Bella felt like she was in a trance.

The Cullen household was abuzz with activity. Esme, in particular, was zipping to and from each room, rattling off directions to the team of movers who had suddenly appeared.

Bella knew that the Cullens had many contingency plans in case they ever needed to move quickly, but she never realized exactly how fast those plans could be executed.

Esme had already offered twice to take Bella back to Charlie's house so she could pack a few items. Since money was not an issue, anything practical could easily be replaced. Esme stressed that it would be the sentimental things that Bella would regret not bringing with her.

"You're sure?" Edward asked softly, standing at the foot of his bed. He looked down at her, his expression neutral and his dark eyes unreadable.

Bella was laying down. She felt depressed and didn't really care much either way, so she noncommittally shrugged her shoulders. Just hours ago Edward told her that her father had moved up north. Charlie would be staying with Tanya and the rest of the Denali clan, and he didn't want to see Bella

"Would you like me to go pack a few items?" Edward asked. He knew his Bella, which was why Emmett was already over at Charlie's with another team of movers. Edward decided it wasn't his place to pick and choose what might be important to Bella, so the movers were packing up everything and putting it in storage.

Bella shook her head. "I don't need any of it."

"You will later," Edward replied. "You can't replace certain things, Bella. You'll always wish you had a little bit of your human life with you."

"You say that as if I'll have anything but a human life," Bella frowned. Her voice came out sulkier than she meant for it and she rolled onto her side, hating that she sounded like a cranky five year old.

The mattress shifted as Edward climbed onto it. She felt him stretch out next to her, then his arm wrapped around her middle and pulled her stiff body against his. His cool lips pressed just under her ear and set off tingles inside of her, and Bella couldn't help it… She just melted against into his touch.

"You say that like I'm just going to give up on you," Edward murmured. He kissed her again and this time Bella turned around to face him. His face moved to hers but Bella caught it in her hands, stilling his movements.

"What do you mean?" Bella asked, a trace of hope in her voice.

"Silly Bella," he chuckled. He leaned his forehead against hers. "How many times must I tell you?"

"Tell me again," she requested breathless, scarcely daring to believe him.

"You're mine," Edward said intensely. "You're mine, Bella. Nothing in this world will come between us, do you understand? I will you protect you with everything in me. You're the only thing that matters to me. And if I need to change you, I will, and no one can stop me."

His husky whispered fueled the building pressure she felt between her legs. Bella pushed against him, opening her mouth against his. She felt his moan and answered it with one of her own. His hands slid over her body and gripped her bottom, and then Edward flipped them so she was sitting astride him. His arousal pressed firmly against her and Bella rocked against it, moaning softly.

She finally broke the kiss and glanced over her shoulder. "We can't…"

Edward's hands released her shoulders and trailed suggestively down her torso. Bella bit her lip and couldn't help the way her hips pressed down onto him. It was instinctual. Edward threw his head back onto the pillow, breathing hard, and nodded.

"It's almost time to go," he said.

The gravity of his words sunk into her mind. She didn't want to hear them, or even think about leaving Forks. Bella shook her head and wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling chilled. "I don't want to."

His expression softened and Edward sat up carefully, shifting his weight slowly so her balance wasn't affected. She sat on his lap, still straddling him, and pressed her face into his neck.

"I know you don't," Edward replied in a rough voice. He hugged her tightly.

"I'm scared," Bella whispered, her voice cracking. "I'm so scared."

"I'll take care of you, always, Bella," Edward answered. His voice sounded distraught and Bella knew he was upset because she was hurting.

When Bella pulled back to look at him, Edward felt his heart twist at the sight of her tears. He knew that she honestly had no idea what she did to him with just a glance or a sigh, or the lengths that he would go to just to see her smile.

"I know you'll protect me. But I can't protect you. Or anyone else. I just - I'm afraid of what else I'm going to lose. Or who else."

"Oh, baby," he whispered.

"Edward?" Alice called softly, knocking on the open door.

Bella jumped slightly and turned her face away, out of Alice's view. She felt Edward tense underneath her.

