Chapter 13: Baby Baby Baby Names

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The last couple months in the caves were pretty normal. We had to prepare for another baby, but it wasn't totally different from what were used to. Sunny was now very pregnant, at around thirty five weeks. She was just about to pop, literally. I decided to head over to their room today to check on her and maybe bring her some lunch. Kyle has been keeping her confined to her bed almost 24/7, which started immediately after the healer and Doc suggested bed rest. She was all alone most of the day, and I could tell she was happy to see me when I walked in, just by the way her expression brightened.

"Hey Wanda," she greeted me and smiled. I put the tray down that I used to carry our lunch in on next to her on the bed, and sat cross legged facing her.

"I brought some good stuff. Chicken and mashed potatoes." We had just gotten back from taking Sunny to her healer yesterday, and stopped at a grocery store on the way back to get some perishable food to eat. Chicken and mashed potatoes were one of Sunny's favorites.

"Yum, I'm starving." I handed her her plate and she dug in right away.

"So, how's the baby doing?" I asked.

"He's doing good, but he's getting kinda big. The healer said he would be ready any day now, probably within the next few weeks.

"Who do you think he's going to look like, you or Kyle?" She thought for a minute in her usual thinking pose with her little squinty eyes.

"Well…he'll probably have dark hair since we both do, but I hope it'll be just like Kyle's…and his eyes too." She smiled lost in thoughts about Kyle.

"I'm sure he'll be real cute Sunny, and now Luce will have a little playmate. She's all alone right now, but we all seem to be balancing each other out, with all the babies." I laughed lightly. She agreed with a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

After we finished eating I brought all the dirty dishes back to the kitchen and walked back to Sunny's room with Mel in tow. She had found a way to get Jared to watch the kids for a little while. We brought our supply of nail polish with us for a little TLC. Now, we were all situated on Sunny's bed, painting our nails. Well, I guess I was painting Sunny's because she couldn't really reach very well over her enlarged abdomen.

Painting nails seemed to be therapeutic. Maybe the fumes did something to your brain, but it always seemed so much easier to open up when you were painting nails. For a while we chatted about our husbands, Mel and
I about our kids, and Sunny about how excited she was.

"I'm just so sure Kyle's going to be a great dad," she mentioned for the umpteenth time. I wonder if she was trying to convince us or herself; however, being supportive, I constantly reassured her.

"Sunny. He will be. He's ready, and you're ready. You'll be great parents, besides, we'll all be here to help."

"If you think about it, Kyle's still kind of a kid himself. He'll just have a buddy!" Mel actually sounded sincere when she said it, which just made us laugh. She looked at us, "What? Why is that so funny?"

"It's just that you're so supportive, Mel!" My tone of voice, gave her the hint, and she replied with a quiet 'Oh'.

Once everyone's finger and toenails were painted and dried, we decided to take Sunny for a little walk. We went down to the playroom to find all the kids along with the guys. I went and gave Ian a hug when he stood up to greet us. I pulled him back over to where Mel, Jared, Sunny, and Kyle had congregated by the entrance. Ian stood with his arm around my waist. I noticed Kyle had his arm protectively around Sunny's large abdomen. It was sweet. He looked excited.

We watched the kids play for a while, and took them to dinner. Nothing eventful happened for the rest of the night, but every one in a while, I would see Sunny subconsciously rub her belly slowly. This baby was going to be loved. Kyle surprised her as were getting up by scooping her up into his arms bridal style, and spinning her around.

"Time for bed! You're keeping the baby up!" He looked at her with fake admonishment and pushed on her nose like a button and she giggled.

"Bye guys!" she squealed as Kyle ran from the room.


Later, we tucked Lil into bed, and were just talking. Ian spooned me, and was stroking my hair slowly. We were talking about Kyle, Sunny, and the baby, and what we think is going to happen.

"Do you think he'll be a good dad? I just don't see him as quite the parental type." I said slightly dreamily.

"Well, I think Kyle will shape up a little, when he sees the baby. Did you know Jodie had always wanted kids? It was her dream because she came from such a small family. She had told Kyle, too, she wasn't shy about it. "

"Really? That must be a little weird then, to have a baby with Sunny. I mean, I know he loves her with all his heart now, but that must be hard."

"You sound so guilty, gosh Wanda, like you had anything to do with this." I was about to object, but he covered my mouth with his hand, and I, in turn licked it like Lily often did when you covered her mouth. Ian pulled away his hand laughing. After he died down, he leaned in and whispered in my ear, "When yo finally choose to lick me, it's my hand. Just my luck." I gasped at his comment, and smacked him lighted on the arm. I'm sure he barely felt it.

