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Chapter 1

Our Journey

The world is an amazing place that should never be taken for granted. You are young, so you might not understand any of this now, but one day it will all be clear. Your destiny will one day lead you to discover the most precious things the world has to offer. So no matter what you must never give up and you must never let those precious things be taken away from you. To me, you are the most precious thing I have, that is why I gave my life to protect you. I know the pain of losing me will cause you pain, but you must not let that pain hold you back. Things happen for a reason, so it is best not to dwell in the past. Let these experiences strengthen you, not hold you back. Though I may be gone, I will always be with you, in your heart and in your memories. Never forget what I have taught you, it will come in handy someday. When you find those precious to you protect them with your life, as I did you…

"Ughn, mother…" the young girl groans as she slowly opens her eyes, lifting her hand up towards the blinding sun. Slowly rising as she heads toward the stream beside her. Splashing her face with the cold water and recalling the final words from her parting mother once more. Tears slowly run down her cheeks as she packs up her bag and starts to walk toward the nearby road, a small whimper suddenly is heard coming from within her bag.

"Huh?' the girl whispers as she brings her bag closer to her face just as a small tongue licks her nose, causing her to slightly giggle. "Sorry Miyuki, I guess I sort of forgot you were in there," the little girl says apologetically as she places the bag down and the little critter climbs out. Miyuki shakes herself awake before giving a small yelp, accepting the apology with a wag of her tail. The little girl smiles and puts her bag back on, looking down warmly at the small border collie below her.

Miyuki was a small pup, with soft black hair covering her whole body, with the exception of her four paws and chest, which was white. The pup was a special gift given to her a while before the incident. She had only had her for three months but they already had a strong connection with one another.

The walked for nearly four hours before taking a break near a park in order to search for something to eat. With little money left the girl decided to spend most of it on food for Miyuki while she bought herself an apple. The little pup was the only thing she had, and as her mother had often told her, you must always take care of those precious to you. Besides, she didn't really need as much food as a young pup needed.

As the days passed she started looking for odd jobs to do around town, after all, she no longer had the luxuries she had when she was home. Lucky for her most of the villages she had come across allowed her to run errands for them. Since the beginning, she had worried that someone would try to look for her parents. However, usually everyone just assumed she was a local little girl wanting some money for candy or toys. She was young but very smart, she knew better than to go to the same person repeatedly for work. If she did, it would only cause problems since they were bound to start asking her questions about her parents and where she lived. Which is another reason she made sure never to stay in a village for too long. It had been like this for about a month, and though she was still quite young and new to the world around her she managed to do quite well.

However, making money was not the only thing the little girl did as she wandered around the village. As her mother had told her, she had to find 'those who would be precious to her'. Though that was easier said than done, how was she supposed to know who those people were? She often found herself getting upset and remembering what her mother had told her again and again.

"Sweetie, finding the people precious to you is not so hard if you know where to look.

"But mom it's not fair, how do I know where to look if I don't even know who they are!" the little girl pouted.

"The answer is inside you my dear. I cannot tell you where they are for they are your precious people, not mine. Finding them is part of your journey in life, but don't worry, you will find them. Sometimes it's best not to look for them, that is when they are found."

"I wonder if I'll really find anyone," the girl sighed as she looked up at the stars. It had been an hour since she had gotten ready for bed, "after all, most of the people precious to me were all killed when…." she whispered tearfully as she slowly shut her eyes and brought Miyuki closer to herself, thoughts drifting to the past. When everything went wrong, and her whole world was destroyed before her small dark brown eyes. It was something she wished she could forget. Thankfully, most of the painful details were locked away.

"Where's the child!"

"We don't know who you're talking about!"

"Don't play with me you fool! We won't hesitate to destroy this whole village!"

"Yeah, so you better tell us where the child is!"


"You have one last chance. TELL US WHERE THE BRAT IS!"

"M-mother, what's happening!"

"Shush, we must get out of here"

"But father's-"

"He's doing this to protect you sweetie, we must leave now or his sacrifice will be in vain"

"Sacrifice! W-wha-"



"Someone's here!"

"It must be the child, spread out and find the brat!"