"Yes, Alice?" he asked brusquely, obviously irritated at her interruption.

"I just wanted to let you know that the movers are nearly done, they just need to get in here," she said in a guilty voice. "And we're taking off… we'll see you in New York?"

"We'll be a few days late," Edward sighed. "Thanks."

Alice nodded. She turned away and then hesitated. "Bye, Bella."

"It's time to go, Bella. Let me take you away," he whispered, when Alice had left. "Just you and me."

Bella nodded and sniffled. "Where?"

"Anywhere you want," Edward promised. "From now on, Bella, the world is yours."

The sky was blue and free of clouds, and the sun baked the white sand of the beach. It had taken hours out in the sun for Bella to finally lose the chill that had been hanging onto her. It felt like the cold of Forks, and everything that happened there, had settled deep inside of her bones.

"Wake up," a voice teased.

Bella's lips curved into a smile but she didn't open her eyes. She was too comfortable on the lounge chair. Besides, he could work for it, a little.

She could sense Edward's closeness even with her eyes shut, and when he whispered into her ear Bella didn't flinch. His cool breath tickled, though, and Bella's own breath caught in her throat.

"Sleeping Beauty, don't you know you can't fool me?" Edward crooned. Bella liked it when Edward released his playful side. It was rare for him to relax so completely and goof off. She doubted his family ever saw it. "I know you aren't sleeping. I can hear the little hummingbird in your chest."

"She needs a kiss," Bella said in a stage whisper, keeping her eyes shut but unable to completely hide her smile. Edward could be so charming, so sweet.

"Ah, yes," Edward said, and she could hear his smile in his voice. "That is correct. Sleeping Beauty will only awaken when she receives true love's first kiss."

Bella felt his sweet breath caress her face just before his lips pressed gently onto hers. She reached up and twined her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Surprisingly, Edward obliged her and parted his lips for her.

"Don't stop this time, okay?" Bella said breathlessly, tearing her mouth away from his for a split second.

Edward laughed and nuzzled her neck. "I won't stop, but we're not doing this on a lounge chair again."

"We have fond memories of this lounge chair," Bella teased. Their last visit to the private island had been very pleasurable and she hoped for the same results this time. When Edward asked her where she wanted to go, the island seemed like the best choice. It felt like home.

"Mmm, yes, we do," Edward agreed. "But I can think of someplace infinitely more comfortable."

She shrieked when he scooped her up, but just because she knew he wanted her to. Sure enough, Edward held her tightly against his chest and whispered that he would never drop her. Bella smiled to herself and tucked her head under his chin.

Edward carried her inside and placed her carefully on the bed in the master suite. Bella scooted backwards to give him room but Edward stood at the foot of the bed and watched her, his eyes roving over her body. The bathing suit clung to her like a second skin and Bella suddenly felt naked.

Edward noticed her shyness and cocked an eyebrow. "Would you like me to turn away?"

Bella frowned and crossed her arms. "No. I want you to take your clothes off."

Edward's small smile broke into a huge grin. "Really. Well, I did say I would give you anything you wanted…"

Bella watched Edward raise one arm and reach behind his head. He grabbed onto his shirt and pulled it off in that way that only guys can do. He paused and let her look her fill.

Edward wore a pair of gray sweatpants and a fitted wife beater. Bella felt her mouth go dry at the sight of his rippled muscles. Sometimes she forgot how incredibly beautiful his body was.

"All of my clothes?" Edward asked innocently, pausing.

"Everything," Bella confirmed, her shaky voice giving away her fake confidence.

"Very well," he sighed. His hands played with the waistband of his sweats for a minute, then he pushed them down. Bella's eyes immediately focused on the protruding bulge in his boxer briefs.

Bella's cheeks flamed red when she finally looked up to see why he had stopped undressing. He grinned cockily and she rolled her eyes, flustered. He laughed good and waited until she looked back at him and their eyes met, then Edward peeled off his wife beater.

Bella licked her lips.

"Tease," he said softly, his eyes on her lips.

