Worst Mission EVER

Ch3: …wolves chewing on our knees…

"So, Mize-chan, why are you here?"

The brunette glanced up into the old psychic's eyes.

"My sensei asked me to bring you the card……he also wanted me to get familiar with the place. But I tell you, it wasn't easy getting here!" She smiled and rubbed the back of her head at that last.

"And he told you to trudge through the forest?"

"Not in so many words, but after making sure I knew the main path was booby-trapped…." Mize trailed off. Everyone was staring at her. "What?"

Genkai sighed. "That man…."

Mize looked like she'd just realized an eighteen-wheeler was barreling at her at top speed. "He DIDN'T…." One look at the temple master's face told all.

"Excuse me for just ONE second…" she said, holding up one finger. She made a mad dash for the bag that had been left on the shoe-rack, pulled out a camo-color phone, and stepped out onto the porch.

"Hello? Sensei? It's me…Kazumiya Mize?" Suddenly the sweetness in her voice vanished.

"Don't you DARE hang up. What? You know why…. WHAT?! No, I WASN'T asking about -! I will personally kill you the moment I get back to the dojo. No, I'm talking about the 'booby-trapped main path' of Genkai san's temple….no, I will NOT hold…you are NOT running out of batteries, you're on the dojo wall phone! No, you did NOT tell me the forest was trapped and the main path clean! You know I would have taken the main and never considered the forest had you said so! You are not breaking up, you effing liar! And don't even try to tell me you had the dojo phone forwarded; it's not compatible for that sort of thing! DON'T YOU DARE HAN-….f***er."

With that she strode back in, looking remarkably calm for someone who wanted to wring her teacher's neck.

"I told you…that man is one f***ing pain in the a**." Many of the temple-dwellers were shocked at the old lady's language, but it was abundantly clear how appropriate it was at the time.

Mize sighed. "He is that." She raised a fist to the ceiling, and mock-angrily called out, "Curse you, Kokuken Kai!"

"Your Aikido teacher? What'd he do to deserve such rage?" Yusuke had strolled up behind her without her noticing. She jumped half a foot in the air with a strangled yelp, then turned on her heels and grabbed his shirt collar with a glare.

"Don't DO that, Urameshi! Wait…" Her countenance grew puzzled. "How DID you do that? That's the first time you've actually snuck up on me in years."

"What, you mean you faked it all those other times?" He asked it with a wry smile, but her deadpan response made him adopt a more sullen look.

"Pretty much, yeah."

Genkai looked up from her tea. "So? What are you going to do?" The girl's blank stare made the aged psychic sigh. "Your sensei told me to train you, you being one of his few students with any potential at all. And I'd have to agree with him, after seeing you reduce three of my - sort of – students to weeping piles of goo. However, it'd be pretty damned stupid to try and hold you here against your will. So….what are you going to do?"

Mize stared at her for a moment longer. "Train me? What the Hell do you mean?"

Genkai raised one wrinkled lid and fixed a beady eye on the girl. "He means as a monster-slayer."

THAT had everyone in the room screech to a halt. Mize cocked an eyebrow. "You mean, like that Spirit Detective job? The one where only the first person was sane, and the other two were either psycho or worthless slackers?" Yusuke flinched.

Genkai had to chuckle at that. "Pretty much. Not sentient guys like these boys" – she pointed a thumb over at the fuming Suzuki, shaking Shishiwakamaru, and Yusuke, who leaning against the wall with the blue gloom line over his head – "but the mindless ones who can't shield their presence and might tip normal humans off that they're not alone in the universe."

Mize leaned one hip on the arm of the couch, considering.

Genkai sighed and put down her tea again. "I could teach you how to beat f***ing pain in the a** into a bleeding, quivering mass."

Mize's eyes lit up. "What do we cover first?"


Ending of this chapter I decided not to do:

Mize's eyes lit up. "What do we cover first?"

The last thing she remembered was a foot aimed at her eyes and a single word from her assailant.


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