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Dark lashes fluttered, revealing tired onyx grey gems that reflected the faint yet dazzling light of the moon. Reina let out a sigh and lifted a hand, placing it on her forehead, covering her shadowed eyes.

'Another dream…' Reina rolled over slightly and sighed.

'They have been increasing lately…' Kouya appeared beside her bed, his violet eyes worried as his golden mane shimmered brightly.

"Mistress…" He murmured softly, nudging her with a paw.

'What do they mean…that person called Hao…that woman with him…she seems…' The springs in her bed squeaked slightly at the movement, Reina gritted her teeth together in frustration.

'These dream…they seem so real…' Reina suddenly started to notice the insisting prodding and smiled lightly, brushing off her fatigue and worry, trying to convince her spirit that she was perfectly fine. Kouya's eyes narrowed as he shook his head, he was not convinced.

"I'm fine, Kouya." Reina said as she sat up, supporting herself with her arms.

'Why can't I remember….it just always to slip out of my grasp each time…' Her brows furrowed slightly as she struggled to recall anything from her past.

"Kouya?" She suddenly asked, her eyes strayed to the balcony beside her.

"Yes?" Kouya replied as he watched her with cautious purple eyes.

"Why can't I remember my past?" Reina asked, her voice soft as gentle.

"I'm unable to answer that mistress, we met 8 years ago." Kouya replied back, his words like the quiet rustling leaves that danced with the wind.

'Forgive me…I cannot tell you the truth right now…it is still too early…' Kouya thought as Reina stared at him as if suspecting him of hiding something.

"Only a short time after my memory loss." She murmured as she reached out a hand and brushed through his mane.

"I can't remember anything for the first 5 years of my life." Kouya remained silent, his deep violet eyes were guarded.

"I can't remember what my parents look like, did I have any siblings?" A hand raised and pressed lightly onto her neck where the tattoo was hidden under a layer of bandages.

"How did I get this tattoo?" Her hand clenched his mane as she tugged him over and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You're my only family I have…" Reina whispered as Kouya closed his eyes and the replied.

"But you have made new friends." A faint smile tugged her lips up as she murmured.

"Yeah…hey…can I ask another question?" Kouya chuckled lightly.

"Of course." Reina drew away and stared deeply into his eyes.

"I keep getting the feeling that we've met before." Kouya frowned and opened his mouth to speak only to be cut off swiftly.

"No, I mean…" Reina frowned and twirled a strand of her hair between her fingers.

"I've met you before, not for the past 8 years but…somewhat before?" She ended uncertainly as Kouya stiffened evidently, fortunately this went unnoticed by Reina who had sant deep into thought.

'How am I supposed to answer her?! I can't tell her yet.' Kouya's thought raced as his mistress stared at his expectantly.

Suddenly her eyes widened as a forceful tug pulled at her, Reina let out a gasp of surprise and stared out the window. Kouya swung his head towards the window, where the sky was beginning to light up with a mystical blue light. He secretly let out a sigh of relief at the distraction, thanking the stars.

"It's time…" Reina murmured unceremoniously, her body moving by itself as she slid out of her tangled sheets and stepped barefooted towards the window.

She slid the glass pane open and stepped outside onto the balcony, another twist made her gasp as she gazed up at the sky.

'What is this feeling…it's as if something is calling me…telling me to come…' A soothing breeze caressed her face as a bright light suddenly illuminated the whole place.

A dazzling star flew across the night sky, the signal of the beginning. It left a streak of whiteness behind as it sailed through the sky, a shining beacon. Reina gazed mesmerized by the star that bought total destruction.

"The legendary star, Lago." Reina whispered as she stared at the blazing star, it was breathtakingly beautiful, yet it was a symbol of destruction and devastation.

'The star the signals the beginning…' A voice as soft as the wind whispered in her mind, Reina stiffened and peered around, looking for the owner of the voice.

'That voice! It belongs to that person called Hao, but it seems slightly younger...' Wide eyes flitted quickly over their surroundings, scanning for anything out of place.

"Did you hear that?" Reina asked her spirit, who shook his head and gazed at her, worry clouding his eyes.

"I didn't hear anything." Kouya replied, watching his mistress nod uncertainly.

Kouya gazed at the star that burned furiously in the night sky, its pale blue light searing the sky as it sailed across at a frightening speed.

"The star the represents total destruction." Kouya said as they both stared, transfixed to the star that burned the sky.

"What is this feeling…?" Reina asked out loud as she watched the star fly across the sky.

"It calling me…" Kouya averted his eyes from his mistress, fathomless purple eyes saddened.

'She's gradually remembering…' Kouya flicked his tail, curling it in a golden ring around his mistress.

'The stars are starting to call for her…I didn't think that the time to choose would come so soon…the time to choose between two paths that you are destined for…I wanted you to enjoy a peaceful life for as long as you could…'Reina smiled at him and scratched him under his chin.

'You will have to choose, Reina…and I cannot help you this time…' Kouya sighed and recalled a distant memory.


"Come with me." The woman that stood in front of him said, holding her hand out towards him.

"Cut the crap, human!" He snarled back, his fur bristled in seething rage as he bared his fangs at the human.

"I can feel your pain...your rage…you hate…" Reina murmured softly and stepped towards him, a threatening growl reverberated from the back of his throat.

"What do you understand?! You're just like every other human!" He roared, the dark aura once again enveloping him as his fury and hatred grew.

"Can you handle it?" A voice asked, Reina tilted her head back and smiled at the man standing not far away.

"Yes." Hao nodded before retreating slightly.

Reina continued to walk towards the black kirin fearlessly, her hair whipped out behind her as did her clothes. His lips tugged over his jagged teeth as he snarled savagely and lunged towards her, his claws flashing, ready to tear her to shreds.

"Guide the lost soul back to its path with your light…" Reina murmured as she stretched out her hands towards the kirin.

"You're not alone." Kouya let out a furious growl as light flooded the clearing, clear droplets dripped from golden gems as the light blinded everything.

Reina stood over the black kirin, her onyx black eyes softened as she knelt down beside him. She outstretched a hand towards him only to be halted when his jaw closed over her wrist. Tired golden eyes narrowed to slits, he could crush her like a twig yet the woman did not seem to fear him.

"Why? Why are you not afraid of me?" He asked, his serrated teeth pressed down onto her soft skin, breaking it and making ruby red liquid well up in the punctures.

"You're not that scary." Reina admitted with a smile, Kouya's jaws slackened allowing Reina to tug her hand out.

'This person…' Kouya's eyes widened in shock as he felt his rage and hate dim slightly at her calming presence.

"You were lonely, right?" It was more of a statement than question, she placed a hand onto his neck and petted him soothingly.

"You're not alone anymore." Kouya's cold topaz eyes transformed to deep violet as he gazed up at the smiling woman.

"Come with me." Reina repeated as she continued to brush her fingers through his mane. Kouya allowed his eyes to close at the soft petting, his rage evaporated as he was carried away by the flow of sleep.

End Flashback

Kouya smiled lightly at the memory, his first meeting with his mistress 1000 years ago.

'She was powerful…a dazzling light for me…she took me under her wing and befriended me, treated me like family…' Kouya nudged his complaining mistress back into her room with a little force.

'That is why I followed her…that man…Hao…his power was even greater than hers…' Kouya's eyes narrowed as Reina grumbled about him being too bossy.

'That person might lead her astray from her path…'

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