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Ok, this little thing came to me when I was out skating today with a bunch of friends. Though I know everyone thinks Edward is perfect, he has to have some faults. So here we go with Skating Fun.

"Bella get your small but in this car right now missy!" Alice chimed from the front door. Everyone was already outside in the car waiting for Alice and Bella to join them.

"But it's cold!" Bella whined from the top of the stairs. She did not like this one bit. Who would purposely go out in 10 degree weather to the middle of no where, on the Washington peninsula? (AN: is that what they call it? I can't remember and am not good with geography. Oh well…) A family of vampires, that's who.

"Do I have to get Edward?" Alice warned.

"I wouldn't mind you getting Edward."

"What about Emmett? Or Carlisle? I could even convince Jasper if I really tried."

"No!" Bella squeaked and ran down the stairs.

"Uh, Bella? Is that what you're wearing?" Alice asked cautiously.

"Yeah, why?"

"You're wearing a tee shirt and skinny jeans."

"Crap! Hold on one minute!"

Bella scrambled up the stairs tripping only twice-an accomplishment for her- and disappeared through her bedroom door. Alice felt Edwards presence in her mind and asked "What now Edward?"

"You might want to get Bella changed at super speed. Emmett's whining and starting to rock the car."

Alice turned to see the huge jeep shaking like there was a Burmese mountain dog in it- which wasn't that different from Emmett now that she thought about it- and the tires were coming off the ground slightly with each rock.

"Tell him to stop. The wheels are coming off the ground and Bella's coming down now."

"Will do."

Alice chuckled inwardly and turned to Bella only to burst out in peals of laughter. Bella now wore a pair of snow pants with the tops of her jeans peeking through with two sweaters and a very fuzzy hat. Looking down, Alice saw two pair's of socks peeking up at her from under the snow pants. She looked; well, slightly pregnant to be frank.

"What? Is it the hat?"

"Along with everything else."

"Oh well, let's go then," Bella replied, grabbing her coat and gloves pulling on her boots while trying to walk towards the door.

"You might want to not kill yourself before the age of twenty Bella," Alice groaned as she hauled Bella upright.

"With any luck I won't reach the age of twenty."

Alice rolled her eyes but didn't say anything. Linking arms with Bella she walked down the front steps to Emmett's jeep.

"Hey human! Nice trip over there!"

"Glad to see you too Emmett and I'm feeling good today, thanks for asking."

Edward chuckled. "Hey there beautiful. Are you alright?"

Bella blushed a deep red. "I would be better if you didn't call me that."

"I'm only telling the truth."

"Oh shut up. Where are we going?"

"Well," Edward began, looking to Alice for support.

"We're going skating!" she shouted brightly, beaming at Bella like she had said that they were going to a good movie and not to Bella's death.

"Oh come on Bella. It'll be fine!" Alice chirped.

"Are you kidding me? I can't balance on dirt and asphalt let alone ICE! Besides, I never learned how to ice skate. There isn't much opportunity to in Phoenix, Arizona."

"Well then we'll teach you! Come on Bella, please? I already know nothing bad is going to happen so you can't beg off on fear of something disastrous happening," Alice pleaded.

"Fine! But if I end up in the hospital you can be the one explaining it to Charlie and Mom!"

Emmett and Alice let out a cheer and he sped up to Bella's impending doom.


"Oh, come on Bella. It isn't that bad!" Alice called from the ice, already daintily swirling around on her skates in figure eights and circles.

"Easy for you to say! You've had years of practice! I am just beginner. No, scratch that, I'm a beginner who should never be aloud near ice or blades that I could cut myself on!"

"Oh, come on Bella. It's not hard at all. In fact it's quite relaxing!" Esme called out to her from where she and Carlisle were skating together, just as Emmett body slammed Jasper then looked up and waved.

"You don't really have to go Bella. I'm just worried that you'll get too cold," Edward said, concerned as always for her well being. Bella, being Bella, got concerned that Edward might think her silly for not at least trying it.

"All right but somebody has to get me to the ice. If I'm going to fall I want to be able to blame it on the ice!"

"Coming!" cried Emmett excitedly. Bella's eye's widened as his hulking frame came shooting towards her. She shrieked as stopped a foot in front of her.

"Madame, I believe you called," he said like Victorian butler. Rosalie swooped by a smacked him on the head before skating off. Rubbing his head he offered an arm.

"I'll be extra care full," he added as an incentive.

"All right."

Bella took his outstretched hand and out one foot on the ice slowly.

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