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Chapter 6 (Day 4)

"Well, I got good news for the two of you," said Dr. Pommerville. This was the first time they had seen him since they were checked into the hospital. "You get to go home tomorrow."

"Yaaaay!" proclaimed Abby. "I miss my babies so much!"

"Babies?" asked Dr. Pommerville to Gibbs.

"Don't ask."

"Hey, did you tell one of the nurses you were deaf?"

"If I did, wouldn't she know I was lying?"

"I see your point."

Abby and Gibbs were sitting on his bed facing each other playing a game of cards. Gibbs suddenly looked up from the tray in front of them towards the door. "You smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"Good evening!" said Nurse Arnett walking into the room with her hands behind her back. "I hear this is our last evening together, so I brought you both a little something." She brought her hands around so her patients could see what she had for them.

"Caf-Pow! Alright!" Abby took it from the nurse's hand and took a big gulp. "Thank you so much! That other nurse wouldn't bring me one."

"I don't say this to a lot of people," started Gibbs, "but I love you." He took the large Starbucks cup from her hand and took a sip.

"Gibbs!" He raised an eyebrow at Abby while he savored the taste of his missing nectar. "You're supposed to love me."

"I do, but I may just be in love with her." Nurse Arnett laughed while Gibbs took another sip. "Thank you," he said finally stopping to take a breath. "Really."

"Not a problem. You guys are looking much better than you were a few days ago. Feeling up to going home?"

"Oh, yeah! I'm very anxious to get back to my Lab. I'm sure everything is out of place. I don't know where they find these substitutes, but really!"

"I'm sure its fine, Abbs. By the way," he said laying down his cards, "I won again."

"Dang it! I knew we should have played it 'strip-style'!"

Gibbs laughed. "You lost every hand. You'd be naked by now!"

"And you have a problem with that?" Abby asked in a mock 'hurt' voice. Gibbs laughed again, not bothering to answer her.

"Well," said Nurse Arnett, "I guess that's my cue to go. I'll see you again in a few."

Abby fell asleep in Gibbs' bed again while they watched a movie. Nurse Arnett didn't bother to wake them, just like she didn't the night of Gibbs' coughing fits. Nurse Martone, on the other hand, not so kind. "If you two were not leaving today, I would separate you, I swear to God!"

"Abby? Who's picking us up?" She had done all the calling that morning to let everyone know they were leaving for home. Gibbs never was a phone guy.



"Yeah. Ducky's car is too small. Tony won't come anywhere near this place. And if Ziva gets us, we'll just end up back here anyway."

McGee showed up a little after noon. He had two duffel bags with him; one he got from Abby's lab, and the other from Gibbs' trunk. Both kept a bag packed "just in case". After both changed into their regular clothes, they waited for their discharge papers so they could sign them. Nurse Leigh brought them in a few minutes later and told them they were now free to go.

"This was fun," Abby said while she finished packing up the clothes she arrived in. "Apart from the whole being sick thing, of course."

"I'm not in a hurry to do it again."

"But, Gibbs? What about all the fun we had? All the time we got to spend together?"

"Abbs, you know I enjoy spending time with you. I'd just rather it not be in a hospital."

"You know, one day you are going to look back o this and realize it was fun!" Abby zipped up her bag and McGee threw it over his shoulder before she had a chance. "Thanks, Timmy!"

"Are we ready to go then?" Gibbs asked. They followed McGee out the door. As they were heading towards the elevators, Gibbs and Abby saw Nurse Martone. Both looked at each other and smiled. Not being able to resist, Gibbs walked over to her. "I think I'll miss you the most," he said with a smile. Abby waved over her shoulder as her and McGee continued to walk down the hallway. As Gibbs caught up, he looked back one more time and saw that poor nurse standing there, staring at them with her mouth slightly gaped open. Abby was right, he thought. This was kind of fun.

~Das Ende~

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