"Wan-da!" he whined at me, "It's not nice to hit." I could practically see him pouting behind me.

"Poor baby!" I crooned as I turned around to face him is arms. I pulled his arm up to looked his eyes with a motherly, nurturing expression, "Where does it hurt?" He pointed to a spot on his forearm. "Oh, I see." I leaned down and kissed it dramatically. "Better?"

He looked pitiful as he shook his head. He pointed to another spot, and I kissed it. It must have actually hurt, because the pain mysteriously crept all the way up his arm, across his shoulder, and down onto his chest. By the time it got there, I moved involuntarily and Ian no longer had to direct me where the "pain" was.

"Mmm," he breathed and I felt the vibration as my kisses became a little more than G rated. I pulled away and looked at his face. His ice blue eyes shown in the dark as I pulled my hand through his dark locks.

"I love you." I whispered softly. I kissed his nose, then each of his cheeks. His hands found my hips, and held me protectively against his body. They slipped up until they wrapped loosely around my back; I swear they could have gone around two times, they were so big compared to my body. Ian continued to hold me close, and we talk for awhile, about Lily, the baby, and everyone in the caves. His voice lulled me into a soft sleep. The last thing I felt was his lips pressing into my forehead and then his face tucking into my hair.


Sunny POV

After Kyle whisked me out of the playroom, he took me back to our room and laid me down gently on our bed. He changed into his pajamas slowly, first taking off his shirt. He paused when his poked through the hole in his new shirt.

"Baby, have you thought of what you want to name the baby?" I pondered his question for a second, I realized I hadn't really given it a thought yet.

"No, have you?"

"Well…I was wondering for a boy, you would mind naming him Thomas after my dad. We could call him Tommy. If you don't like it, we could name him something, I know you may not like that name, especially because its sort of not a common name, that you've heard a lot from while you've lived here—" I interrupted his ramblings, leaning back on my elbows from where I was on the bed.

"Kyle, if means a lot to you, Thomas is exactly what I want to name him." He smiled with relief, pulling his arms through the shirt also.

"Oh, Sunny, you're the best. I knew there was a reason why I loved you!" I stuck my tongue out at him. "Hey, you better watch that tongue, don't tempt me…remember what happened last time you teased me?" He had the cockiest look on his face. I scowled at him. Of course I remembered, I would never forget the night my future son was conceived. Of course that wasn't the last time we had done anything, but I had learned not to tease Kyle because he went crazy, and I preferred his gentler side to his rougher one. I guess I was still a soul on the inside in that respect.

He quickly changed out of his jeans and into his flannel pants, then crawled up onto the bed next to me, flopping down.

"Wait, what happens if it's a girl?" Kyle asked from where he was lying.

"Hmmm…I never really even considered the baby being a girl. I don't know, I always imagined a boy. Maybe it has something to do with how much I love you…"

"Aww…Sunny, thanks." He looked truly flattered; too bad he had to ruin it. "So, you want another of the macho O'Shea men, well besides Ian. He is quite the exception." He laughed to himself. Men.

"That's not Wanda says…" He shot up and pushed his face right in front of mine. He squinted his eyes at me.

"Yeah, I don't really want to know about that. So, Sunny, do you have any ideas for if it's a girl?"

"We could name her Mikayla…I remember there was a soul who kept her host's name that lived near me before with that name. I think it's pretty."

"Mikayla's good…there're so many good nicknames too…Kayla, Mikaykay, Mikaylala, Micky-D" Kyle laughed to himself.

"Kyle, there is no way we are calling our daughter Micky-D. What does that even mean?" I questioned, unaware of the popular fast food chain who had dominated most of American life before the invasion. "We could name her Mikayla, and call her that. I like it just the way it is. And…" I said trying to emphasize my point, "It sounds kinda like Kyle, and you know how much I love him."

"Who?" Kyle leered over me now, crawling toward me, pushing his face toward mine. This made me giggle, no, laugh uncontrollably. "There's another man? Who is he? I must meet him." The tone of Kyle's voice was quite humorous, but then he broke out of him façade and smiled, kissing me on the cheek. He rolled down so we were both laying on our sides, Kyle's hands softly cradling my round abdomen, rubbing circles, trying to make the baby a part of our little family already. I can't wait. The thought drifted from my head as my eyes closed, my body relaxing.

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