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Let the madness begin... I do warn you though, it flicks between comedy and substance.


The words screamed through air behind a flash of orange, as a young boy raced across the rooftops, his eyes wide, filled with a mischievous joy, as his grin flashed back at his pursuers, "HA! Good luck!"

"Damned brat!" There was a sudden growl as a flash of metal snapped just past the boy's cheek, a blade tasting the slightest bit of his flesh, to draw a thin line of blood as for a moment, a flicker of fear passed through brilliant blue eyes before he darted suddenly in another direction.

"Oh, you wanna play it that way huh?!" there was a definite tone of challenge in the boy's voice, as instinctively a number of his pursuers flinched lightly in recognition. That tone, those words from the blonde boy, well it was best not to consider the possibilities, "Fine, lets play!"

He ducked, immediately into a seemingly random ally, his pursuers hot on his heels before suddenly, their vision was obstructed by a sudden explosion of neon pink and blue. For a moment, only the sound of splattering drips could be heard, along with the rapidly fading mocking laughter as they took note of their situation. An instant, that was long enough for the outrage to set in, anger fueling their limbs as they shot after the boy once more with screams of incoherent rage.

And the boy? He simply laughed, his eyes a light with mischief as he would slip down another seemingly random alley. Again, his pursuers gave chase, racing, blindly now into the alley, hunting with clouded eyes.

Clouded eyes, the boy was eager to take advantage of one by one, the stragglers of the crowd began to drop off unnoticed. Their bodies, bound, and hogtied, make shift gags in their mouths as they lay in a pink and blue spectacle on the streets. Eventually though, the anger faded among some of the group, slowing them as they once more began to take stock of their surroundings, before one of them looked back over his shoulder and caught sight of the boy finishing his knots on another.

The boy paused a moment as he noticed he'd been discovered, a sheepish grin on his lips before he waved back at the man, "Eh heh, uh, hi again!"

"HE'S BEHIND US!" Instantly the group skidded to a halt, an almost audible screech rising into the air as they turned back to see the boy, standing over the latest in a string of hogtied, pink and blue painted figures, "GET HIM!"

"Errr," the boy scratched the back of his head, "Can't we talk about this?"

"NO!" the group screamed almost unanimously back at him.

"Uh, actually, I wouldn't mind talking about it..." a voice spoke up, a weasel masked young man raising his hand.

As the group, turned to glare at the dissenting voice, the boy grinned , giving a wink at the young masked man, "Catch ya later then Weasel-san!"

Before the group could tear its eyes back to the boy, he was already racing down the street again, bouncing over and around people before disappearing into the crowd. With an angry tick to his features, one of the man glared back towards the masked individual in question, "This is YOUR fault!"

"Hmmm..." the man in question struck a thoughtful pose before nodding and grinning slightly behind his mask, "Why yes, it is. Bye!"

And with that the man vanished in a swirl of leaves, leaving the rest of the group to growl in response before a man pointed back in the direction Naurto had sped off in, "AFTER HIM!"

Laughing softly to himself Naruto Uzumaki ducked behind a random shop door, hiding behind it as he watched the group charge back down the street, trampling over their hog tied compatriots in the process. Holding back his laughter as long as he could, and certain they were finally out of hearing distance the boy rolled onto his back and flopped down, proceeding to laugh as hard as he could. At least, until his tear stained eyes managed to take in where he was.

"Hmm, aren't you a little... young to be in a place like this kid?" The voice barely registered on the boy's ears as he slowly looked around the shop with wide eyed uncertainty, seeing all manner of restraints, in a variety of material, rope, leather, metal, along with a variety of other sorts of impliments.

"Uh... wh-where am I?!" The eyes grew wide, before he looked over at the counter, and at the amused smirk on the woman behind it's face.

"Well now, aren't you a little cutie," A throat chuckle escaped the predatory curl of soft lips as she strode out from behind the counter, with the sweet creaking sound of the tight leather of her hip hugging pants shifting in place.

