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Deidara lifted his head when he heard the cell door click and open. He hopped down from the top bunk and rushed to the open door, throwing his arms around his lover's neck. They shared a deep, passionate, and loving kiss for several seconds before finally breaking for air. "You're quite an actor."

Deidara giggled. "Thank you. I heard you're not so bad yourself. Hidan was here a little while ago to yell at me and tell me how horrible I am." Deidara said as he was lifted off the ground and wrapped his legs around the older man's waist. Said male chuckled before connecting their lips in a loving kiss. Deidara sighed softly when they parted and rested his head on his lover's shoulder as he was carried out.

The older man carefully opened the car door and sat Deidara in the seat. "You know I spoil you…" He whispered. "Yeah, I know." Deidara leaned forward and pressed their lips together.

"I'll be right back. There's something I have to take care of." He said after they'd parted. He shut the door and walked back inside.

Deidara sighed and leaned the seat back so passers-by wouldn't notice him. He quietly pondered on why his lover had come back for him, he was of no more use and the man could easily be caught in saving him. 'Perhaps it's because I'm willing to fulfill every one of his needs, no matter what. He probably doesn't want to go through the trouble of finding someone else…' Deidara silently hoped that maybe, just maybe, he cared about him, even if just a little.

Back inside, Sasori walked down the hall towards Kisame's office. He knocked on the door before entering. Kisame and Itachi were inside. "What do you want, crybaby?" Itachi said blankly. "Itachi! Don't be rude!" Kisame snapped. "What did you need, Sasori?"


The other two men gave Sasori confused looks. "This is for hitting my boyfriend."

Realization hit them too late. Sasori pulled out a gun and aimed it into Itachi's face, pulling the trigger.

"ITACHI!!" Kisame screamed and stood form his seat as Sasori quickly left the room. He ran down the hallway, past other people who were running confused because of the gunshot, and out to the car.

Deidara sat up when Sasori suddenly jumped in. He looked out the window in time to see Hidan come running out. He smiled and waved goodbye as Sasori started the car and sped off.

"Don't we need to stop by the house, un?"

"No. I've already packed everything."

"Did you get chirp-chirp?"

"Yes, I got the damn bird."

Deidara smiled. He turned to rummage in the back seat and lifted a cloth over an oval shape. Chirp-chirp began making noise once the veil was lifted. Deidara set it back over the cage. Before turning back around, he noticed something sticking out of a box. Picking it up, he was happy to find that it was the wolf statue that he had taken from a house.

He sat back in his seat and lightly stroked its head, serene smile on his face. Sasori took notice. "I figured you'd want to keep that."

"Thank you, un." Deidara leaned over and pecked Sasori on the cheek. He opened up the glove compartment and gently set the small piece of art inside before closing it and laying his seat back down, hoping to get a nap.

Several hours later, the sun was setting as Sasori pulled into a secluded area and turned off the car. He sat quietly for several minutes, simply gazing at the blonde who was fast asleep in the seat next to him. He reached into the back seat, grabbed a blanket, and gently laid it over the younger male.

He began softly running a finger against Deidara's lips, silently musing on how he'd first met the blonde and how they'd ended up here.

-Back to the Beginning- (Not going to be italicized because it's kinda long)

Two years earlier

"This is your new partner, Deidara. You'll show him the ropes, right?" Hidan said in a bored tone. Sasori nodded and Hidan left the room. The blonde, Deidara, smiled up at the red head and received a nasty glare in return. "Let's get a few things straight." Sasori started as he began pacing. "Don't ever bother me when I'm working on something unless I ask you a question. Don't touch my stuff. Don't ask stupid questions. Get everything done as soon as possible, I hate waiting. And don't ever do anything without my permission."

"Yes, Danna."

"Don't call me that." Sasori glared.

"Why not?"

"What did I just say about stupid questions?!" Sasori stood inches away from the blonde, trying to look as intimidating as possible. Deidara simply smiled up at him. "But, if I'm your partner, un, you must be my Danna, because I'm new." He said in a cheery voice. Sasori scoffed. "I don't care. Don't call me that."

"Okay, Danna."

A month later, Sasori had learned to deal with Deidara's incessant talking and constant need for attention. Though, it still got on his nerves when Deidara would randomly walk up and hug him. What made the thought even worse, however, was when he found out the he was the only one the blonde ever hugged.

It was only after Sasori had come back in around midnight one night, he had forgotten something, and found Deidara asleep at a computer, cold cup of coffee nearby, that he realized how much the blonde needed his approval. Deidara was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. He gently shook the younger boy while softly calling his name.

