Hello!! This is my 2nd Fanfiction i have written. It's goes with the story of Shaman King but i will add extras in.

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1000 years ago...

The land was covered in a blanket of faintly glowing whiteness, like a soft sheet of silvery white silk that stretched on endlessly. A shining full moon floated in a sea of the darkest blue and the countless shining stars were sprayed across the sky, each shimmering brightly. Hao walked slowly, the seemingly soft snow under his feet crunched with every step he took, leaving the indent of each of his footsteps.

An irregular pounding reached his ears as he drew closer to his destination, he calm eyes appraised the view presented to him. The roaring issued from the half frozen waterfall that seemed to fall from the heavens itself, gleaming icicles had formed everywhere and they threw light reflected from the bright moon across the glittering surface of the water, the light danced on the rippling surface of the water.

Dark eyes flickered around, falling onto the demon he was told to exterminate standing silently like a statue on one of the numerous snow covered rock that rose into the sky like a single tower. The demon did not seem to notice him so Hao examined the demon, his brows rose a fraction. A flimsy cloak hid its form in darkness, its end ragged and stained, showing only a pair of dirtied pale bare feet.


Hao sat in his place and remained still even as he heard the thoughts of other people that sat around him echo in his mind.

'So that is the greatest Buddhist monk, Asakura Hao.'

'Is he really a human like us?'

'He's a demon with a man's face!'

Hao remained expressionless and thought.

'Humans are such tiny, foolish beings. They don't value their existence.'

"Asakura Hao, you are to go and exterminate a demon who has been roaming the area in the east." One of the people said, Hao bowed and replied.

"I understand."

End flashback

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