As the staccato click of heels struck the cool floor, she casually brought a hand, covered by a laced black leather glove that ran almost to her shoulder to the blinds and took a look outside, "Well now, I'm going to guess you're the one behind the commotion hmmm? Not too shabby work on the knots, though, a bit uninspired creatively."

"Uh..." he paused, looking up at the black leather corset the woman wore about her chest, cupping the generous swell of her breasts before she looked curiously at him with a cocked brow, "Hmmm..."

The five year old paused suddenly before he cupped his chin between his thumb and index finger in serious thought before grinning up at her, "So what would you suggest?"

The woman laughed softly, her pale lavender, pupilless eyes framed by a head of soft, straight raven black hair, "Oh, eager little one aren't you? If only Hinata had your interest, ah well all things in time I'm sure," she grinned softly back at the boy as she let the blinds go and chuckled again, "I have a few ideas on what you could do, and a few things I could teach you..."

"Yesss!" the boy immediately went to his knees and bowed somberly, "Please, teach me!" When those eyes looked back up, there was a look akin to desperation in his eyes, "Nobody ever teaches me anything, please!"

She blinked, taken a bit aback by the look before she studied the boy, the crystalline blue eyes, the whisker marks on his chin, and she reached down, a gentle look of sadness on her face before she nodded and cupped his chest, "You're Naruto, aren't you?"

"Huh? How'd you know?" there was a blink of surprise as he stared, owlishly up into her eyes as she gave him a gentle, reassuring smile.

"You look like your father," she said simply before eying him critically before smiling softly, "But you definitely behave like your mother."

"You... knew my parents?" there was a pause, tears, welling up in his eyes as he looked up at her, hope and desperation shining in those blue orbs.

"Yes, I did, they were good people and they loved you, very much," she smiled sadly at the boy, "Don't ever doubt that."

"Can you... can you tell me about them?" He spoke up, as if to hope was a great, impossible dare.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I can't, not yet," She spoke sadly, before she offered him a smile, "But, I'll tell you what, if you're a good student and master what I have to teach you, I'll do my best to make sure that you know when you're older."

"You... you promise?" The hopeful look in his eyes would almost shine as he looked up at the women.

"Yes Naruto, I promise," She smiled at him before giving him a stern look, "But I won't take it easy on you, got it? What I can teach you is one of the most effective styles for capture and conversion of enemy shinobi, are you up for it?"


"Good, now lets get started."

- A little over One year later-

"Hey sensei," the voice was soft and quiet as it spoke, the night sky, "I'm sorry you missed me earlier, I don't think Hiashi would've much wanted me around."

"I've been keeping up with my scrolls, studying the jutsus you taught me, working on my Chakra control, studying the scrolls you left me..."

"Its hard, other than the old man, you were the only one who cared," a soft stream of silver tears began to fall slowly past his eyes, "She's beautiful by the way, they named her Hanabi... Hinata hasn't come out of her room for days, and Hiashi..."

"Its like he's gone," he spoke softly stroking the simple stone marker with his thumb as he looked over the words written on it, "He's so... empty now."

"I'll do my best to keep things going for you, I'll look out for Hinata and Hanabi," he was on his knees now, struggling to stand as the tears only grew stronger, "I wish I knew what I could do for Hiashi, I wish I could help them more."

"I miss you sensei, I promise you though, I'm gonna be the best at this, I'll show everyone the power you taught me," he smiled a bit as he looked down at the description on the head stone, "Beloved Wife and Mother, " He paused a moment before adding two words, "And Teacher."

"They will learn to respect Bondage Style!" the words echoed through the empty night, as Naruto Uzumaki found himself a goal.

-Roughly 4 years later-


"Mwahaha!" the laugh echoed in response as a crop of blonde hair flared in the wind, atop a black clad bouncing body, "Think you're gonna catch me?! HA!"