"I-I have to get this" gasped the young girl as she tried to stand and continue her early morning training. She began running through some fighting sets, making sure not to mess up. One by one, she ran through them until she felt a slight numbness in her legs and collapsed. "I g-guess I'll take a short break" she whispered as she tried to sit up as she heard a noise to her left. Quickly she reached for a weapon.

"Alright Miyuki, I think this is the right way. We should be near a village soon!" exclaimed the little girl as she made her way out from the bushes. Quickly she noticed a figure to the left of her and turned to see what it was. There in front of her was a young girl who appeared to be in her teens, with short dark hair. The little girl was about to ask her if she was okay until she saw the kunai in her hand.

"Oh, hello" the young girl said, "are you lost?" She slowly stood up and began to walk towards the little girl, offering her hand, "Need some help getting back to your parents?"

The little girl quickly turned away, "I don't need help from a filthy ninja," she spat as she signaled her dog to follow.

Stunned by the little girl's words she tried to come to her senses and follow the girl. Something just did not seem right about her. She tried to pick up her pace before the little girl was lost from her sight; somehow, she knew she had to help her. The little girl tried to run as fast as she could, ducking many branches and jumping over any obstacle to come her way. She wasn't about to let a ninja get her. Suddenly she found herself tripping on a broken branch and landing face first on a nearby rock.

"I wonder where she went" huffed the young girl as she stopped to catch her breath once more. All of a sudden, she heard a loud barking and knew it was the small pup that was with the little girl. She ran as fast as she could and was in shock by the scene she found. The little girl's face was covered in blood and she was unconscious. Carefully the young girl picked the little girl up and ran to the hospital, the pup quickly following behind her.

"Please be alright, we'll get to the hospital soon," the young girl sobbed, she didn't even want to think of what would happen if she didn't get there in time.

In the hospital, it was very quiet and it was very empty since it was already nighttime. The young girl had gotten there a few hours before and was waiting nervously for a doctor to come and tell her news of the little girl. Suddenly a door was opened as the doctor walked out from the emergency room, looking up from his clipboard. "Hinata?" the doctor said as the young girl stood up and nervously approached him. "I-is she alright doctor" the young girl slowly choked out as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Yes, she only needed a few stitches, she should be alright by tomorrow, she's over here if you want to see her" the doctor said as he lead her to the little girl's room. Hinata walked in and sat next to the little girl, concern very evident in her face. She slowly brought her hand up and began stroking the little girl's head, many questions looming in her mind. Like who the little girl was, where she came from and if her parents were looking for her. Her thoughts were however interrupted as a small yelp was heard from under the hospital bed. Apparently, Miyuki had found a way inside the room and was now struggling to jump up the bed to see her owner. Hinata smiled slightly, picked up the small pup, and placed her near her owner. Miyuki hesitated a bit before walking up to her owners face and giving it a small lick. It seemed Hinata was not the only one concerned for the little girl.

Half an hour later Hinata decided to head home before her father scolded her for being late. As she rose, she heard a small groan and quickly turned toward the little girl, who was now staring straight up at her. "Wha-what's going on? The little groaned as she tried to rise up, only to fall back down from the throbbing pain in her head. Hinata approached the little girl with a sigh of relief and began explaining the situation to the little girl. Afterwards the doctors came to check on the little girl and began to ask her questions like her name and where she lived. The little girl only turned a way from them, a small tear escaping her. Hinata, looking quite concerned, went up to the little girl and reached for her hand. "Please" she whispered, "we only want to help, tell us where your parents are. I'm sure they're looking for you."

They waited a few moments for the little girl to speak. "Well," the doctor sighed, "it seems she won't say anything today. Maybe tomorrow she'll feel like talking. With that, the doctor left the little girl there with Hinata.

Hinata just stood there, trying to figure out what to say.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the little girl turned to Hinata and spoke.

"You better go home, your family is waiting for you," she said, almost resentful.

Hinata was stunned; she could tell the little girl held some sort of grudge, which was surprising considering how young the girl appeared. "What about your family? They must-" Hinata began, but was silenced by the little girl as she raised her hand.

"You don't need to worry about me, now go home," the little girl said, slightly yelling the last words.

As Hinata left she could barely make out the last thing the little girl said, "There's no one waiting for me, I have been left alone in the world."

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