Deidara groaned and opened a single eye. "Danna? What're you doing here, un?" He asked as he sat up.

"I could ask you the same question." Deidara blushed, embarrassed at being caught. "Come on, I'll take you home." Sasori grabbed Deidara's arm and pulled him from his seat. "Um, but, well, I, uh…" Deidara stuttered and tried to free himself from Sasori's grasp, but the red head was stronger and easily pulled him out the door.

"So, where do you live?" Sasori asked as they started the car and drove off. "Uumm…" Deidara fidgeted in his seat. "Well?"

"A few blocks…"

"How many?"


"… Those are businesses."

"Oh. Four?"

"… Do you have any idea where you live?"

When Deidara didn't reply, Sasori sighed. "How the hell do you get home and to work everyday if you don't know your address?"

"… I… My house is 10 hours away, un."


"They let me stay over night at the lab…"

Sasori paused for several seconds gathering his thoughts. "Why don't you have an apartment?"

"Can't afford it, un."

"Ah…" Sasori sighed again. "Would you like to stay with me for awhile?" Deidara gasped. "R-really?!"


A large blush spread across Deidara's face. "O-okay…"

Two weeks later, Deidara lie awake in the guest bedroom. The strange noises downstairs were keeping him awake. After several minutes, he decided to go investigate. He grabbed a flashlight from the nightstand and began his trek downstairs.

He followed the noise to a closed door. He immediately recognized it as the one Sasori told him to never enter. He thought he heard something like a sob, so he decided to enter anyway. He quickly opened the door. A light was on, and the sight in from of him made him drop the flashlight.

Sasori was bent over a half unconscious woman and slicing into her with a large scalpel. He turned in surprise at the clatter of the flashlight as it hit the ground.

They locked eyes for several seconds. Deidara shakily made his way forward, making Sasori stiffen and prepare to kill the blonde of need be. He stopped in front of the older male, and was about to speak, when the woman suddenly woke up and began to shriek. Without even thinking, Deidara grabbed the scalpel that Sasori had dropped on her chest and plunged it into her neck, successfully silencing her. Blood splattered in his hand, shirt, and face.

Deidara let out a choked sob as he began to back away. Sasori saw an opportunity and took it. He grabbed the blonde and pulled him against his chest. "Hush… its okay…" He lightly kissed the blonde's temple, and was quite pleased when he calmed and clenched the red heads shirt, nuzzling his neck. "You won't tell anyone, now will you?"

"No… Never…"


Over a period of a few weeks, Sasori learned how far he could push the blonde before he fell apart. By using loving words and a gentle touch, Deidara would do nearly anything sexual he asked. If it got to painful, however, he'd sob and beg to stop. He was gentle with the blonde his first time, but after that he got rougher and began experimenting to see what the younger man would, and wouldn't do.

So far, Sasori had gotten Deidara to kill three people, not counting the girl he killed on accident. He always screamed and cried afterwards. Sasori decided to stop pushing him when he hesitated once and was stabbed, making Sasori have to step in and kill the man then take care of the blonde.

It was over a year later that they decided to begin killing, as a duo, those who had committed a crime. Sasori taught Deidara how to administer poison and defend himself incase something was to go wrong.


"Danna?" Sasori was pulled from his musing by a soft voice. Deidara stirred from his seat. "Where are we?" He mumbled. "A parking lot. It's nearly midnight."

"Oh… You want me to drive so you can sleep, un?"

"No." Sasori leaned his seat back to lie next to Deidara, vaguely wondering when lust had turned into love. He silently wished they weren't separated so he could hold the blonde and moved the blanket so it was covering both of them. He reached over to cup Deidara's cheek and was pleased when he nuzzled his hand. "I love you so much, Dei." He whispered. "Love you too, Danna." Deidara let out a soft sigh before slipping back into blissful sleep.

Sasori watched him sleep. He felt a pang go through his chest at the memory of Deidara lying in the prison cell. He wondered if he had made the right choice by running away. Now, he and Deidara were both going to get the death penalty if caught. He should have made the blonde turn himself in and tell the court that he had forced him to hurt people, then he'd get a lesser penalty at Sasori's cost. Deidara, however, would never do such a thing.

He hadn't told Deidara yet, but he was planning for them to go to Hawaii tomorrow. They would be safe there and Deidara would definitely enjoy it. He sighed, and did his best to relax and clear his mind. In minutes, he was sleeping silently beside the one he loved most.

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