"WHY YOU LITTLE-!" the voice screamed as a group of figures bounded after the hyperactive little figure, "YOU'RE GONNA PAY!"

"Heh, don't count on it suckers!" The finger whirled around in mid leap, his blue eyes flashing as he performed a series of signs then thrust out with the loose sleeves of his coat, "SPIDER'S WEB!"

A series of glowing ropes suddenly exploded past the boy's sleeves as they suddenly anchored to the roofs and walls of the nearby buildings, just in time to catch the group of ninja chasing after him, "DAMNED BRAT! USING THIS STUPID, JOKE OF A STYLE ON US?!"

The rest of the group all stared at the man in absolute horror as the black clad boy suddenly came to a screeching halt, before slowly turning around, those brilliant blue eyes glinting coldly as they locked onto the man, "What. Did. You. Say?"

The rest of the group instantly paled as they started struggling even more against their bonds, the wave of killer intent rolling off the boy was absolutely staggering as he began to slowly walk back towards them. His thick black trench coat fluttered, ominously, to an unseen wind, exposing his mesh covered chest, and the loose black pants that ran down to the combat boots on his feet. Before him, the group was struggling like mad to get away, as the man who spoke attempted to keep his cool as he shot back, "I said that style's a joke!"

"Oh, I see..." the words came like ice past his lips, as he narrowed his gaze at the man, Intantly a good number of the knots in the web dispelled, releasing everyone but the man, "The rest of you, can go. This one is Mine."

The man instantly began to sweat, rather heavily in fact as he noticed how his cohorts all almost instantly vanished, leaving him alone before the 12 year old boy. Summoning up what courage he had, the man stared back defiantly at the blonde, "I'm not afraid of you!"

A slow, dark chuckle began to escape the boy's throat as he slowly loomed over the man, "Oh, but you will. Be..."

Fear engulfed the man, a moment before his consciousness was enshrouded in darkness, and he knew nothing for several hours. Or, at least until he found himself awakening, dangling off a flag pole in front of the Hokage's office, in nothing but an adult diaper, noticeably stained, and a giant pacifier gag strapped to his mouth. It was a lesson in pure, abject humiliation, topped off like a cherry by the brilliant pink bib and bonnet strapped to him, his eyes widening just as the female jounin and ANBU members were exiting from a weekly debriefing.

Needless to say, when he was finally able to talk again, the man never again questioned the validity of Naruto's style.

As the Hokage himself shook his head, quietly chuckling at the man's punishment he turned his head and looked towards the young man responsible for the act, laying lazily across one of his chairs, "Hey old man."

"Hello again Naruto, been busy I see," the man grinned softly as he would slowly return to his seat, "Do you have to keep tormenting the chuunins like that?"

"Eh, nah, but, there weren't enough jounin or ANBU for my work out so I had to improvise, " the boy gave the old man a fox like grin as he stretched out, "So I made due with what I had. That guy was just dumb enough to call my style a joke."

"Ah, I see," the man nodded in response as he would lightly puff his pipe, "So, what brings you to my office today? I don't believe its time for your weekly prank just yet, and please, no more of that one technique, my heart's not getting any younger!"

"Heh, dirty old man," the boy snickered softly, "Nah, I'm here to talk to ya about the genin teams."

"Now Naruto, you know that the academy makes those decisions, not me," the man protested genially as he would raise his hands in protest, "That's even assuming you pass this time."

"I don't care, I promised Sensei I'd look after Hinata and that's what I'm gonna do," there was a stubborn pout to the boy's lips as he glared back at the old man, "Besides, you know I failed the last two times just to make sure I graduated in time to get on her genin team."

"Naruto..." The old man sighed as he gave the blonde boy a look.

"Old man," the boy responded in the exact same tone, before grinning wickedly, "All right, how much is it gonna take?"

