Carlisle's POV

Edward was not going to die if I have any say in brought him back to forks as Jacob and Emmett were goofing off. I checked out Edward. He was not dead. The poor guy has a rare case of vampire bipolar disease- It causes them to get really grouchy, depressed and sometimes can black out. (It is kinda funny considering we don't sleep.) Bella's look on her face was unbearable. Hurt, devistated, worried. I hope she doesnt go into VBD. ...

Why did he have to leave I am tired of our family being blah. Even Rosalie is thinking of someone other than herself right now.. wow......

Bella POV

I can't believe it. My Edward. My true love. My one and my only. He could die. My eyes were pitch black from depression.

Carlisle told me that Edward was in the state of VBD. I hope He gets out of it. He was so depressed he blacked out. Kinda hilarous. I am glad that Jacob is back in my life though. He always makes life bearable.

I decided to get on MSN again.

A/N- I dont remember what I put as their names and im to lazy to look so I'm making new names. ;)

Lovelifemeaningless- Bella

Shopping_is_the_life- Alice

Tornin2- Edward

BrotherBear- Emmett

Sexyqueen- Rosalie

WolfPower- Jacob

All sign in

Lovelifemeaningless- Hey everyone

WolfPower- Bella I need to talk to you... I think I need to go away from you. I am so sorry. I will always love you- in a way but I cant be to involved

Lovelifemeaningless-..wait..what?? wut did i do? i am sorry jake! please dont go!

WolfPower- I'm sorry Bellz

wolfpower signs out


LoveLifemeaningless- no its not. everyone hates me. i have no love in my life. i have nothing.

LoveLifemeaningless signs out

Sexyqueen- Ugh that douche.

Shopping_is_the_life- OMG! .......

Sexyqueen-.. i hate this. i hate people mopping around! *sighs*

all sign out

Bella's Pov still

I just got on MSN to keep myself preoccupied. I can't believe it. My bestfriend.. my companion. Disowned me. I am seriously the worst person over. over. I am going to italy

I took the nearest plane to the other side of the world. I left secretly. It was a split decision so Alice couldn't see. While I was out.. I saw a very hansome human boy. He had medium brown hair, green eyes and wore the color blue. He looked like he had a good since of humor. I felt the strange eletric current go through me. This time, I knew I wasn't being manipulated. I was falling for the strange human. The boy looked over at me and smiled. I hope he comes over and talks.

At that time Edward came over. He looked devistated but beatiful as ever. He must of woken back up.

"Isabella, I have something to say. I am so very sorry. I am in love with you and only you I-..." He cut off short and looked at a beautiful blond in the horrifying red eyes. He smiled and ran for her.

He loved another girl. .. my life is meaningless. Just the need .. to go to Italy. No one would have to see this horrifying stupid person ever again.

Bella will soon be over. The human came over to me. It was kinda strange.. he said he would be there for me and he let me cry for hours. Sometimes it suck's having the human trait's power. The human young man took me to his home.

Cody's POV

I was just hanging out with my bestfriends Katie and Kelly when I looked over and there stood this amazing beatiful girl. I felt a strange electric current go threw me. I felt the urge to go touch her. It was weird. She had long wavy dark brown hair and black eyes. She looked hurt. I wonder what happened. I have a feeling I was falling in love with this girl.

I looked up and their was this man with strange topaz eyes and bronze hair. Looking at the beatiful girl. She looked at him, her eyes seemed to sparkle when he said something that looked like "I love you..." Darn the girl was taken. Well of course she was .. she was probably the most beatiful girl ever. ...

I looked over at the girl and I saw some tears in her eyes. I followed her gaze at the man and the girl he was with. He lied to her. I felt a pang of anger. I ran over to the girl.

She looked over at me and looked kinda scared. "Miss, are you ohkay? I am here for you if you need me." I took my advantage and hugged her. She started to cry in my chest. I pulled her up in my lap and let her cry.... I wanted to kill the bronze haired bastard.

I took the girl to my house. She fell asleep on my couch. I looked deep into her eyes. She looked really pained. I want to help her. I needed to help her. I want this girl as my own.

I am falling for this beautiful women.

It was around twilight when Bella Did I have them tell each others names? Ooops! I guess they know now! woke up. She had me go to the Cullen household.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Edward's POV

I was going to tell Bella I was sorry and I loved her. "Isabella, I have something to say. I am so very sorry. I am in love with you and only you I-..." I trailed off when I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She had long blond hair and those georgous topaz eyes. She smiled at me and I knew I was in love. The back of my mind told me to stay far away from the girl, but I didn't listen. I forgot all about Bella Swan. I am falling for the blond beauty.

I walked over to her. "Hey there love what's ya name?" I was trying to be really flirty. "Hey baby, I am Casandra." I smiled, beautiful name for a sexy women. "Do you wanna go to my house baby? I have a huge house and I have a huge room and a big bed." I knew deep down this was a mistake.

I took her to my house. Alice and Emmett were at the door. Stupid physic black haired bitch. Woah? Was that me? Oh well. Emmett looked like he was going to kill me and Alice wanted to cry. There was a human here. I could smell him. He smelled really good but I didn't care. Then I saw him with bella. They were cuddling by the fireplace.Do they have a fireplace? Oh well they do now. Then I smelled the smell I thought I would never smell again. Bella's human blood. Jasper looking pained.

How did she become a human again? Who was the human .. little boy. The thoughts in my head on the topic disappeared and I was staring back into Casandra's topaz eyes.

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