"You're the one way over there," Bella whispered.

He held her gaze, daring her to look away this time, and his fingertips brushed across his lower abdomen. Bella bit her lip. She finally let her eyes travel down, over his pale torso, to where one hand rubbed back and forth over the elastic waistband of his boxers.

"These, too?" he asked. Bella gulped and nodded. He chuckled, then dipped one hand into the front of his boxers. She held her breath and watched his hand move underneath the fabric. She shifted her position on the bed and Edward paused again, this time closing his eyes and inhaling deeply.

Bella whimpered. She knew what he smelled. Her bottoms were drenched with the evidence of her desire for him. Her inner thighs were slippery. Edward stroked himself once more, then pulled the shorts down and kicked them off.

"Edward," Bella moaned. He was fully erect and she had never seen anything more achingly beautiful in her entire life. She leaned back in the bed and raised her knees, then spread her legs. He was on top of her in an instant.

His weight felt delicious, a cooling, welcome pressure on her burning body. She locked her arms around his neck and then his mouth was everywhere. He tugged one cup of her bathing suit tankini down and sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Bella groaned and arched her back, bringing herself closer to him and his greedy mouth. His hand fumbled with her bottoms and then was inside of them, stroking her hot folds.

"Bella, Bella," Edward groaned.

"More," she gasped. She shoved him away and tried to push down her bottoms but Edward's hand was still in them and they got stuck. "Come on, Edward, please."

He clenched the fabric tightly in one fist, then grabbed it with his other hand and tore it apart. It still hung around her waist but it was in tatters. Most importantly, it was now crotchless.

"Hurry," Bella urged.

Edward positioned himself on top of her, grasping the base of his dick, then thrust all the way inside of her with one push. Bella tensed and let out a sharp cry.

"Bella," he cried out, trying to regain some control. He needed to reign himself in.

"I'm okay," Bella reassured him quickly. Her small hands grabbed his hips and tried to keep him from pulling out. "Just…too good."

He nodded and started a smooth, even pace. Edward looked down and watched where their bodies joined. When Bella's fingers twisted into his hair he looked up and caught her lips with his own.

"So good," she muttered. Their bodies moved together fluidly, effortlessly.

Edward was losing control. He was lost in Bella, lost in her scents. The scent of her sweat, of her arousal - it was intoxicating. His hips pumped of their own accord and it was all he could do to grip the sheets and not her delicate skin. Too soon, and yet not soon enough, he felt her legs begin to tremble. She was close. He knew how to read her body even better than she did.

"I want to hear you," Edward murmured. "No one's here. No one else can hear you."

Bella didn't reply but he felt her grip on him tighten and her breath started coming faster.

"Tell me how it feels, Bella," he pleaded. "I want to hear you."

"Edward," Bella moaned. "You - you're so - oh, God."

"Yes, that's it," he urged, his hips moving faster now. So close. Her tight walls sucked at him as he pushed in and out and he could feel himself rapidly approaching his breaking point.

"You're everywhere," she said shakily. "All over me and…inside of me."

"Tell me what I do to you!" he gasped. He slipped one hand between them so he could play with her clitoris.

Her hips bucked against his and Edward felt her body stiffen.

"Oh, oh, Edward, God, you're making me come," Bella said in a jerky, out of breath voice.

The contractions of her orgasm tightened the grip her body had on his cock and Edward gritted his teeth. Bella continued to moan and thrash underneath him, riding out her pleasure, until it was too much and the pressure was just too great.

He wasn't sure if he yelled or cried out or if he just whispered, because the force of his orgasm was so overwhelming that he lost his senses for a moment. He closed his eyes and the vision of Bella crying out, pleasure clearly visible on her face, was burned into his mind. He felt himself jerk and he began to spill inside of her.

"Bella, I love you so much," he choked out. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she squeezed him as hard as she could. Edward stifled the rest of his moans against her throat.

She held him in her arms and stroked his head, smoothing back his wild hair, until his breathing returned to normal. He felt almost anxious to look at her, because what transpired between them had been so intense. She finally tugged gently on a thick lock of hair and forced him to meet her eyes.