"Now Naruto, you know that the position of Hokage is a prestigious and honorable one," the man responded before twitching lightly as he watched the boy pull out a little blue book, with no title out before setting on the table, "A Hokage cannot be bribed, " a brow arched in response to this, as a purple book was added to the first, a trickle of sweat rolling down the side of the man's face, "Nor influenced with promises..." the boy then brought out a set of photos, of a certain purple haired kunoichi in all manner of compromising positions and lack of clothing, "That aren't of the absolute highest standard, I'm sure that Iruka will see reason that you'd best be suited to complimenting Hinata's abilities!"

"I'm sure," the boy grinned in response as he waggled his brow at the old man, even as he pushed the books and photos towards him, "Hot off the presses, won't be available to the public for two and six months respectively."

The old let off a perverted giggle, highly reminiscent of his former student before diving into the book with a happy sigh, "Ah, you know how to treat an old man Naruto, truly, was there anything else I can do for you?"

"Well, I was gonna ask for Ino too, but I figured that might be pushing it," the boy responded casually, "Though, think about the interrogation squad we could make..."

"And I'm going to guess shifting things around in the process, so a certain Uchiha ends up on an all male team?" the man quirked a brow with a slight smirk.

"Eh, the closeted bastard deserves the extra eye candy to look at," Naruto grinned back with a smirk, "Give him Kiba and Shikamaru, maybe that'll finally get him outta the closet."

"And off of your ass in the process?" the old man responded with a knowing chuckle.

"Hey! That's what I'm trying to PREVENT here!" the boy shivered softly, "I like the broody bastard all right? But seriously, if I have to keep catching him staring at my pants so much..."

The old man merely laughed in response as he watched the boy, his eyes glittering with amusement, "I'll think about it, of course, knowing you, you'd try to get the first 4 genin squad with the young Miss Haruno."

"I'm greedy, what can I say?" the boy responded back at him, "Besides, all the more research for me!"

"Heh, you remind me of my old student so much Naruto," Sarutobi sighed softly, "You do this old man proud."

Naruto twitched lightly in response, "Right old man... right, I'll catch ya later."

"Of course Naruto, of course, enjoy the rest of your day," there was a brief pause for a moment, before the man continued, "Though, I would appreciate you not scarring anymore of my chuunin for a time."

The boy stretched out softly, his coat rippling slightly at the motion, "Meh, I make no promises, its their mouths."

"Heh, off with you then my boy, you might want to hurry, I do believe I have an appointment with Anko shortly..."

The boy paused a moment, and grinned wickedly back at the man, "And this is supposed to do something other than entice me to stay?"

The old man twitched lightly as he looked at the positively leering boy who was eying the door with an almost unhealthy anticipation, "Now Naruto, I would prefer you not destroy my office... AGAIN."

"Pfft, not my fault you get shoddy contractors old man."

"Remember what I said about blood loss and heart attacks?"

"Baaaaah," the boy grumbled softly before grinning wickedly as he proceeded to put a pair of papers on the bottom of the two seats in front of the Hokage, then made a series of hand signs, before grinning down right evilly, "Well old man, make sure Anko-chan gets a good seat, and you'll get yourself a floor show, see ya!"

"See ya old man, you still owe me some ramen!" the boy grinned before he slipped over to the window and vanished somewhere along the tower.

"Of course, of course," the man chuckled softly before looked up to see the door opening, to admit the swaying form of Anko Mitarashi, "Ah, hello again my dear, please, have a seat..."

The smirking woman nodded as she moved over to the chair.

The throaty scream that exploded through the air moments later, was followed by a voice full of feminine, though somewhat impotent rage, "NARUTOOOOOOO!"

"Heh heh heh," the boy practically giggled as he bounced over the roof tops, before dropping himself down into his favorite seat at Ichiraku Ramen with an almost angelic smile, "One beef ramen please!"

