No Mercy

a Trevor & Corrie fanfiction story

Throwing it all away was not an option.


"You're an asshole."

He knew it was true. He just chose to ignore the spiteful words from the blonde standing in his way until his best friend come to save him from her scrutiny. Trevor had been standing in the same position for at least ten minutes and he didn't want to stay there or under her glare for much longer. This was the only downfall to having a best friend that was involved with your girlfriend's best friend.

He knew he had screwed up royally but he didn't need Maddie's coal black eyes seeping with blood darting at him. They were like lasers digging into his body and he hated that feeling. When Corrie did it, it was another story. He could charm his way out of her death glare and they would both get a reward at the end. It hadn't even been two hours and he missed her already.

Damn, he needed to talk to Jeff. Jeff had always been neutral ground between the four and always the first one to step in between his and Maddie's petty fights. Maybe that's why Maddie kept him around…but he didn't want to think about that. He wanted to get Jeff and have him kick some sort of sense into him before he went and did something completely stupid. He needed Jeff to calm him down before he went running off after the woman who disappeared from their dinner right before their meals arrived.

"Come on, Maddie. I need one minute with him."

"Like my boyfriend would want to help you? Not going to happen," Maddie rolled off the tip of her tongue, still holding her position in the doorway.

"You know, much to popular belief, he is still my best friend."

"And lucky for you and him, I trump popular belief."

"In what damn world?" Trevor spat back, counting down the seconds before she exploded at him. Her posture straightened, her hand extended to point at him in her teacher-like ways and was about to shout more profanities than she would be allowed if she were still living with her parents. He had no doubt in his mind that her neighbors would not like what she had to say either. But just as her mouth opened, another mouth covered it – shutting it close. Thank God.

"I'll be back in an hour. Promise," Jeff kissed her quickly again before she could object to him even being in the same room with Trevor. Jeff pulled his jacket tighter around him, dragged Trevor by his own collar and disappeared from Maddie's path.

"Saved by the…"

"Save it, Sterling," Jeff cut him off as both men took the stairs down from the third floor apartment to the New York City streets.

"Man, how do you…"

"I love her. Simple as that. Same as you do Corrie. Now, come on, I need coffee and you need to talk."

The two had been walking for about ten minutes. Trevor had given Jeff the Cliff Notes version of what had happened earlier in the night between him and Corrie. It was a nice dinner, took months to plan for just the two of them but yet she was still mad at him. Corrie and Trevor had been dating ever since the cruise event eight months ago and both couldn't be happier. Well, Trevor thought they were but his feisty Latina wouldn't let go of one major thing. She had introduced him to her parents months ago but he had yet to return the favor. But he had reasons beyond just because they never were in the same place for more than a week.

Trevor looked up to where he and Jeff were walking – Madison Square Park was just ahead. He watched as Jeff sprinted up ahead to the coffee vendor as he looked up to the tree houses. My God, he was a lost cause – one look at the tree houses and he thought of Corrie and her Sunday afternoon stories about them.

"Okay, I have the best coffee in the world, now I can sit and now squirm while you tell me what you did to screw this up," he announced, leading Trevor over to an open bench near the fountain.

"She went straight to Maddie, didn't she?" Trevor smirked at the thought, pulling his jacket tighter to keep warm in the cool autumn month.

"Did you think she would go any where else? Now talk."

"Started a few weeks ago, as you might've heard. She wanted to meet my parents. I panicked a bit. Then I was gonna tell her tonight about meeting them soon, but before I could, she left."

"I thought you were gonna…"

"That too. Man, what am I gonna do?"

"Trev, you love her. What do you feel like doing?"

"I feel like running after her like in those cheesy movies they make us watch and making her listen. God, I'm such a sap."

"So do it."


"Do it," Jeff settled his cup in his hands and moved a bit on the bench to face his friend. "So I'll call you whipped after she takes you back and use this night for lots and lots and lots of blackmail in the near future. But do you really want to let her go?"

"You know I wouldn't."

"Case in point. I'm curious though, you're parents were in town a few weeks ago, why not introduce them then?"

"Honestly, I don't think they're worthy of meeting her."


"Corrie," he paused, the image of her bright, smiling face in his mind, "she's amazing and everything I need and want. My parents, however, they're not the best in the world. You know that, I know that, even Vince knows that."

"All in all, you're being selfish."

"To the bone."

"You so should be telling this all to her and not me."

"I should," Trevor leaned back and looked up at the tree covered sky.

"Then do that. I mean, I know I'm cute and all but…"

"Don't flatter yourself too much Jeff," he chuckled. "I don't know what to say to her."

For the past eight months that they had been together, they were always talking. There were no major fights that he could remember in his head. Even with their hectic schedules – from her job promotion to him graduating next month from Columbia – their so-called fights were what he called spirited debates on what to do on the weekends they had free. But not with their first major fight…he didn't know what to do. All he knew was that he didn't want to lose her over this.

"It'll come to you, trust me."

"If I go to her and tell her to pack a suitcase, she'll have a coronary."

"I'd have to use both hands to count the times that Maddie's had one with me," Jeff chuckled and tossed his coffee cup in the bin beside the bench. "Just go to her, the rest will come. But hey, if she doesn't want to go and meet the parents, take me. I'll go."

Trevor couldn't hold his laughter back and clutched his friend's shoulder as they stood up. This was it through – his one and only chance to confess and tell her everything. He just hoped he could get through the door.


a/n: this is a continuation of "Feels Like Love." Second and Third parts shall be up shortly. Enjoy!