Bella was glowing. Her eyes sparkled and there was a pink tinge to her cheeks. She was radiant and he suddenly felt silly for being nervous. He couldn't help but smile.

"Much better than the lounge chair," Bella said, smiling back at him.

Edward straightened his body out so he could reach her face and kissed her quite thoroughly. Bella giggled and he felt the need to silence her with more kisses. Before they could get wrapped up in their kisses, Bella pulled away enough to look at him.

"Edward," she whispered. Her voice was solemn, a far cry from the flirtatious tone she had just used.

He felt his heart sink into his stomach. Bella sounded like a little girl lost; broken hearted and scared. "My Bella?"

Bella reached up to brush his hair out of his face and Edward closed his eyes, turning his face into her palm. "Do you think we'll ever have a happy ending?"

Edward shifted his weight and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I know we will, Bella."

"But how?" she persisted, her brown eyes troubled. "How can you be certain?"

"I can't be certain," he admitted. "But look how far we have come. With everything that has happened… I can't imagine someone as good and as pure as you wouldn't get her happy ending."

"We did get the bad guy," Bella said softly. She carefully avoided his eyes.

"We did," Edward agreed. He cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. "I know you've been through a lot. We won't forget the people he took. And now, no one else will be hurt because of him."

"What about my Dad?" Bella implored, her eyes tearing. "He doesn't even want to see me. And he won't let us - "

Edward cut her off, kissing her fiercely, then pulling back just as suddenly. "It's what you want, Bella, not him."

"I…" she trailed off, shaking her head.

"What do you want?" Edward repeated, his amber eyes burning with intensity.

"I want you," Bella whispered. "Always."

Edward nodded and kissed her again. "I need you to say it, Bella. Say it out loud."

"I want you to change me," Bella replied breathlessly. He looked so vibrant and raw and powerful. She wanted to keep him forever.

"When? Now? Tomorrow? Next week? Tell me," Edward demanded. He pushed her hair back, exposing her shoulder. He felt himself twitch inside of her, and he dipped his head to suck on her sweet skin.

Bella gasped and squirmed underneath him. "Now. I want it now."

He froze, his mouth just inches from her flesh. "You want me to change you right now?"

"Yes," Bella hissed, biting her lip. "You promised me anything I want. I want you."

"You have me, Bella," Edward reminded her, pulling back to see her face. "Human or vampire, I am yours."

Bella sat up, using her elbows for leverage. She cocked her head to the side and exposed her neck. "Do it. Now."

Edward nodded. His eyes were darker now, and his breathing had accelerated. Bella could feel him, hard, inside of her. Her own breathing quickened as he dipped his head again. His mouth opened on her skin and his tongue slicked over it, wet and teasing.

She closed her eyes and refused to let her mind travel to the past. Bella would move forward with Edward and his family into the future. She would never forget Renee, or even Jacob, but she wouldn't give up a life with Edward because she was afraid., or because Charlie was afraid for her.

She was done being afraid. The future would come, regardless of how she felt, and she and Edward would deal with it together. They would deal with Charlie together.

Bella had to let go of the evil and forget about Jim Black. Like Edward said, she'd never forget what he did, but she would forget him. She would embrace the good instead. She would embrace Edward.

Her eyes fluttered open to find Edward watching her intently. She nodded and he kissed her once, quickly, then nuzzled her neck.

"Ready?" he asked, a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

"Yes," Bella confirmed emphatically, smiling.

She wanted Edward's dark eyes and gorgeous face be the last thing she ever saw as a human. He smiled back at her, pressing another brief kiss to her lips, then ducked his head down. She felt his breath on her neck and she held her own in anticipation.

The pain of his bite was bittersweet. Fierce but cleansing. Bella arched into Edward's touch and closed her eyes, trusting him completely with everything.

Because Bella knew - she just knew - that Edward's bite wasn't the end of anything. It was the start of everything good.

la fine! - the end!

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