"Oh Naruto, you seem to be in a good mood," the smiling face of the young woman working behind the counter greeted him with a slight bow, "Does it have anything to do with the flag pole?"

"Heh," the boy grinned in response as he would lean forward onto his elbows, his eyes gleaming with mischief, "And Anko-chan's scream."

"Ah," she nodded softly before she put a finger on her lip, "Though, that doesn't sound like her usual I'm going to kill someone scream."

"Nah, that was her sitting on an orgasm tag scream," He grinned back at her, an almost cherub like look of innocence on his face as he would lean slowly forward, "Then, I imagine I'll get a nice work out of her when she comes to try and kill me."

"Errr, Naruto?" the woman blushed heavily as her father behind her struggled not to let himself explode into a nose bleed.

"Yes Ayame-chan?" those blue, oh so innocent looking eyes looked up at her.

"I don't think her trying to kill you is what you have to worry about."

"Nah, definitely her trying to kill me, she's not a pedo or anything," The boy responded cheerfully as he waited for his ramen, "The chuunin earlier didn't really give me much of a work out."

"Shouldn't you be at the Academy right now though Naruto?" the old man spoke up with a smile on his face as he cooked the boy's ramen.

"Eh, Iruka-sensei is just talking about boring stuff and stuff I already know today," the boy waved it off with a grin as he began to drool slightly in anticipation, "Besides, I'm already ready for the exam!"

"If you say so Naruto, if you say so..." the girl nodded simply, before all three blinked slightly as a sudden shout echoed down the street.

"NARUTO! WHY AREN'T YOU IN CLASS?!" the words burst past the lips of an obviously irate chuunin teacher named Iruka, "You've got final exams tomorrow!"

"Mmmm... ramen..." Naruto drooled softly as the bowl was set down in front of him before blinking slightly as he looked up at Iruka, "mmm? Did you say something Iruka-sensei?"

"Na... Ru... to... Uz... U... Maki..." the man ground out as he glared down at the boy who happily bowed to the Ramen stand owners and began to dig into his ramen.

"Whaf?" the boy responded around a mouthful of noodles.

"Class, NOW!" the man bellowed.

"In a minute, lemme finish lunch."

"Naruto..." the warning growl continued.

"Meh, I'm about to have Anko-chan after my ass Iruka-sensei," the boy said in a casually bored tone as he raised a brow at Iruka, "Now tell me, what do you think she'd do if I left her a present?"

"Naruto, this is no time to be talking about presents, you need to get to class, NOW!" there was a decided tick to the man's eye, oh how he tried with the boy, but the kid was stubborn, "Do you want to get laughed at again?"

"No, I don't, and Iruka-sensei, I think this is the perfect time to be talking about presents for Anko-chan," The boy took a deep slurp of his noodles before grinning down right mischievously at the man, "You should know what I leave her as presents to shake her."

"Nar..." the man began before suddenly his eyes widened at the implications of just what the boy was saying, "Naruto, you wouldn't!"

"Mmm I dunno sensei, when was the last time you got laid?" the boy grinned again at the man, no hint of malice or anger in his eyes, only an honest playfulness, "You know, its not very healthy to not have an outlet for all those frustrations, and as scary as Anko-chan is, she's VERY good."

"... I do NOT want to know how you know that," The man shivered softly before giving the boy a speculative look before shivering again, "I seriously do NOT want to know."

"Meh, tell ya what sensei, I'll make ya deal," the boy slurped up the last of the Ramen then grin as he nodded thank fully to the cooks, "Thank you for a lovely bowl of ramen!" as he place his money on the counter he grinned at Iruka, "Ask Anko-chan out on a date, treat her right, and I'll go back to class with you."

The man merely stared at the boy, his mind momentarily frazzled as he tried to wrap his mind around just what it was he was asking him to do, "Let me get this straight... you'll go back to class, if I ask Anko Mitarashi out on a date, and treat her right...?"

