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Just for a timeline this is sometime between Agent Afloat and Cloak.


Kelly Gibbs stood at the top of the stairs to her father's basement. It was weird being in the house again after all this time.

The doctor had allowed her to leave the hospital early when Gibbs said that he would watch her to make sure that shoulder was okay.

McGee was doing much better and Sarah was staying with him.

It had been determined that Abby had been dosed with something radically different than McGee. It was just to make her easier to handle.

Kelly remembered the scent of sawdust as she took it in, staring down at Gibbs working on that boat. All she could do was smile slightly.

"Sand with the grain Kelly." Gibbs said helping his daughter with the first boat.

"Are you coming home this time, Daddy?" The five year old asked.

"I'll always come home to you, my little Princess."

She was nervous. The last time she had spoken with her father was when she was a little girl. This conversation was daunting for her at best. She wasn't his little Princess anymore. She was an FBI agent. She had killed for the sake of a mission.

She was no longer that little girl that was innocent. She had watched a man gun down her mother. She had been on a 7 year mission for the FBI.

Abby wasn't the only one in their family with an unhealthy fixation on death. She may not have gone the gothic route, but she was still obsessed with some of the very same things as her sister.

Standing at the top of the stair, Kelly was tempted to run. She had dreamed of this moment for years, but now that it was here, Kelly had no idea how to act.

"Kelly?" Her father spotted her on top of the stair, smiling at his daughter.

"Hi, dad." She said gently, almost timidly.


Abby sat on Gibbs couch, letting her sister have time with her father. The selfish side of her wanted to keep them apart, because she didn't want to lose either of them. She didn't want to lose her family, but Kelly and Gibbs needed this.

She was zoned out and concentrated that she never heard Tony come in the house, probably because Gibbs never locked his doors.

"You okay Abs?" Tony asked genuinely.

"Just wondering how this all is going to work. It's like I have these two families and they are about to merge, and I'm not quite sure that's what I want, because…"

Tony quickly cut off her rambling, "Abs, it's going to be an adjustment, for everyone. Kelly and Gibbs both love you, and so do Ziva, McGee, Ducky, me, probably even the Autopsy Gremlin. NCIS is one big weird dysfunctional family, but it works somehow."

"We'll figure it out somehow right?"Abby finished for him.

"Right." Tony said putting special emphasis there.

"Plus now I won't have to hide who I am anymore. NCIS, with a little help from Fornell, fixed it. I mean, I almost lost my sister, my Gibbs, and one of my Three Musketeers."

"You wouldn't have lost any of us, Abs."

"What do you mean?"

"Gibbs didn't give anyone permission to die, did he?"

"Hmm…I forgot about that." With that she pulled her pseudo big brother into an Abby hug.

Tony conspiratorially whispered in her ear, "Let's go watch…"

Abby finished for him, "the Gibbs family chick flick moment."

Tony and Abby watched the uneasy interaction between father and daughter from atop the stairs, and Abby could see in that very moment that they would figure it all out.

Ducky and Palmer had always been the uncle and cousin in this crazy familial unit that was NCIS.

Some part of her thought of Fornell as Gibbs' annoying younger brother too. They did fight like Tony and Timmy.

Gibbs, Kelly, her, Tim (by extension Sarah) and Tony would become a family unit. Abby was sure that one day Ziva and Tony would quit being so stubborn and blind and finally marry each other, so she could have another sister.

It would work itself out eventually and they would all be happy, at least for as long as it took before Vance tried to destroy it again.

That didn't matter much though, because they always seemed to find their way back to NCIS, a safe haven for them all.


Several days later, Abby sat in her lab. She had been thinking about this a lot over the last few days, and decided to make it official.

Abby called everyone, excluding Fornell, from her 'family' to the lab demanding a picture.

When she printed it out and handed them to everyone, she pulled out the ceremonial swords from the evidence locker from the MMORPG case when Kate was still alive.

She ordered Gibbs to hold up the picture, and bow. Although very annoyed and confused, Gibbs did as she asked, if only because the Goth was holding a very dangerous weapon in her hands.

She touched the sword on each shoulder before saying, "I hereby dub us all the Gibbs/Mallard family."

She skipped happily back into the ballistics lab, leaving the rest of the family both shocked and confused.


I figured I'd let you fill in the conversation with Gibbs and Kelly yourself, because everyone would have a different idea, and I'm thinking about a sequel after I get done with my other two ideas, and it gives me a bit to fill in the blanks later.

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