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Watching from afar, it looked like special effects from a cop show or something that she had seen her mother and father watching once when she was supposed to be asleep.

Kelly felt the tears fall down her face. This would be the last time she would ever see her mom, body burning in a car, so no one would ever know how she really died. Kelly knew that she would never be able to see her dad either.

She walked back to her new family, wanting desperately to wait for her dad. Witness Protection Services made it clear, though. Kelly Gibbs and Abigail Richards were to be put with a family to protect them from the men that killed their parents.

The only comfort that she had at that moment was that one of her two best friends, Abby Richards was going with her. She had only met Abby when they witnessed the murders, but she had quickly become very close.

They would become sisters united under their new adoptive parents and never allowed to be around their old life ever again.


Abby Sciuto walked into her lab, and turned on the music. As per routine, she woke up her mass spectrometer and computers. She pulled out the letter that just came from her sister. They hadn't seen each other in a little over seven years, because her sister was undercover with the FBI for a top secret mission.


I'm coming home! My mission is over and I can't wait to see you. I will be there in just a couple of hours from when you get this. I'm getting off the plane and heading straight to your lab. Just make sure that you have me a visitor's pass or whatever. I can't wait to see where you work, maybe meet your friends.



Abby jumped into the air, punching it ruthlessly. "YES!" she screamed.

"Glad you're so happy Abs." Tony said as he walked into her lab, evidence bags in hand.

"My sister's coming. I haven't seen her in years. She's going to be here in a few hours."

"I didn't even know you had a sister. Does she look more Angel…?" Tony started, but was quickly cut off.

"As I once told Timmy, I am one of the few people in the world who could kill you and never get caught." Tony's eyes grew big, as he mechanically handed Abby the evidence bag before backing slowly away and out of the lab.

Abby knew there was only one problem, one thing she had made sure to never say to Kelly.

Neither of them ever talked about their first families, the ones they had before they were Siuto sisters. Abby was 98 percent sure that Gibbs was her sister's biological father, but she had never mentioned it to either of them.

Kelly had never told her anything about her parents or family. The only Abby knew was that her last name had been changed from Gibbs, and Kelly knew nothing about her biological family either.

It was some unspoken rule to which they had always adhered. Gibbs' story was so much like what the people at Witness Protection had sold to the public, not to mention the last name.

She had always made it a point to not mention Gibbs, some instinctive part of her wanted to keep her to herself. She loved Gibbs and Kelly. The idea of losing either of them scared her a bit.

Abby knew that the fear was completely unfounded, but sometimes fears are irrational.

Abby was ridiculously excited to see her sister again, but she hoped that Kelly didn't freak out if Gibbs really was her father.

"What've you got for me Abs?" Gibbs' voice climbed into ears, shocking her out of her reverie.

"Gibbs, you're not supposed to be here. I'm not done yet." She said.

"Obviously," Gibbs noted, pointed at the bag of evidence that was still in her hand from Tony earlier

Gibbs didn't have to say anything. His imploring glare pushed the words right out of Abby's mouth.

"I can't tell you Gibbs. I can't. It's not that I don't want to tell you, I just can't," Abby grabbed Bert and squeezed needing the comfort. "All I can say is my sister is coming soon. Nothing else. I can't tell you anything else. I'm sorry Gibbs. I…"

Gibbs pulled a Caf-Pow out of nowhere (seemingly), "Just get back to work, Abs. I'll find out eventually anyway." Gibbs turned and walked out.

"That's what scares me."


Kelly was so excited. When she had taken the mission, the FBI had conveniently left out just how long it was going to take away from her family. She played with the visitor tag, as she stood in the elevator she was told to take so someone would show her to Abby's lab.

The doors opened to a large area with several desk areas. A woman sat at her desk, but looked up at the open door. Her dark hair curled into a gentle twist, and Kelly could only guess this was the Ziva that Abs had complained about right after the death of her friend, Kate.

Kelly had known even then that it was only Abby's way of mourning Kate. There was a chance that she could like Ziva, and she was afraid to let someone else into that place in her heart. She had been the same way when she had lost her biological mother and met the adoptive mother, mom.

"Is there anything you need?" Ziva prodded.

"I was told someone up here could show me to the forensics lab." Kelly told her.

"Special agent Ziva David. You are?"

"Kelly Siuto. I'm here to see my sister, Abby."