"Yup!" he grinned foxily back at the man before giving him a serious look, "Hot and dirty sex is good and all, but seriously, she needs a real date for a change! No looking at her like the rest of those perverts! Treat her like a lady!"

Iruka pinched the bridge of his nose as he gave a look down at the boy, "What're you, my mother?" he sighed softly before he rubbed lightly at his eyes, "I can't believe I've got a 12 year old lecturing at me about sex and relationships."

"Well, if you want GOOD advice..." the boy spoke up helpfully.

"Ugh," the man sighed softly, "Fine! I'll ask her out on a date, a real date and I'll treat her like the lady she is," the man blushed softly as he grumbled a bit, "Not that its likely she'd be interested."

"I don't know, what do you think Anko-chan?" the boy grinned as he spoke up helpfully, causing the teacher to immediately freeze in his spot before slowly turning around.

Standing there, her tan trench coat fluttering lightly in the wind, stood the woman in question, brown eyes staring back at the man, her head half cocked to the side as she glanced up and down speculatively. Pursing her lips lightly she casually removed her hands from her pockets and caught her chin between her fingers, "Huh, I dunno brat..."

"Hey, would I steer you wrong?" the boy put on a hurt expression as he looked back at the mesh wearing woman, "Iruka-sensei is a stand up guy!"

"Heh, oh, gonna place your life on the line on that?" the woman grinned as she casually ran her fingers, up Iruka's stomach over his chest as she arched a brow at Naruto.

"Hell yeah I am!" there wasn't a moment's hesitation as he stood up, firmly looking back defiantly into Anko's eyes, "Iruka sensei's one of the people I care about! He cares about me and he doesn't hate me like most everyone else. He ACCEPTS me."

The man in question looked back down at Naruto, confusion evident on his face, but more than that there was a pride in those eyes as a soft little smile curled on his lips, his hand unconsciously going down, gripping lightly on the boy's shoulder, "Naruto..."

The boy flashed a grin at Iruka before looking back at Anko, "So, how about it Anko-chan? He picks you up at seven?"

"Hmmm..." the woman grinned back at Naruto looking back at Iruka with a new set of eyes, "Huh, the brat vouches for ya huh? Hmmm..."

"Uh..." the man stared wildly then, suddenly realizing just what kind of predicament he might just be getting into, "T-tonight?"

"Yup, tonight!" the boy grinned back shamelessly as he smiled even wider at Anko, "I'll make sure he's there."

"I'm sure you will brat, I'm sure you will," she laughed, ever so softly before pulling her fingers back from where they'd been stroking against Iruka's chest, "I'll see you then... and do NOT keep me waiting."

"R-right..." the man nodded obediently before the woman turned and vanished in a swirl of leave. When he finally came out of his stupor as he noticed the triumphant grin on Naruto's face, "You planned that didn't you Naruto."

"Nah, not really," the boy shrugged with a grin, "Been trying to get Anko a decent date for a while now, all I've been able to do is tie up guys she thinks are cute so she can take them back to her lair and vent her frustrations on em."

"Naruto..." there was a warning edge to the man's tone.

"Whaaaa?' the boy grinned back, "They leave with a smile on their face that you couldn't wipe off with a katana!"

Iruka simply sighed before a slight smile came to his lips and he reached down, ruffling the boy's hair with a slight smile on his lips, "Come on, lets get to class... Then you can show me where I can pick up Anko."

"No problem Iruka-sensei!" the boy grinned back at him as he jumped up, his trench coat fluttering softly before he paused a moment, "Uhhh... So why do you want me to go to class so badly?"

As he looked at the boy, scratching the back of his head curiously the man sighed back at him, "Naruto, you've failed the genin exam twice already, you're at the bottom of the class rankings and you skip class half the time."

"So?" The boy grinned back at the man, "I'm too busy training to worry about those boring lectures," he grinned at the tick on Iruka's face, "Getting chased by a buncha jounin's a lot better work out than what I get in the academy."

