Bella's POV

"We're moving." said Edward.

I was surprised. "Already? I mean.. I'm still human and......." I murmured.

"No, Bella I mean I don't want you to come." I was worried.

My love didn't seem to want me. "You... don't ... want .. me??" The words barley came out as a whisper.

"No, I'm not good for you Bella." As Edward walked away he said these final words; "I always love you in some way... I just...Need to find someone my species." Then the man of my dreams walked away.
End of Flashback

5 Months later

I have no idea what to wear today. I have nothing. This is the time when I really need Alice. Ugh, I had a lump in my throat as I thought her name. old best friend, my sister. My boyfriends sister. I had to think of something else. I was still in love with him. Even though he said he didn't love me...I was still stupid enough- selfish enough to love him.

"Back on subject," I thought. I had a date with Jeff Osborne. Jeff was a very handsome human boy. He was completely different from...him. Jeff had spiky black hair with blond tips. He was tall and kind of buff. He had a bad boy kind of personality. Jeff was gentle and overprotective, but could never be as protective as him Yes, I liked Jeff... But my broken heart was still for him.

I had changed a lot since those 5 months ago. I was more outgoing. I dyed my hair black with purple highlights. I wore skanky emo-ish clothes. Though I didn't act emo. Yes, indeed I did act it behind closed doors. I hide my feelings. I try to act tough. Nobody could tell. I had to act tough. I had to stay strong for Charlie.

Oh! I found what I was looking for. I found black skinny jeans with dark purple lined pockets. I found a purple studded belt. My shirt was black with a skull. My shoes were purple converse. I wonder what Alice would think about this. I myself thought it was absolutely stunning. But, Alice was all for preppy fashion clothes. I stopped short in my thoughts. Why am I thinking about them?

I finished my makeup and hair when I heard a knock. That would be my boyfriend Jeff. I opened the old door. The same door they used to go through. The same door my mom Renee and Charlie went through. The same door that Renee went through when she left Charlie. The same door that I left Charlie when I had a sick sadistic vampire trying to kill me. Oh so many memories and stories about this door. So many precious.. horrible stories. The past was frightening. I wish things would of been different. If my mom wouldn't of ran off I would of stayed here. Then they wouldn't of realized anything different from me. Then I wouldn't been heartbroken now. After I thought this I knew it wasn't true. Even though I was heartbroken, I never regretted being with him.

Jeff looked stunning. Totally hot. he wore Black skinny jeans a black "Three Days Grace" shirt with a biker jacket over that. He had on skateboard shoes. His hair was in its usual spikes.

He said something to stop my ogling. "Hey babe you ready for dinner?"

"Hell yes I'm ready!" I nearly shouted. I really enjoyed being with Jeff. He made me forget about my past life. He made me feel carefree.

"Come jump on my motorcycle baby!" Jeff called. I did just that.

When we got done with the windy exhilarating ride, we pulled up at a familiar restaurant. Oh my God I thought. This was the restaurant where he took me that night when those animals herded me.

"Here we are Isabella." Nobody called me just Bella anymore- I didn't want them to.

"Oh! this is a very nice restaurant. Very welcoming." I tried to sound excited, but I was a horrible liar.

"You don't like it?" Jeff asked sorrowful.
"I love it, Jeff." I said as cheerfully as I could.

"It's very unique and welcoming and romantic." Jeff looked more happy now.

"Let's you and I go in." I said. Oh my god... I was lost in my thoughts about him that I said one of his quotes. Jeff smiled, and literally pulled me inside.

I saw a very familiar waitress. She was the one that kept on hitting on him. She now was flirting with Jeff. Jeff has a bad habit at flirting with other girls and I always yelled at him. I had to look away. I knew for a fact that he was totally getting it on with her right now. I mean not in a sexual way, thinking about sex made me blush. Emmett had always laughed at me about my embarrassment towards sex. I missed Emmett. He was so carefree and funny and made everyone happy.

"Your table is this way." Said the flirtatious waitress.

Jeff pulled me along to the table. AGAIN! He always does that. That's what pissed me off. I was really depressed. I can't believe he took me to the same damn restaurant, the same waitress is flirting with my boyfriend, and he was always acting so pushy. Why oh why...

When the waitress left and the newer one came to order drinks and she left. Jeff started to talking.
"Bella, I love you a lot girl. More then you'll ever know. This is why I'm talking you out for dinner in a romantic restaurant. Jeff always had a way of calming me down. Who needed Jasper when you had Jeffy?

"Aw, you're so sweet." I said.

"I love you as well." To my embarrassment, I had to go to the bathroom. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. When I got back. There he was. My boyfriend. The one who saved me from pulling that trigger. There he was, making out with that damned waitress. I was mixed with anger and depression.

He looked up and smiled a mocking smile. "Isabella, I want to break up." Then he turned away.

I was crying when I was running. Of course I was really clumsy, so I fell in a bunch of gravel and stones and moss. I was crying there for what seemed like days.

I hurt so much. No one would ever love me. He never wanted me, Jeff was only using me. How can I make it through the world?

Then it started a thunderstorm. I had to remember the night that the Cullens took me to watch baseball. I started crying more. I then saw flashing blue and red lights. My father. My dear sweet Charlie.

Charlie picked me up off the ground. I cried in his arms. He was holding me while he was driving. I was surprised. He never disobeyed the law. He was chief police of Forks, Washington. When we got to the house. He lied me down in my soft warm bed. I was all alone in the world. All alone.