, but he's the next best thing! Oh, Angela, I was so upset when he insulted my cake. I just have to make a better one." She replied.

"Why would you want to impress that jerk anyways?" I asked, remembering what he had said just a few minutes before about her, "It's not worth your time. Trust me. Your cooking skills will get better on their own; you can't force yourself to cook something amazing to impress that air-headed creep. Do yourself a favor and forget about him!"

She was silent for a few moments, contemplating this in her head before she looked up at me and smiled genuinely.

"You're totally right. He's a loser!"

With that, we laughed and started on cleaning up the kitchen before anyone saw the mess. Unfortunately, time was not on our side. It was about three in the afternoon, and the kitchen wasn't half as clean as it was before Maya got through with it. Sighing and wiping my brow, I kept scrubbing the inside of the oven while she picked off dried-up frosting bits from the ground. That's when the door swung open. It was our favorite person in the world.

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful…" He sang as he came through the door, obviously not aware that anyone was in the Sundae Inn at the moment. Glancing at us, he turned scarlet for a moment but quickly got over it.

"Why are you here?" He asked me, before seeing the real disaster: the kitchen. "What the hell happened?"

"Um, just a cooking accident, that's all." Maya squeaked at him. Jabbing my elbow into her ribcage, I gave her a glare that reminded her of our conversation just a few hours ago.

"You attempted to cook again?" He asked, trying to suppress a laugh. She glowered at him.

"For your information," She began, wringing the dishrag in her hands before throwing it onto the ground, "I am a great cook. And if you have a problem with me," She continued, walking out of the kitchen doorway and into the dining area as I trailed behind her, "Or any of my cooking, you can just bring that up with my father!"

With that, she huffed out her chest and bounded up the steps of the Inn. He stood in silence, the redness in his cheeks still flaring as he watched her run up the stairs.

"Burn." I muttered to him as I left, but he was still gazing at the stairs. The odd thing was that it wasn't a look of anger or malevolence. It was a look of… longing? I shuddered as I pushed open the door and headed out into the cool Fall air, leaving him to tend to the mess in the kitchen.

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