"You've still failed twice Naruto," the man said sternly, "You keep it up and they'll eventually stop letting you try, you do want to be a ninja don't you?"

"Heh, didn't old man Hokage tell ya?" the boy grinned back at the man, "I blew those on purpose."

The man almost fell over in shock before he glared at the boy, "WHAAAT?! Why would you do something as stupid as that?!"

"Heh, so I could get on Hinata's team of course," The boy grinned back at the man as he stretched back, laughing softly before getting a somber look on his face, "I promised someone very special to me that I'd protect her. And I will."

The man stared at the boy, in incomprehension, "So, you're saying that you've purposely failed two exams, just to get on Hinata Hyuuga's team, so you can protect her?" the man stared at the boy for a long moment, "I'm sure who ever you made that promise to would have understood you graduating on time Naruto."

"Yes, sensei would have," the boy said with a quiet nod before he looked up fiercely into Iruka's eyes, "But I won't. I don't go back on my promises, that's my way."

"So, you promised your sensei huh?" the man looked at Naruto oddly for a moment, "You've never told me who taught you your... err.. unique style."

The boy gave a save little smile before he looked at Iruka, "Hinata's Mother."

It was in that stunned silence that they walked down the street, a look of comprehension dawning on the man's face as he looked at the boy before him who seemed such a contradiction at times. Bouncing between child and man with an almost care free ease. At moments, so frighteningly serious and insightful for a boy, and others, so care free and childish that it seemed as if he'd never had a worry in his life.

"Come on Iruka-sensei," the boy suddenly spoke up cheerfully, "Lets hurry up and get to your lecture, I need a good nap!"

"Why you little!" The man gave a slight glare at his pupil, even as the boy gave off a light laugh and started to race the man back to the academy, as Iruka couldn't help but wonder, how much had the boy been hiding.

-Several hours later-

"Stop slouching! You wanna impress Anko-chan or not!?" Naruto berated his instructor as he crossed his arms about his chest, "Come on, straighten up that jacket, you're a chuunin for crying out loud, act like it!"

"Naruto..." the man growled softly as he looked down at the boy, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The boy grinned at the man before with a sudden poof, he transformed into Anko herself, suddenly leaning in, whispering to him in a soft slow voice, "Come on Iruka-kun... don't you want to look your best for me?"

Immediately Iruka's face flushed red as he stared back at the figure, frozen in shock before suddenly with an impish grin, she was replaced by a chair from a nearby patio of a restaurant. Blinking in shock, he turned his eyes and then looked, to see two Naruto's waving back at him from the patio where the chair had come from. With a grin on his face the boy switched with the chair once more before grinning up at the man with an almost giggle.

"Naruto..." the man paused a moment before looking down at the kid, "Why did you do that?"

"Because you didn't believe me when I told you I purposely bombed the tests?" he grinned softly before stretching out lightly, "I can pull off the academy stuff, though, I only have a bit above average chakra control," there was a twinge of frustration that passed his face as he grumbled at that, "Stupid chakra reserves."

"Naruto... what're you talking about?" the man blinked down at the boy, not quite sure what to make of what he said.

"Eh? Didn't the old man tell ya? I got more chakra than anyone else in this village," the boy blinked a bit before shrugging.

Iruka merely gave the boy a look, "Are you trying to tell me you've got more chakra reserves at 13 than the Hokage himself?!"

"That's what I just said Iruka-sensei," The boy grinned a bit, "Why do you think I still have such shitty control with all the chakra control exercises I do?"

The man sighed and merely shook his head as he ruffled the boy's hair with a chuckle, "Whatever you say kid whatever you say."

The boy merely grinned in response before he would stretch back happily, "Oh by the way..."

"Hmmm?" The man looked curiously down at the boy, "What Naruto?"

"I like you a lot Iruka-sensei..." the boy smiled up at him with his eyes closed, before suddenly they snapped open, those brilliant blue eyes like steel as their pierced into Iruka's gaze, "But, Anko-chan's like me, hurt her and I'll make you pay."

"Heh, I know kid, I know," the man ruffled the boy's hair lightly with an accepting nod, "Tell ya what, we'll go and get some ramen tomorrow after you graduate, sound good?"

"Yup," the boy grinned before pulling the man over to an apartment building, "Come on, we're here."

With a smile the man allowed the boy to drag him along, pulling rapidly into the building before up several waiting flights of stairs. After jerking him down a hall, the boy paused, then gestured to a waiting door, "Here we are Iruka-sensei!"

"Huh," the man paused a moment, studying the door carefully before slowly straightening up with a nervous sigh, "You sure about this Naruto?"

"Just knock already! Eesh," the boy grumbled as he would cross his arms about his mesh covered chest, "You've got balls Iruka-sensei, use em"

"Damned brat," the man gave a mock glare down at his student before raising his fist up and giving a slow simple knock on the door.

For a moment, nothing happened, a silence hanging heavy on the air, anticipation gnawing in the man's stomach as he cast a wary glance down at his student, who merely grinned happily back up at him. Finally then, the sound of of shifting bolts and locks could be heard, before the the door swung slowly inward. The sight the greeted him however, was one he wasn't quite prepared for.

"Hmmm... So you actually showed up huh?" there she was, Anko Mitarashi, leaning lightly against the door, her voice somewhat subdued compared to the usual sultry exuberance as she let her eyes flick to Iruka's before down to the boy at his side, "With the brat no less."

"Hey, someone's gotta chaperon you two," the boy grinned back at the woman with a wink as he put his hands behind his head.

Iruka however, took a moment to collect himself, when he'd asked for a date with the woman, the last thing he'd expected when knocking on her door, was... this. Almost anything resembling her usual almost exhibitionist style was gone, replaced by a simple white blouse, trimmed in red, hanging loosely off her shoulders, with a pair of simple matching black pants. Her she still wore her headband, but as a belt, slung loose across her hips.

At his look the woman merely arched a brow and scowled slightly, "What, got a problem with how I look?" the growl in her voice was rapidly approaching what Naruto could tell was the danger zone.

"Actually Anko-san, I... simply haven't seen you outside of your work clothes before," the man managed a softly sheepish look, "Looking as nice as you do, makes me feel more than a little under-dressded, not to mention out of my league."

Her eyes went blank for a moment, her expression gone stone cold as she simply stared back at the man before her head slowly turned down to the suddenly nervous Naruto. For a moment, she merely held him there, frozen by that unreadable gaze before finally, her lips curled back into a slight smile as her eyes warmed, "Ya did good kid."

"He has his moments," Iruka agreed as he ruffled the boy's hair before offering Anko his arm, "May I have the honor of escorting the beautiful lady to dinner?"

"Yes, he does," the look she gave Naruto held an honest smile before she nodded to Iruka and slipped her arm in his, "And yes, you may," she paused a moment before grinning back at the blonde, "Go on and take off kid, I don't think we'll be needing you tonight."

"Heh, just don't keep him up too late Anko-chan, he's gotta give me my exams in the morning!" the boy grinned in response before giving a serious look directly at Anko, "And, take it slow! No dragging him to your bed tonight!"

"Damned brat, what do you think I am?" the woman grumbled as Iruka blushed slightly in response, as he felt her arm tightening lightly against his own before she shook her head with a chuckle, "Never mind, don't answer that question."

"Smart lady," the boy grinned before he raced towards the window at the end of the hall, opened it and gave them one last wave before jumping out into the night.

"I swear, I never know what to expect from that boy," Iruka chuckled slightly, "He always keeps me guessing though."

"Yeah," a slight smile held to the woman's lips as she nodded, leaning lightly against the teacher, "He sure makes life interesting."